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  1. Nice haul, that's alot of miles on the boots!
  2. Hit up the last spot I wanted to walk. It was a little disappointing that I only found one little one but it's been a great shed season. I really wasn't expecting to find the numbers that I did. Hopefully I'll pick up a couple more during turkey season in my travels.
  3. Just can't stop looking. Add another nice set to the tally. Career set #50.
  4. Youth turkey find...#61 is another Steuben County giant.
  5. If I knew you wanted them I would have saved all the little deadheads that I came across this year... lol
  6. As a matter of fact there was. A really cool looking palmated six-point. It was too stink to stick in my backpack or carry around though.
  7. Just picked #60 for the season...really heavy 4pt side that scored 60-3. A great one to end on. That's it. I'm done! *Disclaimer: these sheds were not found on two or three well-managed farms. They were the result of well over a hundred miles of walking of many properties, several that I only got permission on for the very first time this year.
  8. Took another look around trying to match up the two big ones from last Fri...no luck but ended up with #59
  9. Thanks. I've got to mount a 170 net booner for this guy now (#2 typical bowkill for NYS in 2020)...full floor pedestal mount.
  10. I'm actually on a waiting list myself to be adopted by a family in Iowa...
  11. Got home from work this afternoon and the power was out and I was the only one home so I decided to go for a quick turkey scouting/shed hunting trip on this hillside I haven't checked very much. Got lucky enough to stumble on the number 58 before the snow started. Think it's a match to one I found a weeks ago...
  12. I'd like to find one of those pockets too...
  13. One of my cousins was getting a lot of daylight pictures of him towards mid to late September this past year. He must have been really close to his bedding area cuz he was getting like 4:30 in the afternoon
  14. Tompkins County certainly produces it's share of quality bucks. You probably have a higher density deer herd than I have in my area in Steuben County. I actually headed out to the Ithaca area to work again today. I always keep my eyes open for road sheds on the way out. The people out that way, well that's a different story all together...
  15. Hoping this guy doesn't go downhill as he's obviously fully mature here last fall...
  16. Back on the property I found the ones yesterday...picked up #56 and 57. It's raining out too hard to continue.
  17. No, I don't count them. I bring them home if they're decent but leave all the little ones out in the woods where I found them.
  18. Back out today, looking to end it with something big. I got permission this morning from a landowner that just got home from his winter leave... Found 3 more, including my two biggest of the spring and new all time largest shed. Unfortunately, that one was from last year...not too chewed up. Scores 69.5, even with chewed up tine tips, beam tip and broken brow. The G2 was 12.25 inches. He was probably around 165 or a little better as a 10pt in 2020 and probably close to 170 in '21. He made it through season again but no luck on this year's sheds. This antler was found about 2 miles from where the trail camera pictures were taken on family property. '21... This other 6pt side went 65 1/8" Also picked up another old shed and two deadheads...
  19. Joe Coombs full sneak wall ped with a form alteration/Ohio Taxidermy replacement head...
  20. The DEC doesn't need to be contacted in this situation. There are no laws against the possession of antlers from a deer that was found dead in this state.
  21. Apparently, none of the neighbors had known of the deer. It was found lying in a creek with one if the hind legs tangled up in an old fence.
  22. Dang, 176 5/8 gross local Steuben County deadhead I scored tonight for a buddy of mine. Heck of a buck.
  23. This will probably be my end of the pic...we'll see.
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