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  1. i forget who posted this but its the best trail cam pic ever! lol Cracks me up everytime. @Bionicmade me go find it!
  2. If it did smell like that you could sell it to Pygmy and double your money
  3. Now thats a kick in the goody bag. Damn. That felt like my last season.
  4. def this . No one rebuilds them - easier to just replace. Esp at that mileage I would insist on it.
  5. My buddy can never decide/figure what tag to use - he says "when I get one im just going to call you" NO you cannot all call me as well.
  6. ive shot plenty of deer with a 12 G and have yet to notice the kick even once. Just like you dont notice the noise when you shoot at a deer. Now if i was duck hunting and shooting a lot i can see it. How many times are you guys shooting the 12 at a deer? lol I find mine kicks no more than the 30-06. Never really minded it. 3-3.5 turkey loads on the other hand - ouch. I am a beefy guy so maybe i just dont notice it as much. a lot of the places i deer hunt i just like the 12g. No shots over 125 mostly and it makes big holes and deer go boom so i still use it among a couple of rifles as well. We usually have a shotgun day on the lease for luck!
  7. Not being able to hunt and have to work 10-11 hour days and seeing pics like this are a killer. Weekends never get here fast enough. I have this guy going by this camera at least once a day - usually just before light and just after dark . I makes me hate working more than usual.
  8. check fluid tranny fluid level, then see if it smells burnt. Anything from there is prob diagnostic. Could be internal tranny issue, could be something like a speed sensor. But doesnt sound good. Engine or tranny light flashing?
  9. thats a monster biz. And youve seen him once on the hoof. thats a good sign, esp when they get a little dumber and rutty. PB buck for sure
  10. Well at least it comes in handy when your hunting too. Lol
  11. and I had to sit at work and watch, and am forced to set it out again this year. ugh. Hopefully that day is the 4,5,6,7,8 cause i have those off. But def a forum blood letting that day they were dropping everywhere. it was awesome.
  12. Dunno why but this SD card works in my card reader but not the computer. So pics of pics. Some nice ones walking about in 6S at night. Quite a few pics of them at night here hoping they start showing in daylight.
  13. Chicken and rice and hot sauce on a wrap. Was gonna wrap it in caul fat but saving it for fishing with Tacks next time.
  14. that wouldve set me up for hunting for a good buck only for the last of bow and xbow. Still mad at myself, shouldve been a chip shot. Work hard for those oppurtunities and only get so many tries. Thanks though, will plow on. And vac time at work is up in the air now due to several things so thats not helping. Shoulda woulda coulda......
  15. Yes. Hit one high , I did find blood the next morning. But it was an area about 12 ft long with some blood 100 yards from the shot. And then nothing in either direction. Took me almost 5 hours of searching but found the.deer in a creekbed 500 yards from where I shot it with the arrow still in it almost pointing down at that point into the gut.
  16. Hunt #16. 6S big buck stand . 2-dark. 10/25 Totally blew it Tonite. Shot under a big doe about 5:40. As soon as I heard her step into woods knew it was deer. She came in from the field behind me right in my wind. Walked under the stand and I let her walk out waiting for her to turn. There were also two others with her smaller and they came in just a little to the right. One is standing at 15 yards broadside. The bigger one finally turns and I send it and arrow stuck in the ground right under her. No explanation other than blew the shot. Rushed it for no reason. Nice big doe should've been in the truck Tonite. Pulled cards and have a couple nice bucks on cam up there. No hunting though til the weekend. I've killed a few deer on Oct 25 and should have Tonite.
  17. The broke arm was just trying to get info on where the big bucks are hiding. She wouldn't snitch so he wacked her.
  18. Hopefully he made it and comes back to you later in the season. I would've done the same even if I had to eat my tag on it . Hate to see one just go to waste.
  19. Out in 6S . First time this year in this stand with the right wind. Dried up beanfield. Not a big fan of beans after they lose their green but this has always been a good spot.
  20. Mid hunt breakfast. Green olives and pepperoni omelette.
  21. I specifically took that day off this year because of that and due to issues I work I will be there again instead. Grrrrr. But I am off imediatetly after that a bunch. It was a killer at work that day . Glad everyone was dropping them but sitting in the office was not cool.