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  1. flyfishing elitist. He is prob also against xbows. lol
  2. you can but I wouldnt use it for dries. Weighted flies, nymphs, droppers, streamers, should work well. And of course esp egg patterns. Its best used in larger rivers in deeper runs of pools. If small stream fishing or dry fly i would stick to the fly rod.
  3. i used to use 1" twister tail grubs. I had good luck on blue and gold flake. Plus it seemed the browns really liked them. Esp in the Oswego.
  4. Thank you buds gun shop!
  5. Hatch .... hatch hell..... its january a can of corn, red wigglers, anything short of snagging is in play.
  6. We are going to try planting apple and persimmon this spring
  7. I figured I would never make the whole year , with June, Oct and Nov getting slighted but this was a pitiful showing on my part. Maybe next year.
  8. Awesome day! But that foofy dog is looking at you like WTF...he's lost his mind. Lol
  9. This didn't age well. Damn it looks like I am gonna already be out. Not supposed to get above 25 all week here. And as much as I'd like to get out and fish it's not that much.
  10. Not venison sausage but pork. Trying to recreate some Amish smoked sausage I had years ago in PA. Made up 44 links. Did a test Patty and it was good. It's not being smoked today. Froze it in bunches to use as needed. New grinder and sausage caser worked well.
  11. Be warned. Taking the defensive driving class is 6 hours you will never get back. Lol And I say that after being an instructor for 15 years. There are lots of them online now. But I think you chose the best way. Prob will just have to pay the court fee.
  12. If it's a local court they will send you when court is open with if you send in not guilty. There is always a DA or assistant there and usually you can meet with them and they will reduce it and just charge you the court free. The township only gets the court fee the rest goes to the state so they get their part. All speeding tickets are moving violations and you will get points. If you plead guilty you won't have to go to court but you will get fined and court fee and points on license. And they will send you fine in the mail. If you plan to go to the court date I would suggest taking the defensive driving class before you go and take the certificate with you . They will almost always throw out the ticket and you will pay the court fee only. You didn't say how much over the limit you were but if it's 11+ mph your gonna want to get it reduced. If it's less and you just don't want to go to court then you'll have to pay the full amount. Add in- did they define what the plea offer was? If not ask them what it is and tell them you will take the defensive driving class and mail in the certificate to them as well. They will prob throw it out or make it a non moving violations. No matter what your already in for the court fee at the least which is usually $90+.
  13. Made a big pot of chicken and wild rice soup. Perfect for a cold ass weekend.
  14. Looks like a good healthy bunch. Been an easy winter (knock on wood) so far. Hoping for a.couple from last season I had on cam make it thru that I am looking forward to chasing around.
  15. It helped get me thru Friday at work thinking I had a chance! $2 well spent.
  16. Oh my that does sound good. Your upper level with that. I generally cheat and use a garlic Alfredo. I've also used a little ranch or some Caeser dressing and that was pretty good. But yeah that not waiting for the stone cracks me up cause I know exactly that.. Cause everytime I make these and have people over the first one is gone and the next can't come quick enough . Need to almost run 2 grills.
  17. It's the only way to make pizza in my opinion. Been doing this for years. My favorite is a white pizza with smoked sausage and spinach.
  18. Where I hunt I see very litttle buck movement early season. I now plan on trying to take a doe on the outskirts of hunting areas in the early season to fill the freezer and then try to leave myself lots of time to tag a buck thru later season. Early season they seem to move mostly at night and it seems only the last 1/2 of daylight seems very productive. Plus Everytime I seem to schedule early time off its like 75 degrees out . A buck can certainly be taken early but for more bang for my buck I like the later season to use time off.
  19. Have tried a couple of 20mm disappointed both times. Agree a 4 or 5x scope is plenty as I have a 4x on my 30/30 and my 12g. But for my 06 I have a 9x. Why not have a more powerful scope if you need one for longer shots, It doesn't limit shorter shots cause u can just keep it turned down if you want but had a wider view. No reason to limit yourself if your going to use a scope.
  20. i would go with a scope and just keep it on low power. And i wouldnt go with a 1.5 or 2.5 as you get less of an objective to gather light and smaller view. I like a 4X variable at least. I always walk in if i think i am going to jump somethign on a low power so i can get on target easier and then you have option of longer shots by just turning up the power. I also have this reticle for that reason on all my scopes.- I like the circle. Put it over the kill zone and send it.
  21. I think this year is the best chance for it to go thru. Esp tied to a 10 year whitetail plan.
  22. All i could see was "the Dude" on a horse. And he didnt whirl a winchester with the reins in his teeth, big disappointment.
  23. anyone that doesnt tear up when he dies in "The Cowboys" is a monster .
  24. Cheese you say...this is Velveeta.. Lol.