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  1. Yeah.... I Just Hate Suburban Bucks..... This was in August.... when leaving work....
  2. Dick's might as well change it's name to Dicks Camping goods....
  3. Sometimes I'll give them the old "Neighbors" Routine... If you know the movie... when Dan Aykroyd is locked in the basement.... lol
  4. But.... that is a "Scary" looking Gun! And it should be Banned! : Libs
  5. What? You can't eat any animal if it... "Doesn't Split the Hoof...."
  6. Eric J


    I worked downtown.... Broad Street to be exact. Once the second plane hit and the lights went out for a bit... We knew it was terrorism..... We had to wait out the two collapses.... and could feel the rumble.... couldn't see or Breath outside... once it cleared up a bit some of us Jersey guys walked to the Seaport and manged to hop on a police boat to get evacuated over to Liberty State Park. Not a fun day.... A day I will Never forget. The one part I remember most is the Smell..... I never smell it anywhere anymore.... but if I do... it will bring me back. The smell of Burning Metal and concrete... That's the only way I can explain it. God Bless America!
  7. I do like finding the old Lantern and Milk container and Cannonball though......
  8. Set up concealed Cameras..... I bet this guy will try and remove your posted signs.... And... put a camera On the Camera! lol
  9. Eric J

    4P Hunters

    Exactly... so how does this make sense?
  10. Yes... the Moose man Survived! lol Great season!
  11. Technically... my Dad first took me Deer hunting in NJ..... Clinton road to be exact around 1975-76? I was just 6 yo. lol I didn't hunt for Real until I was in High School... 1985-86... so about 33 years.
  12. The Big thing is.... Can it spread to Humans... like Mad Cow Disease did....
  13. How can he sell them across State lines? Or just within State? Either way..... it's a good way to spread disease!