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  1. Well.... I'm glad DeBlasio stopped all large gatherings in NYC till September.... Oh... Except BLM protests!!!!
  2. Let's have an Early Muzzleloader season... Screw too long of a bow season!
  3. Cause he's old and lazy? They don't use Computer Punch cards anymore!
  4. Nah... no change.... Just makes me look forward to Deer season THAT much more!!!!
  5. Love... It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World! How about Blues Brothers?
  6. The TRUE downfall will happen if these Leftist Democrats take power... meaning taking the House, Senate and Presidency.... I've never seen the Dems rip apart the Country as much as the last few years. You might ask How? It's because they split people into little groups instead of uniting ALL Americans together. They pander to small... but load groups... give them what they want... no matter how radical and screw over the Majority.... Let's just say this...... JFK would be a Republican today!
  7. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio revealed Friday a 75 percent spike in coronavirus hospitalizations since a day earlier but rejected the suggestion that the spread could have been caused by massive protests in the wake of the death of George Floyd. "I would be surprised if that's what's causing it," de Blasio said Friday of the sustained demonstrations that have broken out in the Big Apple and cities throughout the world. "I think we're much more likely in the next week [or] 10 days to see a manifestation, if there is one."
  8. If you don't think these lockdowns had any part in this... you're Crazy! OPEN Upstate NY Cuomo!!!!!
  9. Over 4,300 virus patients sent to NY nursing homes, AP counts
  10. Obviously Trump read this and had it planned when he became President... this will be on CNN ....
  11. China doesn't recognize Taiwan.... They rather let them die.... then help them. The point is.... It's China that IS our enemy... not Russia.... Russia... Russia!
  12. "The World Health Organization is under fire after Taiwan released the contents of a December email inquiring about the person-to-person spread of COVID-19, which it says was ignored by the organization and further denied to provide adequate information about how to fight the virus." Put the blame where it should go.... CHINA