Lease Available (Steuben County) $750 year

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Lease available for 2018 in Steuben County close to town of Greenwood. Looking for a max of 2 hunters (flexible if you have kids and would like them to hunt as well). 

I would like to open this up to responsible hunters who have a passion for hunting and whitetails. I am trying to give back to the land and create new deer habitat every year. Looking for hunters that will treat the place like their own and enjoy the time out in the woods. Lots of wildlife (Bear, Deer, Turkey, Grouse, Fox, Coyote, etc.)

21 Acres

Walking distance to State Land (Rock Creek State Forest) and short ride to Turkey Ridge SF, and Greenwood SF where you can enjoy several thousand acres of hunting land.

Several treestands on the property.

Fall foodplots will be going in around July/August 2018 (3 Acres)

Apple, Pear, Chestnut Tree Plots established and producing fruit as of 2017

If you are interested and would like more information please let me know. 




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To far from me my friend but if you let me hunt the first 3 day of gun season for free   and I get a 8 point or better I will  happily give the 750 .

But to just shoot a spike or a doe not worth  the 5 hour drive to your land. :taunt:

I probably would not even be able to go more the first 3 days to be honest.

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I may be interested, I would have two adults and my son who is interested in getting into hunting.

Barry send me a private message with your number and we can talk over the phone.

Are you close by or would you be driving a ways?

Would you be interested in putting in food plots?

Thanks for your interest.


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3 hours ago, LET EM GROW said:

I may be interested. 

I live in Hornell. 

Awesome maybe we can meet up at the property one of these days. I plan on heading there in April and May sometime. You want me to reach out to you when I plan on being there?


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