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So I was thinking of selling a couple 1100s .. holy cow prices up

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One of my favorite firearms was a Remington 1100 20 ga bought new back in the late sixties for $146.00, I killed a pile of small game with that shotgun along with several Deer. Traded it for a new model 51 Ithaca Deerslayer autoloader in 12 ga.

One of the best firearms ever made I think and I would say the selling price these days for a used 1100 20 ga would be in the one thousand dollar range give or take a few bucks depending on condition. A 12 ga would bring in substantially less. Special editions can bring in a few more bucks.


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Got news for ya....prices are actually moderating. Over the past six years, several times I took a variety of arms to a well known CNY auction house to sell...they photo, list and describe the arm on their web site, and it is shown nationally. I have done very well by them. About three years ago, prices peaked....I was getting absolute embarrassing money for literal junk....arms I wouldnt have gotten two hundred dollars for, I was getting over nine hundred dollars. People were buying absolutely everything, regardless of condition. 

Prices since then have moderated significantly, but good money can still be made. 

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