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  1. I've been so tied up with projects I haven't even been in the woods once this season. But reading you posts certainly stoked the embers. The leaves are changing and I'm getting things wrapped up and will be out very soon.
  2. Watch for cell phone idiots and deer. I sold my Harley two years ago after a real close call. At 65 I just decided I'm too old to get gimped up
  3. Better than the Republican Reich Wing party. Criminals and thugs led by a NYC con man and fraud.
  4. Funny I keep hearing people are fleeing NY in droves. But when a home goes up for sale around here it sells in a week, many with bidding wars selling for over listed price. Been that way for some time now. Also if everyone is leaving I'd think our homes values would be going down and you'd be seeing foreclosures and see for sale signs everywhere, none of which is happening? Businesses in NY are booming, contractors are booked two yrs out. People are renovated. Try calling calling a contractor, you'll see. Restaurants are busier than ever packed to the doors. NY city which everyone was writing off for dead 2yrs ago is booming, with a population increases which exceed pre Covid. Tourism, restaurants, clubs, infrastructure and building everywhere. Now this isn't only NY, Connecticut, Jersey, PA, New Hampshire, Mass are all the same. Unemployment is at record lows and the DOW has been hovering around 35k for two yrs now. If your not making money in the market now, I don't know what to say? I'm finally seeing roads being repaved here upstate everywhere. Highway improvements, state and town rds looking good. Far cry from the zero in infrastructure spending during Trump. And a common scary china theme? I'm not to worried about China, they need us and much as we need them.
  5. 3m is guaranteed doe permits as long as I can remember
  6. Can't even think about it. Got a couple that are nearing that time and it comes to mind everyday. Might even keep me from getting anymore. Guess I'm getting old
  7. I've gone old school and don't kill something unless I enjoy eating it or it creates some type of real nuisance now. And being that I don't have cattle in pastures no I don't shoot chucks.
  8. Many of the Stewart's sell none Eth. I run a couple gallons into my truck before I fill my cans just to clear the hose. I haven't had to rebuild or replace a carb or fuel line in any of my 2cycle or 4 cycle equipment in 3 years.
  9. I make my garage "Bounce" with the sound of 3/4 in drive Impact Guns, Air Chisels, Welding, Cutting Torches and Big Hammers.
  10. OK, I'm going to tell you guys a story. Years back as I was heading to my blind in the dark to dumb hunt turkey I was walking along the trail and got hit by that overwhelming sensation to take a dump. Well I took care of business and moved on to my blind and hunted the morning till about 10:30 and started to head back down the trail to go home. I came upon the spot where I did my business earlier that morning and a bear had eaten that big steaming pile of crap right down to the ground, yep completely gone. I've eaten bear meat in the past but it was that morning that I decided never again. Just ain't kosher.
  11. Been over to the other site, it's OK but this place has way more charm
  12. If I went to the doctor everytime I pulled a tick off of me I'd be there every week and taking antibiotics year round. Part of the logging business
  13. If the 2nd amendment will not be infringed then where has your right to own flamethrowers, grenade launchers, bazookas, gone. I'm glad I make you sick because you make me laugh, thankyou, lol
  14. The AR15 is a mass shooters weapon of choice. The majority of hunters I know don't own one and never will. I remember a time on this forum when you Doc were against them. I'll go as far to say the majority of AR15 owners are younger males, they are not sportsman's and could give a crap about hunting in any form. They like them because they're so "cool". Doing mag dumps and bragging about all the ammo they have stored is what most are all about. Just look at the AR15 videos on social media, nut jobs shooting hundreds of rounds into ponds or blowing up LP gas cylinders, overheating their barrels doing 100 Rd drum mag dumps and no interest in real marksmanship whatsoever. Duh I'll eventually hit it with a 100 rounds mentality makes us all look stupid. They are the ones effecting my rights as a sportsman and a firearm owner. Before this AR fade that only came about in the last 25yrs or so I could buy ammo without being scrutinized by the Govorment and buy a rifle in any store that no longer dares to sell em.
  15. A US citizen can not own an AR and high caps in alot of states now. If it's that important to an individual than move to a state that does allow it. One of the very reasons I wouldn't live in a state where anyone can walk into a store and buy an AR like in the south Yes the 2nd amendment says keep and bear arms and was written long before any and every nut job who wants to kill lots of people real fast could buy an AR. Laws being successful passed in many states are being demanded by the people who are sick of seeing mass shootings. Democrats are only delivering the laws that people want and to a public reacting to the radical agendas of the NRA and other groups who insists everyone should be able to own these guns. That's another problem the NRA has is they think guys like me are a minority. We'll we're not and the NRA has turned alot of good gun owners away from their all or nothing movement Dissection works both ways.
  16. Floyd murder was not justifiable and your comparison is apples and mangos
  17. I've got plans in the works to build 2 8ft platforms that I'll mount hub blinds to, plus steps leading up with handrails. It's mostly about comfort.
  18. I'm a lifetime hunter sportsman who has no need to own an AR15 and high capacity mags and think they serve no purpose other than being able to kill innocents real quickly. But because of the NRA and rightwings lockstep stance on everyone having to have the right to own assault weapons or hair brained cases like nysrpa wanting everyone to be able to CC in Times Square it seems like I lose more rights as a sportsman hunter with everything Republicans do when it comes to gun legislation. Everytime I hear a republican legislator say I'm going to protect your rights I cringe
  19. Why don't you provide your irrefutable proof. I'd really like to see your sources
  20. She breached a perimeter and there were others right behind her ready to fall in right behind her. People lose their right to due process everyday at the hands of police. Most justifiable,
  21. https://www.factcheck.org/2021/02/graham-twists-facts-on-harris-support-for-protesters/ You gotta check your sources. Try sourcing from something other than a far right keep people scared n angry media source.
  22. Kinda like the GOP being the party of law n order I suppose
  23. False, many involved in destruction of property, assault and murder were charged. As they should be.
  24. If you breach a safety perimeter in the Capital building or many other guarded Gov locations then yep, death penalty on the spot could well apply. She was within 50ft of direct contact with America's most guarded individuals.
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