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  1. Hunt #24 Littlefield 1:30-dark Saw nothing. Crazy windy. No wonder the plot looks chewed. Does out there every night but tonight of course. Very few bucks there though. Seems odd with all the does.
  2. Hunt #23. Point stand dark-10:00. Didn't see anything. Would've stayed but a work issue to resolve. &$#+....grrrr. Have like nothing much in daylight does included. But looks like a new guy in town. A non typical......
  3. Get better soon. We can't have 2 buck Larry out of the lineup in the playoffs (rut).
  4. Looks like he got 1/2 his genes from that monster 4 point you had there a couple years ago. That was a cool buck as well
  5. I'm going def different. G2 on right side is way longer in 2nd pic
  6. The final decision here is bailing. Got rest of the week off except for W. All I need is to shoot one in 70 degree temps and it doesn't go right down. Rain coming in and hopefully bigger bucks on the move tomorrow. Going to keep my stink out of the woods today for what looks like a great day tomorrow.
  7. It 70 degrees out at 5 am...... On Nov 6th........ In NY...... WTF......
  8. Maybe two easy winters so it was easier for them to recover and gain weight thru the summer. And it wasn't a super soaker summer or real hot so most everything grew well. Lots on the buffet for them.
  9. Pulled cams from spot I hunted tonite. Several small bucks wandering at night. But nothing big. Gotta think M,T is gonna be killer.
  10. Hunt #22. 4-dark. Lawn stand. Crazy warm but it was still nice to be out. Never saw a thing.
  11. Hopefully cause this year I am off instead of watching it from work! That was great but brutal. Yeah definitely feels like it. Nice temp drop. High pressure. Let's go.
  12. Hunt #21. Dark -9:15. Scrapetree. Only saw a fisher cross the trail. Left early cause too much tree surfing and direction changed and too much up the trail I'm watching. And crazy warm. Prob not back out til Monday as Sunday looks like a washout. But Monday looks great and I have it off. Prob am all day sit or at least most of it.
  13. Congrats @crappyice. Meat is made! After a night of work for sure but good ending.
  14. Venison burgers on the grill cause it's beautiful out. Tater wedges and roasted cauliflower. Sent from my motorola edge 5G UW (2021) using Tapatalk
  15. That sucks but sure sounds like he made it which is some consolation. Hope you see him again Sent from my motorola edge 5G UW (2021) using Tapatalk
  16. Any word on @Fletch ? Sent from my motorola edge 5G UW (2021) using Tapatalk
  17. i will be out there. Prob all but Sat afternoon. I am off Sat -Tues then again Thursday - Tues. This morn was killing me a bit but gotta work some too i guess.... blah . lol congrats to your buddy!
  18. i will def do my best! After today I work 4 days til Nov 28th.
  19. no i didnt shoot it - just playing out TF s day - lol But thanks much! Hopefully sometime in the next week.
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