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  1. Let's make sure All our friends and neighbors register to vote! Lee Zeldin has a chance! Let's Go!!!!
  2. Too many Upstaters just riding ATV's and drinking 40's.... Too many just don't Care...
  3. THIS is the time ALL of upstate HAS to vote... Look what Hochal just did with these Stupid Gun rules... and "Gun Free" areas.... To me... Gun free areas are only gun free from good people... Criminals will still have them... easy pickings! SAD.
  4. Bingo! Cases went up and down no matter what we did... Hopefully the Scientists and politicians will learn from this? Doubt it... too useful to control people...
  5. That's because it's the Omicron variant... WAY more contagious... but luckily way milder...
  6. If your brother is unvaccinated... he'll probably fair better than you! Unless he has underlying conditions...
  7. Eric J


    I just paid $3.99!!! But it was for "Silver"...
  8. Eric J


    Why did everything go to S*** once Biden took over???
  9. Eric J


    And All because the Biden Admin shuns Fracking and energy independence
  10. I worked down town.... luckily I took the earlier train that day... got to the office... logged on and a co worker was like.... Look at all this paper floating around outside the window! It was like a tickertape parade.... then I noticed most of the paper was burnt around the edges... like you'd see in a movie. Crazy... After that we went outside to see the tower when the second plane hit.... THAT was when we knew it was terrorism. Never thought the towers would collapse.... so we stayed in our building... then the First one fell... and we were enshrouded with that black cloud of dust. After the second fell... after the air cleared up a bit we got out of there... ran over to South Street seaport... got a ride on a police boat over to NJ. I'll tell you one thing.... I'll never forget that smell.... like burnt metal. It smelt like that for a week or two afterward.
  11. Exactly... but there is obviously a risk associated with these Covid vaccines for teenagers and kids... that and the fact it seems like you can Still spread the virus even when vaxxed...
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