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  1. Me on the Hoyt Clagwell. Spring loaded bucket was off in this pic
  2. She does have the physique to be a good deadlifter. Good arm length and great shoulder slope. Sometimes that works against you in the bench, but sometimes not. How does she do in the bench and squat. Or was this only a deadlift competition?
  3. Always uncocked. I always lower the bucket or implement on my tractors for the same reason.
  4. Took less two seconds to look up stats on accidental gun deaths sir, and it does happen every day. Average 400 to 800 per year. Mostly kids.
  5. Or been shot. Nothing but a doe show on my cams lately. I'm planning on moving back to my swamp n briar patch with the crossbow and maybe getting a doe from a stand
  6. New Mexico you can buy a handgun and head to a desert and shoot in less time than it takes to eat lunch. No training no nothing, only the dollars to pay for it. Doesn't surprise me that a guy like Baldwin shot someone. Happens everyday when someone who's never handled a real firearm is handed one. Only reason it's a big deal is because it's Alec Baldwin. Of course this is the perfect opportunity to use this women's death to stir up a perfect political sh*t storm.
  7. Man what a fun day you guys had. That's what makes memories..I'd have to bring my own Spaten Bier, dunno about that lite stuff, lol
  8. I used to hunt the Northern Catskills, Hunter Windham areas. Elevation was 2k to 4.5k ft. We always found deer at the lowest flattest locations mostly a few hundred yards behind our homes. When we were young we would jackass up the side of those mountains spending enormous time and sweat to finally realize deer don't like it up there. Hearing shots below us we finally changed our strategies. I did really enjoy that mountain hunting, but the deer population dwindled and doe permits a few or non existent.
  9. I truly hate Mountain Laurel. I hunted some wide open state land Tues and ended up in an area of ML that was 8ft high. There were trails going thru but you can only really hunt the edges unless your in an elevated stand or ridge looking down. Getting in or out of it especially in dark are tough. I never venture in too deep because I've gotten turned around in that stuff in the dark and it's horrible
  10. Anyone have any positive 2nd rut experiences? Supposed to kick off a month after the peak of the Nov rut.
  11. Never cared for them. But if it's your thing fine. Saw it on state land once. Pissed off alot of hunters.
  12. We all take great care to put a bullet into the vitals and that requires actually seeing the deer, sizing it up and placing the cross hairs in the right spot. How does someone just shoot at movement is beyond me. The victim not having blaze on isnt an excuse. People do walk thru the woods this time of year, walking dogs or just hiking.
  13. Wow, I'm at a loss for words. Guy was in his 20s
  14. Right now I'm sick of turkey white dark otherwise, just had my second Thanksgiving dinner, whew! Prime Rib for Christmas. Extra fatty and well marbled. Nice demi glace and mashys taters and broccoli rabe on the side.
  15. Dark, and lots of crispy skin. And give me that Butt!
  16. I strapped it to a tree and gave it a test drive. Feels good and still fits in my daypack.
  17. I love my little Muddy Strap on Seat when venturing into the wide open but problem is it's a tad small and after an hr it becomes a PITA. So being a mammal of generous proportions I jigged a piece of ply and glued on this old cushion and I gotta say, Nice. I also remove the attached strap and will use a racheting strap which holds it to the tree alot firmer and secure, no more rocking. It might be a pound heavier but hell I've gained about 30 since retirement 3 yrs ago
  18. Hunting decisions make me crazy some time.
  19. I have to get back into venison sausage making. I have all the equipment, except for the deer at this point,lol
  20. You scoundrel you! Glad to see your back
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