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  1. I've tried it. Spent 50% of my time tying knots in waist deep water, the remainder of the time was spent getting untangled. Before I got into a rhythm, a beaver swam up to me, slapped his tail on the surface of the water and had me running for shore. Of course, I fell, my waiters filled with water and everything that floated began racing downstream. Still, if you were to ask me in person if I fly fish I'd say, "Hell yea, I fly fish."
  2. As a new hunter, I've been doing lots of internet based reading over the last couple of years and my searches I have landed me on this forum several times. I've always been amazed by how active the site is and how thoughtful and supportive the members are. Thanks for all the information I've already learned and thanks in advance for things yet to come! Steve
  3. I can't believe the police weren't called by a single person.
  4. That was some serious MMA action! Chokes, kicks, punches, stare downs... Awesome!
  5. If a buddy asked me that same question, I'd tell him it's up to him - if it's legal and ethical then go for it. Personally, when I hunt whitetail, I'm thinking about feeding my family so unless I'm feeling especially empathetic or entertained by a doe, I'm putting her down as long as I know the meat will be used. The thing is, I've never been in the situation where I've harvested two deer and am able to go for a third, so I'm only speaking about what I think I might do. Jeez, I wish I had your problem!!
  6. I hunt whenever I'm done with work and family responsibilities. So when I get a day, I'm going out.
  7. Sounds like trail cams are the way to go. I'll pick a couple up on sale this winter and give them a go. Sounds like I need a cable strap and padlock and some creativity when it comes to placement.
  8. I hope so, I really do. I have been impressed with many of NY's decisions, but to your point I have learned that we need to keep a close eye on them because like children if we don't they make stupid decisions. The DEC page for voicing our concerns on this is unbelievably hard to navigate and I would have shared my 2 cents but it would have cost me too much time to get in there and do so (which I believe is intentional). I mean, it's not the Dakota pipeline heh, but it begs the question, are they looking out for us here?
  9. I have never used cameras. I want to, but each time I go to pull the trigger, I read reviews that scare me away again. I mean there's some downright hatred for some camera's reliability. The other reason I haven't pulled the trigger is because everyone I know that mentions their trail cameras almost always mentions theft shortly thereafter. If you had to guess, what percentage of locked trail cams get found and stolen? Grizz if I knew I could hang cameras and find them when I returned guaranteed, they'd be out all year long.
  10. This is a great topic because it brings up an issue that is really important and I knew nothing about it before you addressed it. I had to look a lot of stuff up to get a handle on things and I'm a better man for it, thanks Four Season Whitetails. My gut feel... Stock up on urine... From what I read, CWD is a nasty deer killer that is spread via fluids & feces. It seems there are defective proteins called prions that attack a deer's brain - it's 100% fatal and deer will act erratically and eventually waste away. This is according to Dr. Schuler, who is a wildlife disease ecologiest. She works at Cornell University's College of Vet. Medicine (local knowledge!). According to her, these prions can also bind to soil particles and get taken up by plants and then eaten by deer years later, and there's no minimum safe dosage, so one prion molecule and that's all she wrote. When you think about deer farms that produce urine, it stands to reason that one prion-positive animal taints a huge supply (think dipping a ladle into a deer porta-potty) not to mention potentially infecting every deer on the farm. Sadly, the symptoms of CWD take months to show, so unless the deer are tested every time before they urinate, there's no guarantee of purity. Also, most of us can agree that companies often over state their quality control. One more thing, CNY (my stomping ground) is now on the list of areas were CWD infected populations exist. The data was updated this November 2016 by the CDW.ORG website http://cwd-info.org/map-chronic-wasting-disease-in-north-america/ So on the surface it seems like an easy law to pass. Go Go government... I think pro-urine hunters have a few things going for them. Firstly, NYS moves super slowly, which gives the scientists who are refuting theses claims to prove the experiments and conclusions are faulty or biased. Researchers are far from reaching consensus... There's a deer urine farm near me in Lyons, NY - highly regarded in this area. I initially felt bad for him, but then I started thinking about how prices might skyrocket due to an enormous black market demand. To be clear, experts don't agree that banning urine attractants will reduce the spread of CWD, so logic would dictate a wait and see. But if you look at this from the eyes of a political legislator, it's low hanging fruit on the 'to do' list. I think I just convinced myself to go stock up on deer piss.
  11. I'll be out, quite a bit in fact because I have the 9th through the 20th off, so I'll finally get a chance to spend a big block of time in the woods. I'm not super pumped about fighting the cold, but I've armed myself with a few extra extreme cold solutions this year. /fingers crossed for all of us...
  12. I would absolutely hunt in a doe-only area. I don't know why, but I've always passed on young bucks. It has less to do with conservation and more to do with empathy. I mean, what crimes must a man commit to be sentenced to death before he gets laid? Sorry for being vulgar, but that is exactly what I think when I see a spike in range.