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Gulumpki cassarole


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I make this using cabbage that I sliced thin and blanched drain thoroughly and froze....freezing cabbage is easy and it tastes GREAT...

11/2 lbs venison ground and browned

1 med onion diced(lrg) and sauteed with meat

2 cans of tomato soup

2 quart bags of cabbage defrosted( 1 med-big  head... sliced and blanched ..drained well)

1 cup of rice..measured before cooking( beef stock as half the water needed ...instead of butter)

Parmesan cheese and garlic powder if you like

spray a casserole dish.spread half a can of soup on bottom.

layers........cabbage...then meat top with rice and sprinkle with cheese and some garlic powder

add just enough water to remaining soup in can to make a slurry and spread over cheese....then repeat the layers using the second can of soup

top of with a sprinkling of cheese last 10 min....350 for 40 minutes

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I make home made sauerkraut in the jar....so I just cut ...quarter...and core the cabbage and slice it a tad thicker than I do for the Kraut....while I'm slicing I have a pot of water on to boil...then put the sliced cabbage in boiling water and swish it around a bit...drain in a colander and run cold water over it...I pack it tight in Ziploc freezer bags and just before sealing... give it a squeeze and pour the rest of water out on one corner of the top and seal her shut...pretty simple

Another thing I do is defrost and place in a hot cast iron skittle....that's all I cook with....in a little bacon grease and crumbled bacon...or you can use olive oil and real bacon bits...I add a little flavored vinegar...I make home make blk berry...Great...and a dash of sugar or honey...to taste...and stir fry to your liking ...mm..mm..good

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Mmmmm....I've always made them "pigs in a blanket" style. Wrap the ground in the cabbage leaves and stick 'em with toothpicks to hold it all together.

Serves up nice that way.

Think I know what's gonna be for dinner this weekend- thanks for the reminder. :) 

I've been in a bit of a rut when it comes to what I make with the ground lately.

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