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  1. Depends on what you plan on planting probably. Some things require a really good seed bed while others seem to grow on a rock.
  2. I have a buck that uses my property as part of his range that is a minimum of 6 years old. I have many pics of him mostly at night and have only seen him once with my own eyes. When I did see him I wasn't hunting. I was showing my kids how the combine worked that was getting beans off my field. He was chasing a doe along with 3 other bucks. Every year my neighbor finds his sheds out in his orchard about a mile from my house. I doubt anybody will get this buck. He's like a ghost.
  3. I think those guys left a pair of their boxers hanging as a flag on the "lifeguard" station over the pool area back when I bought my house. Apparently the last owner was a gay nudist. The neighbors told me when you heard the horseshoes start clanking it was time to get in the house. After I moved in all I could picture was a handful of guys at the door ringing the door bell looking for Bob.
  4. I saw a good one from the tractor 2 days ago. I think it was a 10 pointer. We don't have much woods to hunt in that area and one of the neighboring properties is owned by a family of poachers so I don't figure I'll ever get a crack at him but it's nice to see a big one. On a non buck related note I've seen more deer around this year than any other year in my life. They seem to be everywhere.
  5. My accountant warned me back 15 months ago we were all going to pay for the funny money the government was handing out all over the place.
  6. Went out this morning close to home with my buddy. We didn't hear anything so we decided to try a different farm. As soon as we opened the door of the truck we heard a gobble. Then heard what I assumed was a hunter calling. Well as it turns out it was 4 hunters on my property with a decoy out in my field. We just sat by the truck to see what would happen. We watched the tom out in a neighbors field with a couple hens for a while. After a bit the 4 guys left and made a move to try to get around the tom from a different side, which was where they belonged anyway. When we left the Tom had gone up a hill into a different field and wasn't moving towards them. Nice to see and hear a tom but frustrating that the neighbors can't behave.
  7. That wouldn't piss me off. Now you know there's some around for when you can get out there.
  8. Was in the game until a coyote just chased all the turkeys away!
  9. It appears I have been stood up by my buddy. Here I thought it was bro's before ho's? Oh well I'll go listen to the woods wake up on my own.
  10. Got it done with my hunting buddy of 25+ years. He shot his first turkey ever, a jake this morning about 300 yards away from where I killed my first turkey 25 years ago. Got the whole thing on video too. He's pretty pumped.
  11. Just parked in my spot. Waiting on a buddy to show up. Heard a wheeler fire up down the road and saw a different guy parked at his spot. Good luck to anyone headed out.
  12. What time are the birds starting to gobble in the morning to anyone whose been out scouting? I am thinking about getting out in the morning to listen at a place about a 15 minute drive from the house.
  13. I had a similar morning as well in PA. I blew it on two different longbeards about an hour apart on totally different parts of the lease I was on. After I missed the second one I was pretty dejected. I still had time to hunt before my ride would be ready to go. I walked into a different part of the lease and had another gobbler going. I called him in to a out 100 yards but never saw him. I was actually glad he didn't come in so I wouldn't miss another one!
  14. Every one does things a little different. I personally prefer to plant my clover plots in early September with a cover crop of whitetail institutes oat mix. The weed pressure is less this time of year. You won't have a lot of clover during this hunting season but it will come on like gangbusters next spring. You could spend this summer working on killing weeds a couple times or put a buckwheat cover crop in to smother them out as long as you kill the buckwheat before it goes to seed.
  15. E J


    A long time ago back when I had far more time and ambition to turkey hunt I once misplaced my turkey calls and face mask before I headed out for a hunt in the morning. After I got out to my spot and realized what I had done I already had a tom letting loose not far from me down over a ridge. I figured I had nothing to loose so I just mouth called to him and kept my face tucked. I almost sealed the deal on him. I'm convinced if I'd of had my face mask I would have gotten that bird by just using my voice.
  16. Depends on who you ask! My kids would say yes to all those categories.
  17. Still nothing here. I was holding out hope.
  18. Well dang... what do you guys have I don't? Nothing in my messages.
  19. This was the first year in 10 that I've lived at my house that I didn't have a resident flock of turkeys hanging behind my house. It seemed quite strange to not see any all season long.
  20. Don't know if I had/have a cold or some covid but I had a scratchy throat, congestion at night, minor cough and then Thursday mid morning I got a bad headache and nausea. I went to bed at noon and slept for 3 hours. When I woke I up I felt much better. I'm still dealing with the night time congestion and scratchy throat. If it is covid I can't really tell the difference from a cold.
  21. Live from work. Saw a really big buck out in a field with a doe this morning when I pulled into the barns today.
  22. I sat tonight out in my woods and saw 3 adult does and 8 fawns. I shot one of the does. She weighed in at 127 field dressed.
  23. Clover in the front, corn in the back and swamp to the right. Cams have been pretty slow though so I'm not very optimistic.
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