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  1. From the store. I use the link below for oven roasted duck. The duck I cooked tonight was only four pounds so I cooked it for 165 minutes. None of the box stores around here ever have duck. I got this from the little local store by me. https://juliasalbum.com/how-to-cook-duck/
  2. What was my clueless observation? I deleted what I just wrote it doesn't help anything. Once again it's the third or fourth time that I say you are clearly a great hunter who contributes to the hunting forum. Unfortunately when you engage in subjects as these you expose yourself as a person. So do I have an invite to your ranch or what? I want a 12point or above. I will pay standard rate plus 5% for my previous harassment.
  3. The difference is I didn't call you Karen silly boy lol
  4. I thought your name was four season whitetails not four seasons I tuck my tail?
  5. Grew up a military kid. I'm a vet myself, I'm a business owner myself, I volunteer for my community. Come on man even you can do better then calling me a Karen. I'm aware you, as you say don't give two shits what I know about you. It's because I nailed my observations. But I'm glad your a good hunter lol Next try?
  6. No such thing as fake hunters? I rarely waste time responding to your ignorance but you really don't think people fake being hunters? Why didn't you ever respond when I called you a limited person? Your responses and refusals to incorporate basic abilities to answer and respond to people in an intelligent light expose you. Hell of a hunter I'm sure but I'm just as sure your a dumpster of a person. A little tact goes a long way. I will bet you an unlimited amount of money your iq is lower then the amount of square inches of your last buck. Want to bet?
  7. Somebody gets it! Would hate to lose a great poster hope you stick around.
  8. Roasted duck. I forgot the pictures after I split it in half but it was very good. Sprouts and fingerling potatoes poached in duck fat as sides.
  9. Good luck Biz, I hope all goes as smooth as possible.
  10. If I can stay awake I'll watch. I like Gane in the main event. It's so hard to stay on top of the heavyweight division. Under card isn't great but hopefully the fights are good.
  11. That's awesome, funny and very helpful. Great post wish I could like it more.
  12. I for one am more then willing to allow you to post the recipe.
  13. Love using beets and greens, not this year but I've had great results previously. Never heard a bad word about big n beasty. Either of those and I think you will pick a winner.
  14. Old Tiki cheated on his wife then married his mistress who I went to HS with at Pine Bush. Small world. Stationed at Fort Schaffner? I use to get my kegs filled there. Country bar outside the gate was interesting.
  15. What happened to the under Mahomes!?
  16. As a huge cowboys fan I knew this was a bad matchup. I moneylined the 49ers and won a nice penny. Would rather the cowboys won but I'm not surprised at all. Need the under in the Chiefs game and just from this week I'll have a weekend vacation paid for.
  17. I second sbuff motion. TC III gets one free square for running the show?
  18. I agree with all this. Your avoiding the other things I said. Very informative person, wish you pieced your words together better that's all.
  19. Lol it's been horrible! For what it's worth I think your a really intelligent person. Just don't agree with you on a couple topics.
  20. You speak as if your a young kid so I addressed you as one. No doubt reading your posts your one hell of a hunter but you come off very limited as a person. Appreciate your advice on hunting though. I usually don't bite on these topics like this but this is twice in one day.
  21. I could round up the orange county gang if anyone wants a ride. Bill, Cynthia, bionic, just off the tip of my tongue.
  22. Why not just enjoy the awesome video? Why always troll? Get a life kid
  23. This isn't a hidden thing either. One of the nurses didn't come to our new years party because she didn't want others to get sick but she had to work that same day. I'm not a anti Vax guy or anything like that. I'm simply telling you a fact of what's going on from numerous people who work in hospitals. I'm guessing I'm wasting my time it seems your the type to believe only what you want to. Lol why would somebody make this stuff up, what do I have to gain? Guys like you Crack me up.
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