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  1. I have in laws that live across the valley from there. The pics they took were amazing.
  2. I'm out on my land. Have a buddy hunting with me today. Hopefully one of us has some action.
  3. Ended up seeing 2 bucks 2 does and 4 fawns tonight. The bigger of the 2 bucks ( both 1.5 yr olds) came across my food plot grunting the whole way then went into the brush and chased a doe for a few minutes then came out and few with them after a while.
  4. Had a small buck move through a few minutes ago. He was stopping and browsing as he walked along.
  5. What's protocol now a days . Stay home for so many days?
  6. Nice buck. Any obvious injury on opposite side? I currently have a buck on my place with one goofy side that on the opposite side is missing his foot on his rear leg.
  7. Another shower just came through. Archery equipment is getting a good wash today. Still no bucks seen this morning.
  8. Rain just went through. Looks like blue sky coming now.
  9. Doe with triplets just passed by in range. It's getting darker out now. Not sure how long before the rain hits
  10. 2 does and 2 fawns just walked the edge of my swamp, which is pretty dry for this time of year. Too far to have shot if I'd of wanted to. No buck in tow..... yet.
  11. 67 and light rain. Giving it a shot anyway for a little bit.
  12. I've been watching 2 does and 2 fawns feed out in my bean field. A small buck just popped out of the woods, checked them out then started eating beans with them. I thought this was the first week of November and bucks were supposed to be chasing does?
  13. Agree with everyone else 4.5 or older. Bucks can definitely change ranges during the rut or even from year to year. I hope he swings back through while your out hunting.
  14. My observations from the last couple days sits tell me in my neck of the woods we're getting close but not quite there for chasing/rutting activities. The bucks I've seen have been fairly unresponsive to calls and haven't been chasing or harassing does. My cameras show a few small bucks running around at night but haven't seen any of that while on stand during the day. The cooler weather forecasted for early /mid week next week should be perfect timing I hope to blow things open.
  15. Also had 2 does and 2 fawns close after the buck was gone.
  16. I had the same good buck as this morning come by me at 5. He got to about 75 yards in thick stuff then made a rub. I lost him after the trees stopped moving. My cams showed he headed the opposite direction of me into a different plot. Who knows after that.
  17. I'm about to head out to a stand. This weather sucks!
  18. Had to pack it in for the morning. Looks like a different wind this afternoon. I'll be back in somewhere.
  19. Just had a nice 8 slip behind me then circle out into soybeans. Close enough to shoot but no lanes
  20. I'm up and in at my spot in 8F. Good luck to everyone hitting it today.
  21. Lots of action on my cameras today starting mid day after a super slow night last night and evening while I was out hunting of course. I'll be out tomorrow morning again.
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