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  1. These aren't DMAP, they are nuisance permits that are valid from 4/15 through the end of September. The farm that I use them on isn't exactly overrun with does either so it's like actually hunting. It's nice to put some fresh venison in the freezer before season. I believe that this will be the last year that they apply for the permits, but that's fine with me. Not too hard to fill a DMP or two during that 3 month long season we have now.
  2. Thankfully, no early doe season in the two WMUs that I hunt. I took my son out and shot a doe on nuisance permit a couple weekends ago and it definitely felt a little weird to be butchering a deer in August. As I get older I find that I like butchering my own deer less and less but still do it...
  3. blockquote widget That barn hasn't had much action lately.
  4. Representing Steuben County here. It's been a tough year on trailcam this summer. That being said, my goal for the season is a 3.5 yr old buck, same as always. I don't get to caught up on score when it comes to my deer hunting, just a realistic buck for the area that I'm hunting. Maybe someday I will join one of Let Em Grow's leases and then I can up my standards a little!
  5. He should be right around 19.5-20....
  6. There's WAY more too it than most people realize. I don't do my own tanning now, but would if I ever tried to make a career out of it. Another thing that most hunters don't realize either is that there's a HUGE difference in a crappy deer head on the wall and a true quality deer mount.
  7. I have a feeling we'll be seeing a close up of one of those guys this season!
  8. Dang, you've had some beauties over the years! Several legends there. Old a
  9. My cousin's pics but a good one from the area I grew up hunting. He made a great jump from last year!
  10. Four years of history with this deer. Not a huge rack but at least 5.5 but more likely 6.5 this season
  11. First card pull of the season at this spot. Not too bad for only sitting for 3 days. Beautiful frame on this guy.
  12. Honestly, there's not that great of ag crops in these areas, just enough cover to allow a few deer to survive gun season.
  13. I think I first started running cameras in around 2008 as well. I've had some pretty slim picking years but this one is probably the worst. I do have several pretty nice bucks on camera, but not what I'm accustomed yo. Interestingly, I've got several buddies in the same area and they've got some really nice deer on camera this year.
  14. That's ok, all of these bucks are confirmed dead except possibly for the droptined buck from 10/8/21. I didn't hear of him getting shot last season so I'm hoping he will resurface this fall.
  15. It'll be fun to see the "Ones that got away" from other areas of the state. Post them here!!!
  16. It's been the slowest summer on trailcam that I've ever had for big bucks. It was to be expected as the local buck herd got slaughtered last fall. The other day I was looking through old pics reminiscing about some of the awesome deer that I've had history with over the past several years. I decided to post a few of them. This isn't the midwest by any means but most of these bucks are 5.5 to 6.5 years old with a couple being 7.5. It's almost unimaginable that a deer can evade a rifle bullet for that many seasons. All these bruisers are from Steuben County 8P/8R in areas that are far from being considered intensively managed...
  17. Seems like a great area for deer hunting out there in Tompkins County!
  18. Only one more mount to put together and the '21 batch is finally completed. This is one of my favorites from last season...super massive bases with a mere 13 3/8" inside spread!
  19. I honestly don't remember if I did or not? Sorry.
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