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    That was pretty cool and it got a lot darker than I thought it would. We took a break from work to watch it from the park behind us. There was to much noise to see how the birds reacted unfortunately as that was something that I was interested in.
  2. Moho81


    I think it will happen to fast for any animal to really fully react to it. I am sure they will be confused just not sure how much their daily pattern will change.
  3. I have a friend that is taking me and my daughter out. I have never hunted turkey before so I have no idea what I am doing and he lives for getting people, especially young kids out turkey hunting. She will be shooting his .410 this weekend to get comfortable with it then we will be hitting the woods on the youth weekend.
  4. Movies and TV shows are all horrible when it comes to anything gun related. Unlimited ammo, no one ever has a bullet in the chamber always racking a round for dramatic effect, half the time the slide on a semi auto pistol never moves when the gun is fired, no one has trigger discipline, the ultra quiet silencer, etc. It's always entertaining to look for these things when watching a show.
  5. Dry lube? Tell me more?
  6. Thanks, I did end up denting a couple of shoulders. I sprayed the cases lightly with the one shot and after they seemed to be giving way to much resistance I sprayed them some more and while they worked in easier a couple did dent. This is a big learning process but I am enjoying it.
  7. Commercial brass but some of it was fired more than once. Hornady one shot lube is what I am using. Is there a such thing as using to much lube? Previously I was using the mounted press to seat the primer but it was a slow process. I was hoping the hand primer was going to me easier and a little faster.
  8. So you seem to think 30-.06 cases need a little more effort when resizing and decapping? The effort difference between .243 and 30-.06 is surprising. I have also noticed that the 30-.06 cases resize better with more lube than what I put on the .243 cases but I read somewhere that to much lube also is not good any truth to that?
  9. Thanks! I hate assuming things especially when it comes to stuff that go's bang! I took a look online and you can in fact order just the large rod separately. I'm still learning and have only made about 15-20 rounds so far. Yesterday I had some free time so I figured I'd get some bench time in. I prepped 75 cases for the .243 with no issue. Then I moved onto the 30-.06 and everything was going fine until it wasn't. I don't know how it happened but somehow I bent and broke the decapping pin. For some reason I have always struggled with the 30-.06. I don't know if the used die that I got was just crap and out of spec or what. Anyways after I broke it I started to do some reading and I am just going to purchase another expander decapping rod for the die. It's pretty cheap to replace and hopefully it helps me not struggle as much.
  10. I picked up a RCBS hand primer tool but it only came with the small primer Rod and not the large primer Rod. Also in the instructions it really doesn’t say when to use which one. I assume large Rod with large primer and small rod with small primer but I want to make sure it’s that simple?
  11. I also learned that the hard way many many years ago cutting up firewood with poison ivy on it. Ended up with a large rash across my stomach from carrying the log chunks. The oil went through several layers of clothes. I also learned the hard way that poison ivy can grow on the ground and has a reddish color to it in the spring time. That mistake caused a huge rash and blister on my leg. Now if I see poison ivy I just walk away.
  12. I also made corned venison for last nights dinner. It's so good. Lately my roasts either get turned into corned venison or venison pastrami. Only downside is that you have to plan it out a week in advance.
  13. Thanks everyone. It was a great birthday weekend. Smoked a brisket, had a few to many beverages then just relaxed for the most part.
  14. Dang, imagine getting that old Indian up and running!
  15. And I use google docs so all my info is readily accessible no matter where I am.
  16. Great idea, I just started in the reloading world so I can document everything pretty easily. Right now everything is scratched out on paper but I like @Doc idea of an excel spread sheet.
  17. The 7mm-08 will probably be the next hunting rifle I buy. I currently use 30-.06 and there is nothing wrong with it but when I have a scratch to itch it will probably be the 7mm-08 that will do it. It will certainly be more enjoyable to shoot at the range that's for sure. I thought about the 6.5 Creedmoor as well but after seeing some less than stellar performance in person it's no longer on the list.
  18. I've only done it personally once. Bunch of us where curious about it so we tried it. Seemed like a lot of time and work for what you got so maybe that's why we have never done it again.
  19. Do they start to grow antlers around the same time as a wild buck or do they start earlier in year?
  20. I have never had cow tongue before but I did have deer tongue once. It was not bad at all different texture but good.
  21. Not to be negative but the forum can not get new members and while guest traffic might be good actual member posts are way way down. I don't see that as a good thing for the future.
  22. My god I can't believe you are still dealing with this after 2 years!
  23. Nice! Depending on water levels I might try and get out for some small game with my daughter on Sunday.
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