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  1. Back in. 2 small buck and an unidentified deer was all I saw this morning. It’s very warm out Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Just waiting on Father Time. Bows ready and my clothes are set. Just need to toss it all in the truck and head on down the road. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. No idea, my normal spot has been blown up by some recent work we did so I don't think I want to sit there. I'll just wing it, seems like that is going to be a theme for me this year.
  4. I'm with @skillet on this. Never had a problem buying off Ebay either from personal sellers or dealer/stores etc.
  5. Dang! Beautiful. Love the tall tines Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I’d skip my own funeral to pick up a mount. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Success! Little more lube little more tinkering with the set up and I made 2 dummy rounds. Cycled both though the gun several times and had zero issues. Now to load some live rounds. Thanks for all the help and talking me through this entire process. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I don’t know about his but my generac does have a built in charger. Which is what I’m going to have looked at before winter. I’m just waiting for it to throw an error code again. Towards the end of winter my battery got depleted and it would have enough of a charge to start the engine for the weekly test. I hooked a battery tender to it to buy me some time to figure out what was going on. That worked all winter long. I unhooked the tender in the spring and it has yet failed to start but I’m guessing the cold weather will once again cause it to not work properly. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. They run their own weekly test. Starts up at the time and day you tell it to. It will run for 12 min and if something is wrong it throws a light and will let you know the error. If it’s new enough it might even have WiFi and you can look at it in your phone or computer. It’s a simple engine so basic maintenance is needed. Mostly just an oil change though. In the 8 years we have been at this house I have only had to change the oil, replace the 12+ year old battery and put in a new starter relay. This year I think something is up with the on board charging system for the battery so thats something I’ll have a generac dealer look at because it involves a lot more than I can test for. I won’t own another house without one. We hardly loose power and when we do it’s not for long but when we do it’s so nice not to have to worry about the sump pump or the refrigerators/freezers. I don’t have to be home to run around and get a generator going. Power goes out and 30 seconds later the generator is running. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Don't let his "year 4" and "vague idea of what I'm doing" talk fool you! Dude's got a natural talent and it's only going to get better with time.
  11. Yeah kinda wild that the hunters handed over the gun and let the dude walk away without giving more information as to his badge number or a ticket/receipt saying that the gun was taken and when to appear in court.
  12. YES! Favorite thread of the year is back.
  13. Another Savage fan here. Best bang for the buck (pun intended) in my opinion.
  14. Sounds like I am on the right path and just need to get used to and get comfortable to doing it. Thanks for all your replies. I hope to get a chance to make a dummy round as a test then make my first live round. I'll be sure to post a picture.
  15. Lol, I really really didn't need this in my life however with that said I am still glad I am doing it. Once I get it figured out I will never really have to worry about hunting ammo again. I probably already have enough brass, primers, powder and bullets to last me a long long time. I feel like I'm far more particular about my ammo than a lot of guys I know that will just toss whatever they can find into their gun and not resight it in. To a lot of people I know let's say for the sake of argument that 150grain ammo is 150grain ammo. It doesn't matter to them that it's different brands and will pattern differently out of the same gun. I absolutely need to sight in a different brand of ammo. I can not go out in the woods with different ammo than what my gun is sighted in for. The thought of making a shot on a deer with ammo that might shoot low, high, left or right terrifies me. I can not live with myself if I make a bad shot that was entirely preventable and wound a deer.
  16. I am lubing the case's but maybe not enough. Do you know what the size of the expander ball should be for a 30-06? I'll take it back apart and check it out. I only hand tighten everything down. Doing a dummy round is what I want to do next just to see how the bullet fits. I was texting with a friend that reloads last night and it seems like I am on the right path. Maybe just need to make a few small adjustments and get comfortable with reloading.
  17. I got home kinda late yesterday so I didnt have much time to mess with things but I did do the following. 1. checked a never sized case with the bullet and it slipped right in 2. ran the case into the full length die and the bullet still slipped right in 3. took the die off the press took it apart made sure it was clean and put it pack together 4. re-installed the die again according to the RCBS directions. I think this is something that I messed up the first time. I'm pretty sure that after the die hit the case holder I backed it out about a 1/4 turn instead of turning it further in 1/4 of turn. 5. I took the same case that just tried to size and ran it through again. This time it was noticeable tighter when I put the bullet in. The bullet only went up to the shank. 6. I took the 10 cases I tried the previous night and ran them through again with the new set up. 6 of 10 got smaller and only allowed the shank of the bullet into the neck. That's where I ended the night but I am now wondering if I turn the die down further into the press with that help form the 4 other cases that would not resize again? I am also concerned because when running the case in the full length die it seemed like I had to use quit a bit of pressure on the handle in order to get the neck to resize. When I watch video's of guys on you tube it seems like that do that process pretty effortlessly. How much effort/force do you apply on the handle during that process? I have some brass that only been fired once. I wonder if that will resize better than the older brass that might have been fired a few times even though the dimensions are right in line with what the books are telling me.
  18. Moho81

    Tuna charter

    Good For nothing full moon! amiright @crappyice
  19. I had it once where the breasts where cooked in a crockpot with sauerkraut. I kid you not it was amazing. I don't know what else was done to prepare it unfortunately.
  20. Thanks, I'll check out everything you mentioned. I only have used brass at the house to reload. I do have a lot that have been fired once but not run in the sizing die that was something I didn't even think to check out last night. Of course it was getting late and I was frustrated to I just put it all away for another day. What happens if the sizing die does not size to factory spec? is there a way to adjust it or am I just buying a new die set at that point?
  21. I finally sat down to reload today and now I’m really frustrated. I took my time check all the measurements and went by the books that I got. Everything was going great until the last step when I went to seat the bullet. The neck was to big by what has to be thousands of an inch so the bullet just slipped right in and didn’t seat properly. It was all lose and crappy. I went over everything again and it all checks out so I must not have done something right. I was going to load 10 bullets for now as a starting point and all 10 had the same problem. I’m sure I missed a simple step in the resizing process but for now I dumped the powered in the bullets back into the container and I’ll have another go at it another day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Hunting rifles (rifled barrel of shotgun) get cleaned after site in and after the season. Muzzleloader every few shots and before it gets put away. The 22 only gets cleaned when it happens to be out when the other guns are getting cleaned. Everything else is is sort of on the "Oh god that's filthy I better clean it" program.
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