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  1. I think buds guns has them online. They will deliver to your house no ffl. not sure on how long it takes right now, they usually are at my door in 4 days. Last order i made took 3 weeks at the start of this mess. https://www.budsgunshop.com/search.php/type/Ammunition/manu/23/sort/per-round-asc/caliber/10000861
  2. I Haven't posted to this forum in quite a while, but this topic is near and dear to me. I don't understand why Cuomo has never been directly asked, "Do you support ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION", not "undocumented" (it's just a watered down term), and not LEGAL IMMIGRATION. These are being lumped together and they are different. Let him say without any backtalk that he supports something that is ILLEGAL as defined by the federal government. Entering the country ILLEGALLY violates federal law. (section 275 of the I.N.A). If he goes on record supporting an ILLEGAL act then everybody can make their own de
  3. These are a few pictures from my camera last weekend, I couldn't figure out the first one until i got home and looked at it on my computer. Fist glance looked like a minion from the movie despicable me. I hunt 3n, the bobcat was my first. I have been hunting all my life and spend a lot of time in the woods in the Adirondacks. Ive never seen a cat before, go figure get a picture of one in Putnam county.
  4. Hi everyone, i haven't been on since last deer season. started looking today and figured i'd jump in on this. I would personally never use one of the smaller caliber guns on deer but i was looking for some woods ammo for my Glock 19 and happened along this from Buffalo Bore. Might be worth a look.
  5. hello all, i have been away from the forum for a bit. Just trying to catch up with status of the meet up. Date (if any), time?
  6. Is this open to all? I don't live to far away, definitely would enjoy putting some faces to the names.
  7. I think people who don’t hunt can’t really understand exactly the feeling it brings. It isn’t about harvesting something, thats a necessary end to what we do. Its the planning, the trip, the time spent with others. I have memories of myself , my father , uncles and cousins hunting from when i was in grade school, too young to hunt but my dad took me along to enjoy the time with him. he is gone now, for over 11 years, but i still talk about those trips with my sons. I am sorry for your loss, but you will keep his memories for ever.
  8. Congratulations, If i can steal Steuben Jerry's Iine would have had them first as well. As far as a screen name thats how i ended up as Pop.
  9. Live, from the freezer. sorry, forgot phone on Saturday, couldn't take any pics in the woods. Dropped the deer off at the butcher on my way home picked her up yesterday. It was a doe, shot her about 8am Saturday.
  10. I am not sure if we are straying form the original question, I understood it as why would we stay. I seem to see a lot of reasons why to leave, to me they are different. There are better states to hunt, and states with more liberal gun laws, but i never lived in them. I think the original statement from Robhuntandfish is important. This is where I am from, I hunt land I hunted with my father and uncles when i was a kid. I bring my sons to the places I hunted, fished and hiked. I have grandchildren who some day i hope to bring there as well. there are plenty of reasons to leave, but i think th
  11. One reason and only one reason to stay, children and grand children. I hope for the best with the government we have but wont live more then a few hours drive from the family. Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, all worse. Upstate NY or possibly Vermont, (its a little far) will probably be the place for my wife and I in retirement. Family first, the rest will have to be worked out as it comes.
  12. Hudson baby bourbon, made right here in NY. Only aged 3 years but its got some great flavor.
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