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  1. Send ittttttt!!!!I hope ur dragging, that's why u haven't responded!!!!!!!!
  2. None taken.he's definitely due for some magic to happen,the time put in is crazy.he's a man on a mission!!!!! Congrats again on ur buck grampy.a well deserved deer against Dr's orders(ish) haha.remind's me exactly of my grandfather.there's a few times he shouldn't have been out there but he sure in the hell didn't let it stop em,us hunters are one of a kind!
  3. Out of likes,congrats to her and all involved!!!
  4. Yessssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!need I say more?!!!!!wooohooooo
  5. I typically don't do afternoons but the transition from bow to gun season changed everything.only movement I'm seeing is afternoon and it's within that 30 min after sunset
  6. Good luck sleeping tonight and don't forget pics tomorrow!!!!!!!!
  7. Not sure if this helped in my harvest today but figured I'd post it up.lately I've had deer "skirting" me in thick crap just on other side of property line,the common gun season problem.threw up a doe decoy 10 yards inside of the patch of pines I sit In,10 yards off the trail in hopes it would make them a little more comfortable.i could be wrong and blowing smoke up my a$$ but things worked out the way they did this afternoon.windy as hell to boot.all afternoon I was looking up when a good gust would come up incase I had to bail quick
  8. Not the best field pic to post as i was hurrying to get em out.first shot was forward n broke shoulder.ran n got hung up in fence so ran down ladder n second shot unzipped em while he was trying to get free'd up.30 yards and piled up .made meat!!!
  9. Up havin coffee. Didn't even set alarm, said screw that.mornings have been crap for me and can get the lawn done AGAIN before the high winds monday.if all goes as planned I'll be in a tree for the afternoon though.knock em down @grampy!!
  10. Once again,awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Atta boy rac!!!!!good work!
  12. That's one heck of an adventure and one hell of a finish!!!!!!!!good work as always!
  13. doebuck1234


    Welcome aboard!Thank you for your service aswell!
  14. 4 doe at 450 were heading right towards me from over on neighbors property,turned before they crossed lines n headed right into thick crap,dangit!!!glad to see something atleast
  15. How could I say no.a buck trailing a doe on cam,fresh scrapes.walkin back now
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