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  1. Sometimes... if I found one that looked like it's been used recently... I'd leave a little surprise in it...
  2. I always loved walking thru the woods and seeing the old tree stands... now falling apart and rotting... wondering how long ago they were put up. My friend takes pictures of everyone he finds.... I told him.... make a coffee table book with those!
  3. Struck out this weekend..... On to ML season!!! It was a Cold one Sunday morning!!!!! Radiational cooling!!!!!!
  4. I think Craig sucks..... He has NO humor.... and Bond Always found humor in certain situations...
  5. If Ammo is a problem you can always use one 28Ga and a 410Ga put them together for 410/28 Blast!
  6. And you wonder why kids can go into a school and shoot people..........
  7. I saw it on Wikileaks.... It's a Russian bear.... Imported by Donald Trump to suppress voters!!!!
  8. If you tell a joke and that person touches you on the arm or shoulder laughing... is it Bad?
  9. Total BS for the GUY! He wanted to see and... Yes! Touch the tattoo!!! OMG!!! The Horror...... SHE didn't complain... End of Story.
  10. The lady with the Tat would have to complain.....
  11. Calzones! Where's My Calzone! I smell them! George!!!
  12. I Finally saw a nice Rub yesterday and a few scrapes.... My last day out with the bow.. But it was a quite morning. Ready for Gun season!
  13. I have two options... My light weight straight shooting Remington 257.... or my Cannon...... Rem. model 700 Ultra-Mag. I'll tell you one thing.... every deer I hit with the Ultra-Mag... they always drop in their tracks! lol