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  1. I made covers out of pie tins with a semi-circle cutout and used an "L" bracket to mount to the tree. I quit using them when I finally decided they were obstructing the sunlight and gave me poor quality photos/videos. Maybe just an issue with the Bushnell cams I was using.
  2. Generally, what others have said. Sort of depends on the cloud cover also. Think we all have seen early morning hunts during a full moon when its' light was masked by a lot of cloud cover and it appeared more like a new moon night.
  3. Come on Bob, go all in for the extravagant, big Yukon moose hunt!
  4. I also got a short video on my cam of a fawn nursing last week. Momma didn't stop it either. I also thought it was pretty late for that activity.
  5. Anyone hear rumors about why these lager deer processors are not doing whole deer any more? Wonder if it's lack of employees, strict DEC regs, less money than farm animals, etc...? Know last year when I was looking around, one place said there was an abundance of beef & pork butchering scheduled. So, I'm assuming it's a $$ thing.
  6. Pretty sure there is no need for FFL involvement with just the BP pistol, either to purchase or ship. Some online sellers don't know each states laws, so they default to requiring a FFL. To carry or possess one along with BP will require the pistol be added to your permit, as stated above. Because of the type of pistol it is, there weren't any questions or further background checks done on me before simply being added to permit.
  7. What I was informed about ML pistols/revolvers: No permit needed to own or even carry. Once you have BP along with the pistol/revolver, you need a permit. Along referring to having in possession and not necessary already loaded. If you already have an existing permit it's easy to add-on in your county.
  8. People like this neighbor & his kid think they have access to the property, regardless of it having a new owner & being posted. They'll continue trespassing until confronted. Which brings up the diplomatic tight-rope you have to walk. They need to be informed and "firmly" warned about repeat violations. In the end you don't want to create bad will for the neighbor and new owner when he physically moves in. Some people just don't get it or don't care. Had a similar situation on property I have sole hunting rights on. Casually warned the intruders the 1st two times. Third time I had to get right in their face, showed the trail cam photos of them trespassing and stated law enforcement would be involved if it happens again. They got the message. I informed the land owner of what I was going to do and got his buy-in beforehand.
  9. She could definitely belt-out a song.
  10. Have to agree with G-Man. Over past ~15yrs in 8F the bucks in mid to late July are pretty much at 80% of what they'll be in bow season. May grow a little more mass & a few inches of tine length. By now they are pretty much what they'll be in the fall, less velvet covering. Not to say this "rule of thumb" may not be different in other areas of NYS.
  11. Pretty ingenious system. Definitely less pucker.
  12. Sometimes (esp small towns) when an inspector comes for an inspection, if they know the electrician, carpenter, plumber, etc it could end up merely a courtesy visit. On the other end of the spectrum, I'd unknowingly hired a lackadaisical roofer who overlooked getting a bldg permit. Inspector happened to drive by, stopped, saw no permit and threatened to shutdown the job. Fortunately I was home and scurried around contacting roofer and getting a proper permit. Moral is, it can go both ways.
  13. Looks like someone was pounding in some wedges with a few of those axe heads.
  14. If you're talking about hunting knives and tools, I've used what is called a whetstone all my life. Best size is ~2W"x6-7"Lx1"thk with dual sides & grits, 400 & 1000. One I specifically use is an oil (lubricant) stone. Would imagine you could use one for kitchen knives also, but I never have.
  15. Just a suggestion, but Walmart stores have a self-serve photo lab that prints photos from a lot of different media. You get to view &/or edit your photo before printing it. IRC, there is no payment required until ready to print.
  16. Read an article by a Whitetail Biologist stating a mature buck during the rut will typically travel ~5 miles from his home base. So to see a buck you've never encountered or caught on a trail cam isn't unusual. May also explain why some that may be around all summer seem to disappear in the fall.
  17. Hopefully the Vet will check for an implanted chip. Looks painful. Hope that pooch learned his lesson about playing with porcupines!
  18. Depends on the individual! I did none of the pre/post stuff mentioned above. First (Moderna) shot, I had no side effects at all. Second shot, had an injection soreness only.
  19. Always heard aiming 1/2 way up the neck is the rule of thumb.
  20. No beer cans where I like, but lots of fast food wrappers, bags & cups.
  21. Congrats Binghamton, 103.4" of snowfall last winter. Beating runner-ups Buffalo, Rochester & Syracuse by more than 30". NYC had record snowfall, but only in the ~30" range.
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