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  1. Trump might not have the best personality.... but it's Polices I'm concerned about.... and things are Great right now!
  2. I have the CVA Optima.... I love it! Stainless.... Love that you can screw off the plug by hand.... Never had any issues with it!
  3. Come on! Even a Half Blind Han Solo could shoot accurately!!!
  4. Somebody needs to get Rid of the Wilpons!
  5. Sure you aren't the Son of Tom Oar????
  6. I DO know this.... If Bernie Fans feel like they got screwed again.... They will NOT vote for another Democrat! Therefore.... Trump will win hands down!
  7. Well..... If you haven't already figured out that Pelosi has TDS... now you Do! Pelosi ripped up Trump's speech the way she's ripping apart America
  8. I hear there will be No mention of impeachment... and rightfully so! It was a Sham and things are going Great.... It will be a very positive speech!
  9. Exactly! It's SAD so many people have no Trust in their neighbors anymore.... I guess no one borrows a Cup of flour or a few Eggs either.... I Also think carry should be concealed for everyone... If I'm a bad guy... I go into the 7-11 and see a firearm on the clerks hip... I don't rob that one... I rob the one where the guy has none! If Concealed carry .... You don't know who has a gun or not!
  10. The problem is.... Many neighbors when they hear one of us carry.... they Freak out... and are scared that a neighbor has a gun on him while in his yard, etc. They don't believe people should be armed... only police. That's how that newspaper published who in Rockland County had carry permits....
  11. That's why I Never use concave Clippers....
  12. Simple.... Hammer a bunch of nails into a one by six.... lay on trail...
  13. Coyotes are simply Pests that NEED to be controlled.... Having a Contest encourages hunters who might have packed up for the season to get out there on a few Cold February Days and help!
  14. Ban ALL Flights coming here from china.