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Last minute arrow rest change

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Revamped my old compound with a new sight and string loop for release.  


My old flipper/plunger rest is throwing the arrows way right (no matter how much I adj. the sight) and hits way nock left.


Rather than fool with the plunger ('80's model as is the Hoyt ram hunter bow) I am going to put a wisker biscuit on it.


I'm pretty set on the biscuit as it is the norm in my area and the camp guys are very familiar with it.


1.  Will it fit or work with the bolt pattern on an old '80's bow?


2.  Is the Pro model with its more precise adjustments worth the price? and


3.  Do I still need a plunger?? may be a stupid question, but the rest arm seems to have an elongated horizontal slot to clear a plunger.


Thanks,  nothing like waiting to the last minute I say!!!

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You can't go wrong with a biscuit for hunting. I bought the Pro model with year for my bow ONLY because I got it for $50 shipped on ebay. I don't think you need to spend the extra money on it. I have killed 8-10 deer with a biscuit that is about 15 years old. That one is now working fine on my sons bow.

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A wisker biscuit works great and contains the arrow in the rest . I had one and loved it but wanted to shoot Quik Spins . The Quik Spin vanes have a tab that would get ripped off or interfere with the arrow flight . Guys used to argue that they slow the arrow down but tests showed it made a difference of about 3 fps which amounts to nothing . Wisker Biscuit rests are great .

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I like the wb, but love my nap Apache drop away, no way for the arrow to fall off that and o can shoot helical fletchings.

I too shoot helicals through my wb and at least in my experience things have been good and knock on wood they continue that path. Also I am using the small blazer vanes so a full length helical may not have the same experience

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I like the WB. Used one for a long time. But I could never get them to shoot good past 50/60 yards. Went to drop aways and won't go back. I was a QAD fan for years...well I still am I guess as I think they are great rests but per my bow shops recommendation I'm trying out the Trophy Ridge Revolution rest. So far it's great. Full containment, quiet and shoots great. You can get them for $50-70 depending where you buy from. Pretty dang good price for a high quality drop away.



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