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  1. Idk I haven't found one and probally have done 12 miles Is it legal tho
  2. Quick question can you shed hunt along railroad tracks?
  3. Did 4 hours in mendon yesterday no luck just a few dead does
  4. I also hunt the area lots of good deer just got to find them
  5. Had a hen I belive pop out the woods 80 yards to my left but a hawk scared it
  6. Idk he had got a lot of turkeys but I'm gonna try tommorow before light
  7. Got out here at 10 cause my uncle says it's the best time haven't seen it heard a peep
  8. I'd buy a island in the 1000 islands and then some 400 acres with a lake
  9. I have one that's 20 yards off the road
  10. After hunting almost every day after work in bow I usally only hunt 4 or t times in gun. I've went out alot this gun tho
  11. Only thing that sucks on state is guys push it all the time
  12. I think less people have time to hunt or don't make time to hunt. I see maybe 4 guys in the woods I hunt for the whole year.
  13. Rut just started here in 8g lots of chasing
  14. Gamo are nice and I got a reminton one that is dead nuts
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