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  1. I took my New York State big buck club scorers class with him back in 2019.
  2. Your does produces some of the biggest deer in New York every year. To be technical though, that deer was killed in Ontario County and just mounted by a taxidermist in Marion LOL.
  3. Dang, I knew your bucks got big quick up there in Monroe county, the land of giants!
  4. They are different, just came through together. It's the first time I've gotten pictures of that 9pt but have multiple angles of the 8pt in pic 1
  5. All 5 are in fact different bucks. Buck 1 is a 8pt, buck 2 is a 9pt and 3 is a 10pt
  6. These threads are always kind of interesting. Pics are all hot of the press from a card pull today. I should add they are from the Southern Tier/ Western Finger Lakes Region. I do not know definitively the correct answer to the ages of any of these bucks other than suspected history with several of them. Buck 1: Buck 2: Buck 3: Buck 4: 4 Buck 5:
  7. Maybe here? You don't catch man 6.5 year old bucks on their feet at 1:00 in the afternoon. You can see my hangon in the background...
  8. I had this antlered doe running around for a couple of years back in 2008 - 2009. Everybody in my family thought I was crazy thinking this deer was a doe. As fate would have it, I ended up finding this deer just after Xmas. It was a frozen block of ice and hadn't been touched by coyotes. All the deer's plumbing was still intact too (yes, I do have pics to prove it). Possibly my best find to date. Unfortunately, the guy I took the head to did a really crappy job on the euro mount but most of the velvet stayed remained in place.
  9. I put as much stock in that list as I do the DEC techs who age deer to figure the state's statistics...
  10. I really try to stay out of threads like this one, but I agree 100%...most guys are clueless and watch too much Outdoor Channel. I guess I am fortunate/spoiled to have grown up an area of the state that has the potential to produce big deer. I have mounted 4 local bucks over 180" over the past several years since I've taken up taxidermy. I've had my hands on more 140+" deer than the vast majority of people from this state could ever hope to. With this being said, it is still far more common for a fully mature buck around here to be a 130". In real life, most bucks will not blow up in inches from year to year like the ones you see on TV shows. I have three bucks on trail cam this year that I have several yrs histories with (two 6 yr olds and one 5 yr old) that all probably only gross low 130s. People that are holding off for the 140 or better here in NY are kind of crazy...lol. You will go many seasons between deer like that out here.
  11. I'll go with 1.5 in Region 8...3.5 in Region 3?
  12. I'd be more than happy to mount your deer for you. I've never mounted one from your end of the state!
  13. Luckily, a taxidermy bill is one that people are more excited about paying than other bills lol
  14. I'll save you a spot. I'm getting my first deer of the season in tonight, a beautiful muzzleloader kill from Kansas and then possibly an elk if I decide to do it!
  15. I was sent this cell phone video clip of a bonified Steuben County giant over the weekend. It's not a deer that I'll even be hunting but I was able to pick up a shed from him back in April. Looks like he added some inches!!!
  16. I told him that I would do it that way for him but he wanted it to look normal...lol. Here is one that I mounted for another buddy last year that also had a droopy ear that I did mount that way...
  17. I believe that his friend who's property it was taken on thought the deer was 8.5 or 9.5...he had a severely broken/droppy ear on his right side so he was easy to keep track of over the years. The ears are fixed with a combination of sewing and using super glue/dryer sheets on the smaller holes and thin areas.
  18. A friend of mine who used to do taxidermy locally shot this ancient old buck in OH back in 2016 and it had been in his freezer ever since. Admittedly, partly due to the fact that it had a giant bullet hole in the cape and very ripped out ears, he never got around to mounting it himself and passed his mess on to me. So, in turn, I saved his deer for last...lol. This deer had an giant cape with a 8.25" eye to nose measurement so I had to take the largest replacement head that Ohio Taxidermy makes and lengthen it by a half an inch to replace the head on the original wall pedestal form. I'm very happy how it came together! I do plan on taking some deer in for the upcoming season. There will be a hike in prices over last year due to supply cost increases across the board (thanks Biden). I haven't settled on what I will charge yet because I haven't had to order any supplies since spring and I don't know exactly how much things have gone up. Anyone interested can PM me on here. Thanks and good like this season!
  19. These aren't DMAP, they are nuisance permits that are valid from 4/15 through the end of September. The farm that I use them on isn't exactly overrun with does either so it's like actually hunting. It's nice to put some fresh venison in the freezer before season. I believe that this will be the last year that they apply for the permits, but that's fine with me. Not too hard to fill a DMP or two during that 3 month long season we have now.
  20. Thankfully, no early doe season in the two WMUs that I hunt. I took my son out and shot a doe on nuisance permit a couple weekends ago and it definitely felt a little weird to be butchering a deer in August. As I get older I find that I like butchering my own deer less and less but still do it...
  21. blockquote widget That barn hasn't had much action lately.
  22. Representing Steuben County here. It's been a tough year on trailcam this summer. That being said, my goal for the season is a 3.5 yr old buck, same as always. I don't get to caught up on score when it comes to my deer hunting, just a realistic buck for the area that I'm hunting. Maybe someday I will join one of Let Em Grow's leases and then I can up my standards a little!
  23. He should be right around 19.5-20....
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