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Just purchased a house with a nice garage. I want it to bounce.

Not up to speed on the new wireless stuff. I'm from the Harmon Kardon, Infinity speaker, Polk audio era. 

I want to have a dedicated system in the garage. Preferably run by phone. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks.

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I am no expert "audiophile" by any means but I do like to listen to music every now and then, I purchased an old Rowe CD Jukebox, I like the old school lights and atmosphere it brings and she will rattle the windows.

I would really like to have one of the old Rowe, Wurlitzer or Rock OLA Bubblers, if I could get my hands on one for a decent price.

If money was no object I would have the digital ROCK-OL-A Peacock, but I am a little light for that one, it would be more along the lines of what you are thinking but it will cost some big coins.




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3 hours ago, Merlot said:

Still have my old Klipsch Heresy speakers with JVC tuner with Graphic speaker equalizer. Wonder if this stuff qualifies for "old" purchased 1978. lol

Now you got me thinking. I did drag a pair of Infinty SM speakers with me on the move. Bout time they got used again. I need to find two new 8" woofers for them though. The originals rotted out over time. Easy replacement I'm told. 

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