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  1. Eric J

    Would You Support Elk in NY?

    Just Prints... But.. they do Roam!
  2. Eric J

    Would You Support Elk in NY?

    Some people think they're Already here....
  3. Eric J

    Good rifle for daughter

    Maybe a 257 Roberts?
  4. Eric J

    What do We do???

    This has always bothered me....
  5. Eric J

    Need Simple Grilled Back Strap Marinade

    Wish bone Italian Salad dressing... Plus Salt , pepper and Garlic power.... put all into Zip lock bag for two days.
  6. Eric J


    YES!!!! As long as the wrap is air tight... the "Hot Hands" will cool down because of no oxygen... then when you open them up... they will get hot once again!!!
  7. Eric J

    Anyone still do drives?

    Still do Drives to this day... Usually late in the year... Friend used to have property near Watkins Glen (8R) and we hunted a farmers vineyard too alone with fallow fields... those fields Always produced!!! No need to hoot an holler.... just a nice slow walk... that way the deer will not Bolt but sneak out. Right into our sites! :)
  8. Eric J

    New rifle.. What scope??

    Love Luepold!!!
  9. Eric J

    Albino 12 pointer

    Native Americans have a long history of respect for white deer which are sometimes referred to as the ‘ghost deer.’ The Lenape Indians have a white deer prophesy. Here is an oral translation of that prophesy. “It has long been predicted that there would come a time when a white male and female deer would be seen together, and that this would be a sign to the people to come together." Let’s hope this prophesy rings true.
  10. Eric J

    Albino 12 pointer

    Wow... Crazy!!! So.... Do you shoot it?
  11. Snow up to 6" is okay... after that it gets annoying for walking, dragging, etc. BUT.... I love the fact you can see so much farther... and those deer Stick out so well! :)
  12. Eric J

    Hunting camp food

    Recently for me and the guys I hunt with... A Saturday night Prime Rib dinner cooked up in the house we rent for the month.
  13. Eric J

    2018 Rut Report

    The weekend before last (11/4) Nice 8 point in 4H ... jumped him... had a large neck... This weekend in 3P... saw 8 point chasing does...