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  1. Woke up at 430,said nope and crawled right back in bed.saw 7 doe yesterday afternoon so think I may try it this afternoon.cold and windy as heck!
  2. This was posted on other site aswell,as one of the members was trying to help find em.Am glad it's circulating,hope those scumbags get nailed to the wall!!!
  3. Haven't bailed entirely myself either.still enjoy reading posts from others that are currently here.never had an issue with anyone honestly and if I didn't want to deal with it I just wouldn't read it or reply.only thing was my $ for shirt,bastid!!!!
  4. Could be,no clue.luckily I have avoided getting sick.told her earlier I'm going out this weekend sick or not.chug some dayquil down and off I go.its the rut,no time to waste.she looked at me and shook her head as she sniffled
  5. Fiance started feeling sick friday.dry cough and sore throat.saturday started going into chest/nose congestion.slept all day yesterday and lastnight pretty much.got stuck on couch as she sleeping sideways across bed,actually woke up at 330am this morning to make sure she was ok,not like her at all.better today.negative test at home and at Dr today.Sickness deff going around,feel better!!!
  6. After an afternoon like yesterday I wish I wasn't up for work and going into the woods instead
  7. Damn that sucks.good thing like a head cold and hopefully stays that way!!
  8. Fiance sick currently and am trying to avoid it.negative on a covid test lastnight.leaning towards flu,had a little cough,now chest hurts when cough like bronchitis.was ready to toss cookies at 4am this morning but didnt.told her lay in bed and sleep.need to get my ass in the woods with some fresh air,busy helping her out though
  9. Youtube can be a life saver.ive used it ALOT for fixing our vehicles/others vehicles. Awesome job!!!!!!!
  10. I think everyone was pulling for ya rob,don't let us down now
  11. Tooth related pain is the f'in worse!!!!last year I cracked a wisdom tooth on beef jerky and had a wicked infection. Infection went under my tongue and jaw,was hard to even eat I was so swelled up.the nastiest thing was when the infection broke through in the middle of the night and the bedroom wreaked of death.heal up quick!!!!
  12. Spent hours walking to find that deer I lost and didn't see a single one on me.ive seen 1 tick on the property(8g)I hunt in all the years,I love it!
  13. Glad to hear that as I hunt genesee.didnt see crap this past saturday.neighboring friend started seeing young bucks cruising on sunday.kind of sucks as I may not be able to get out this weekend!!!!
  14. The best part is the learning experience and all was done correct.gotta get back on the horse and try again!
  15. I've got one say one thing,not in a mean way either.You are one tough SOB Cynthia!!!!!!!Hope heal up fast and get back on track,hats off to Bill also!
  16. Zeek jr has got this.he's on fire this year!!!!
  17. Need to.i think that's what may have attracted me to the house is all the tree's(reminds me of the woods) and a half acre to shoot my bow on,other than being a first time homeowner/it was in my price range.if I didn't care where they fell I'd drop em all myself haha
  18. Good luck this afternoon everyone!just wrapped up taking care of the yard for the third time.......
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