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  1. Eric J

    THE HUNT-- In Theaters on September 27th.

    Well... this Movie has been Shelved anyway!
  2. Eric J

    Some interesting data on Mechanicals VS Fixed

    Is the land like West point where the public can hunt it?
  3. Eric J

    THE HUNT-- In Theaters on September 27th.

    This movie is about Rich Elites shooting All you Deplorables..... you know that right?
  4. Eric J

    Some interesting data on Mechanicals VS Fixed

    I guess one Question would be.... maybe the guys with Fixed broadheads are just not as skilled hunters or are more Jerky? I mean... this is a set area where you most likely have the Same hunters all the time...
  5. Eric J

    Hunting Licences on sale

    I'll trade Two 3M's for 1 3P.....
  6. Eric J

    Mcdonald's Fillet-O-Fish

    The Best thing about Micky D's is that Big Mac..... If I want a hamburger... I'll go somewhere else.... but if I want a hamburger Type sandwich... I'll get the Big Mac... Hard to try and make that at Home!
  7. I dislike the totals for 3P...... 3P is basically Sterling forest. It has a lot of Deer.... Mature woods mostly though.... Tons of doe.... Hardly any Doe tags allotted.. What's funny is... Both 3M and 3R are next to 3P.... which have High, High chances at tags. You don't think Deer move between those WMU's????
  8. Eric J

    New aging app

    PLEASE STOP!!!!!! lol
  9. Eric J

    Man Arrested For Shooting Down A Drone.

    It's Bad enough with the Aliens spying on me.... Now I have to worry about Humans too?
  10. Eric J

    Daughters trip to Fort Collins , Colorado

    Beautiful State.... too bad there are so many Liberals there..
  11. Eric J

    Any History channels , Alone fans

    I missed that... or that part! If he actually gets this moose... he can survive a least food wise!
  12. Eric J

    Any History channels , Alone fans

    He'll be tracking it forever! lol
  13. Eric J

    Any History channels , Alone fans

    What happened to the guy who shot the moose with the Arrow???? I was like.... How can you kill a Bull Moose with a primitive arrow?
  14. Eric J

    Freaks of Four Seasons.

    What good is penned up Fake Deer? It's getting that monster Buck .... In the wild that is truly amazing.
  15. Have her Try her best..... that's All you can do! If it happens.... Great... if not... I'm sure there is another league to join.... is she playing on her High School team? If she rocks it there for four years she could play in college....