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  1. Preach! My favorite poster, thanks for your insights.
  2. I saw that Rob. I didn't get much rain at all for the first five days after seeding, so I just hope the seed held strong. WTI seed is the best I've tried so I'm confident it will workout. I'm late but I have winter greens and destination to plant on Monday. Weather looks good hope it stays the same until after planting.
  3. Ha planted mine the same day. Headed up Saturday to check in on the progress. Hope my plot measures up.
  4. How many weeks from seeding to your last picture?
  5. I haven't seen any reports of ehd in Orange County and I think I would have. As Biz said dry and hot the next couple days.
  6. Ok payment sent. My CFO comes up as Kelley with an Irish last name.
  7. Two words. Mitch Trubisky. Ahhhh that will slow the hype train to a turtles pace.
  8. I'm ready to pay unless we are waiting till after the season. Just a who, how and how much is needed.
  9. From today. Shocked how many red jalapeños I keep getting, I almost can't keep up with them. Lost some poblanos from leaving them on the plant to long, I need to get my ass out there everyday. Tomatoes have been ripening perfect in a paper bag with a couple red apples, so I've been pulling them early for plant health and hopefully to stop my cages from collapsing.
  10. Couple jars of banana peppers and one jar of jalapeños and Hungarian wax mixed together. I do these every year, never knew how easy it was to make these.
  11. I second this motion, the earlier the draft order is set the better.
  12. Lomax, if those are brassica plots, that's not spotty at all. I think everyone with a food plot in NY needs rain right now. Same as most of us I'm watching daily for rain and as the rain gets close the forecast changes every stinking day. Well Wednesday looks like rain at my cabin so I'll shoot up tomorrow and hope the forecast holds true.
  13. Just made some garlic jalapeño pickles myself. I usually handle spicy very well but jalapeños are so hot this year I started to sweat just cutting up two yesterday.
  14. Any recommendations? I've read the below book front to back numerous times and love the information. Specifically I'm interested in books related to the northeast but any recommendations are more then welcome.
  15. Nice chef! Shishito peppers are heavy producers and simple to cook. Next year I will grow them again.
  16. Lots of red jalapeños. Tomatoes finally starting to turn red. I grew 3 different types of cukes. Both slicers and pickling cukes are almost ready to really start producing.
  17. Do we have a date/time in mind? I hear the pizza is fantastic in New Haven. I'll pick some up on the way to Biz's.
  18. Got my toes and dog food in the picture for you guys.
  19. Melons started to flower today. Still losing tomatoes to another chipmunk. Brussel sprouts are such a pain in the butt, I'm glad I walked the garden today because for the second time this year (two years in a row)there are tiny black bugs that decimate the plant very very quickly. Put DE on them and my eggplant. I'm losing peppers to snapped branches never had this problem do to deer browse. Tomorrow I'll pick cucumbers and eggplant but have no clue what to do but sell them/ give away. Good problem to have.
  20. Not sure I'm not on the island. I will say octopus stew is the best ever but everything must be fresh
  21. My mom has had a house on an island in Croatia for 25 years. The first time I had octopus was there. Mom retired this year as a teacher so she is living in Croatia 6 months out of the year. Today she sent me this, caught and cooked within 30 minutes she said. Lots of vino with every meal lol even when I was a teen.
  22. Tough eating. Well not for you Blackstone guys. Skin it and Blackstone it. Boom better then venison.
  23. Chipmunk down! But tomatoes are falling over, zucchini plants lost their battle to the heat and weeds need my attention. I'm hot but this was my haul from today. Watch a little baseball, drink a little saki and enjoy the Mets taking four of five from the braves.
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