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  1. nyantlerman

    Shed Hunting 2019

    Couple more small ones this morning
  2. nyantlerman

    Shed Hunting 2019

    Found this set on Feb 7. Last pic is with one I found today to put 8pt set in perspective.
  3. nyantlerman

    Shed Hunting 2019

    A little freshie today.
  4. nyantlerman

    2018 Shed Thread

    Five so far for me
  5. nyantlerman

    Thoughts and prayers please

    I hate to hear of this but it is all too common these days. Best wishes to you and everyone involved. I broke my back in three places,3 yrs ago. Was back on the roof a few months later..2 surgeries since then. I wish him all the best. Its not over til the fat lady sings......prayers
  6. nyantlerman

    2017 Live from the turkey woods thread

    Got it done this morning. Across the street from my house. 10 am. 9 1/4" beard. 1" spurs. 23#s. 13th morning hunting this cagey,henned up, tight lipped bird.
  7. nyantlerman

    New to hunting NY could use some suggestions.

    I have property in Belfast ny. There is alot of state land around as well. It is probably hour or so from you. I hunt most weekends and wouldbe more than willing to let you come hunt. Once i met you,you could have access to the property whenever you wanted. Message me if interested. Thank your friend his service either way, i have a brother in the army.
  8. nyantlerman

    2017 Shed Thread..

    Any BH.. what was the tally? Very impressive collection, congrats.
  9. nyantlerman

    2017 Shed Thread..

    Three more in hand..15 16 17... 15 was almost a gagger...next year
  10. nyantlerman

    2017 Shed Thread..

    Yeah,still fresh rubs and scrapes everywhere
  11. nyantlerman

    2017 Shed Thread..

    Add number 14 to the pile. And a handsome 2.5 year old that if he let me get closer, i woulda wrestled him for his antlers....stalked within 10 yrds n he still couldn't smell me
  12. nyantlerman

    2017 Shed Thread..

    Added a few more today and a deadhead. 13 for the season so far
  13. nyantlerman

    2017 Shed Thread..

    Added three more to the collection today. An average set and a lil 4pt. Puts me halfway to my years goal of 20. Ran into this guy too.. Didn't seem to happy I interrupted his day for a pic
  14. nyantlerman

    2017 Shed Thread..

    Picked up a couple more yesterday. A nice 4pt with a small drop tine/flyer. The next was a year old,chewed up 4pt.
  15. nyantlerman

    2017 Shed Thread..

    Finally found another. Quick walk after work paid off. Decent 4pt and #3 is in hand
  16. nyantlerman

    Dads toothpick creation

    What a work of art. Very impressive. How many tooth picks went into that?
  17. nyantlerman

    Webster, bow hunt program

    I grew up in the vosburg,baker rd area and my folks still live there. Since the town acquired the Gosnell properties,the hunting has declined terribly.Still a few nice deer around but the big ones are mostly nocturnal. My father and i had permission from the Gosnells to hunt that land. I did alot of filming,trail cams,shed hunting etc, and just don't see the caliber of deer that we used to. I currently now live on the border of Ontario/Williamson and find myself hunting around home more often than making the treck back to Webster. As good of deer and WAY fewer people,especially during archery. I do still go back to Webster though as there are still some nice bucks roaming the lake/pellet/whiting area.
  18. nyantlerman

    what do you do with your sheds?

    I just decorate around the house. There are a few more than these pics but this gives a good idea.. The ones above are all from the same deer. The ones on the bottom are some of my sets. Lefts on the left..rights on the right
  19. nyantlerman

    2017 Shed Thread..

    Found my first last Thursday. Monroe county. Decent 5pt..too bad the g2 is busted.
  20. nyantlerman

    2016 Shed Hunting Thread...

    four hours of walking today and only added two to the pile. will be back at it tomorrow after cutting wood in the morning,
  21. nyantlerman

    2016 Shed Hunting Thread...

    hey all..Been a slow year so far. 8 is the number so far. i will get some pics up soon,after i find more this weekend that is. glad to see your finds and see some familiar names from the old ny pro boards forum.