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  1. I will run this by the wife this weekend. Would love to make it. These banquets are a blast for sure..
  2. Will try to make it, I live in South Dansville. But have a pretty busy schedule
  3. Lee all Loader for 20ga.. Brand new in box. Never even opened the cabelas package it came in yet. I have no time or desire to load these anymore, was going to load shells for my stepsons trap league in summer time. Life is too busy. $40 local pickup. I can ship if buyer wants to pay shipping. Or will donate to my local gun club if it doesn't sell..
  4. Im building a heavier arrow for this coming season also. I haven't had an issue yet but i don't want to run into one, when the only whitetail (besides a doe) Im pursuing is a mature buck, I want to penetrate the shoulder just in case. My current setup is a 28" 70# solocam, shooting a 390gr Beman ics with a rage hypodermic head.. always pass throughs so far if kept behind the shoulder.
  5. Ive been living South for 8 years now lol. Used to go once or twice a year.
  6. i bought a used bushnell equinox z for 150$.. its a night vision monocular.. The stock setup of this will get you a couple hundred yards as well.. but an additional bette rIR light will get you even more.. I heard of some places having "blem" or "opened box" versions these Wraith HD optics for discounted prices.. A fella i spoke with just got a Wraith for 399$
  7. Night vision or Thermal is where its at. This year I switched from redlight and I bought entry level Sightmark Wraith the stock Light that comes with it will get you to 200-250yrds no problem.. I have zero complaints... To extend your range you would want a bigger better IR light. But i highly recommend this plus a 25$ external battery pack.. You be in maybe 500-550$ total.. It is a chunk of change, but well worth it if you have the extra couple hundred to spend. You can scan and shoot with the gun.. Sometimes a pain, but sometimes scanning with a headlight or spot/scan light is as well..
  8. I was a huge Ford fan up until that truck, and the fact that it was a complete lemon.. 04 F150 LAriat 4door bought with 19kmi.. I sunk way too much money in repairs for that truck.. even with a warranty..
  9. Yea, I stopped buying ford trucks when they switched to them.. Only broke one on my 5.4, but overall wasnt happy with the tick and schlit.. Those plugs were lame, but not bad at the same time for 100k plugs.. I wasnt sure if they continued them with the 5.0??
  10. When i ran my own gig, I was the same way, I couldn't wait to start, then praying for drought a few months in lol.. then missing tree stand time when its november and your still hustlin lawns or leaves..
  11. does ford still have them screwy spark plugs?
  12. Damn!! That stinks. shows how long its been since i lived up there lol.
  13. I agree that some do die of old age.. No doubt. I used to laugh when i heard this saying.. but there's not doubt its true with certain specimen ..
  14. Are tickets still available? Going to try and make it, Just have a lot of unwanted issues at the homestead lol.
  15. For the record, it wasn't me who sent the PM lol. But will try to follow, been picking up stuff to start reloading lately..
  16. If its still available I will take it.
  17. Oh i didnt know they were coming out with a 4k, im interested as well! Will be needing another one for the 243. Have not had an issue with mine yet.. Ran it for 7 hrs yesterday and 3 hrs Friday.. Yesterday it lagged while in the settings tryin to change reticle color for daylight.. it would take 5-10 seconds to scroll to the next option.. Kinda worried me, but as soon as you were out of the menu it never hesitated a bit. Ill keep an eye on it.. never froze though
  18. I will have to look deeper into this, I only glanced quick and it seemed like they only listed the bigger areas. I drive by a few that i did not find on the map, Some spots that looked good, but boundaries would be nice to know as well. Thanks Bob.
  19. Alot of the region around the FLX have some open areas, But the further south you go.. It is mostly all timber. Which I dont mind Daylight hunts in the Timber... Can make for fun up close action
  20. I agree, I live within a few minutes of 20k+ state land acres, around Allegheny, Steuben and Livingston counties that are not easily accessible once snow falls. But the ones easily i would try, though id imagine many others try there spots too, since many others are much harder to get to during winter. Im mainly looking at areas around Honeoye south through Springwater.. since these are on my daily commute to work