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  1. Love the site. Just to be clear the issue is, the owner isn't even able to be reached. New members can't join, that's it. Moderators of this site in my opinion have been great. I'll view both sites but I think the other site will flourish do to a hands on owner. Good luck to all, fsw your a hell of a woodsman. Your personality sucks but you have a ton to offer, hope to see your knowledge wherever it lands. (My insult is meant as a joke).
  2. I'm in 3m can butcher but wouldn't want to teach (wouldn't want to teach the wrong way) nor have a friend to offer up. Like above watch YouTube some good stuff out there. Get a good knife step one.
  3. Twelve pound of carrots. Six brussel sprout plants to go and I'm done.
  4. November and in the 70s wow. Low 70s till Tuesday in 3m. I would think this would change the hunting patterns. Fishing, stacking wood, and gardening till temperatures decline.
  5. First of the year in 5H for me. I always find them late up there, this is kinda early. Only a couple doe at last light. Temperatures were high, I'll be back when the temps drop next week.
  6. Not in love with how high up I am but I had to get above the saplings. I had the same fog issue in 5h today, morning was a bust.
  7. Well that fresh scrape failed me I saw zip, until I changed and left for dinner, then I saw two doe at my front gate. Tomorrow morning looks good, dark to dark for me tomorrow.
  8. If only the camera I had pointed right at this worked. Very fresh so I changed plans.
  9. I always use 129 for red meat. Do you always cook at 131 or just for venison?
  10. Pastrami from quaker creek is out of this world! Added some potatoes and over easy eggs, dinner was great. That was last night. Trout and a baked potato tonight. Made two Reubens, two ham and cheese sandwiches for hunting meals as I head to my cabin tomorrow. Two weeks since my last hunt, it's time.
  11. Freaking locked out of the woods do to family in town for our baby shower. Good luck to all who make it out. Big bucks are going down this weekend.
  12. The cut on the bottom of the picture is what I would say is a filet.
  13. Had a leftover steak from yesterday to cook. I'll eat the filet and make breakfast burritos with the rest.
  14. I love my ab3 708. Dropped a bear and numerous deer in their tracks with almost no recoil. Good luck with the rifle!
  15. Two more ribeyes not in the picture. My buddy bought the steaks so I figured I would overdo the sides. My wife usually bakes but she is busy. Store made dessert it is.
  16. Lol, I made garlic confit for the first time this year and I'm hooked but it takes so much to fill a jar. Having some tonight actually. Some will also be used to barter honey from my buddy. I usually cook for all holiday and family events. We use lots of garlic.
  17. Five more brussel sprout plants to pull these will be cooked with wagu steaks tomorrow. Carrots will be pulled soon. Put 95 cloves of garlic in the ground today, I have another 150 to go. 2022 success Peppers, melons, tomato, garlic, sunflowers, brussel sprouts. Fails Eggplant, potatoes, carrots.
  18. I must admit I've never had clams on the shell. How do they compare to Oysters? Those look amazing btw.
  19. https://www.espn.com/mlb/player/_/id/40715 My brother's buddy. Went to school in the town next to us, our fathers worked together for 20 years, pretty cool to see a local kid succeed. As a Mets fan it makes it easy to root for the Cleveland tonight.
  20. Well, I missed! I went into the weekend looking to setup my brother who rarely makes it up to our cabin. He saw deer every sit all doe and didn't take a shot. I did and missed from 30 yards with my recurve. Was broadside had a clear shot through some thick stuff but sailed it over a mature does back. I'm happy it was a clean miss. She stomped, walked 10 yards away and continued to eat until slowly walking out of distance. In twelve hours of hunting at cabin I've seen more deer then any year already. Finally have a pattern, shooting a doe is no concern now to hope for a mature buck. Was an awesome sit regardless of the miss, lots of animals. 6 doe, 1 buck, 1 fisher, 1 hawk and a badass red squirrel who was the ultimate winner today. Just got home now I sleep and stack wood tomorrow. Found my arrow in my posted sign.
  21. I saw a woodpecker while hunting today, would have never thought about that. Thanks for the insight.
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