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  1. That is great all around. Clover is a hard seed, and unless it got moisture somehow.. You should have good results. Keep us posted!
  2. i love projects like these, IT also has me wanting to break off on my own, buy a few machines and start my own business. I cant wait to shoot it. Just need to put a couple more shells together this weekend and a nice day coming up, I will send it. and post it! Thank you sir, I take pride in my work, I was just a floor worker in a factory a decade or so ago, I passed a hands on test for an entry level position and passed. Between mistakes and being taught by a handful of guys in the shop. I am where I am now because of it. Cant wait to shoot it, plus a shell i load myself. It should be fun!
  3. I Couldn't find any chokes in stock that i really wanted for my 410.. so I made my own.. a .390" that is about 1/2" longer than most extended chokes. This has a longer(smoother) Internal taper, as well as a longer parallel section as the shot exits.. Hoping for more even and consistent patterns vs the industry leading chokes.. Second choke is in the works, starting tight and going to open it up .002/.003" after each shot and document.. I also have several handload recipes to sling through it. I'm quite interested in experimenting with this one.
  4. Kroil or a good industrial strength penetrating oil and let it soak. you may have to jeapordize the choke to get it out. If that doesnt work, add a low amount of heat to the barrel and not so much the choke. Your choke has expanded from shots.
  5. I ordered this on discount through Grandpa Rays Outdoors. My local supplier has turned to trash. I did find another wholesale supplier locally id like to try, He just asked me to get friends in on the deal so he can ship more for less.. So i need to get to calling some buddies local
  6. ITs 2023 now, but last week of February I frost seeded all my fall plots with a blend of annual and perennial clovers/ chicory. Ill Top dress some alfalfa in Early to Mid April. Ground Temp depending..
  7. They've all been under construction around Rochester for months now.. I certainly hope these are setup the same way. That sounds absolutely ridiculous. Not that I use these Service areas much, other than Gas, and when they offered Tim Hortons coffee.
  8. My neighbor called me last night and said he had just acquired a 7 x 64. I believe its an English round used for hunting medium/big game? But that is about all I understand. I'm guessing ammo is going to be hard to find as well.. I got excited when he said this, thinking it was a beautiful valuable firearm, but it is on a New England Single shot frame.. in beautiful shape though..
  9. If my 5 year old saw me shooting suckers, he would lose his mind lol. His autistic ways and love for suckers would create a massive meltdown lol. But neat idea.
  10. I would love one of these, preferably in 28ga. But id love the 20ga model to go with my 28ga ATI Cavalry. I will say, i hope they did better work with the trigger on this turkey model, as mine is the worst trigger ive ever pulled.
  11. Im making my buddy a hull vice in exchange for a half dozen hand made mouth calls he makes and sells. I just loaded up a few rounds to test through my 12, 20 28 and 410 guns this spring. I love putting loads together and patterning them just as much as being in the spring woods.
  12. If you'd be willing to meet, and the Kobalt tools are in working order. Id buy them. But I'm probably 2.5 hours away.
  13. The concept of a single projectile stays the same, BUT loading it and keeping Traditional "style" hunting stays the reason for the season and its regulations on Implements used. Yes new scopes and such make them more of a fine tuned machine vs the past.. But There's no reason to add Single shot shotguns and straight wall cartridge's to this season.. Stop with the changing of everything... Either ADAPT to it or wait your turn... Just like the crossbow guys that don't want to shoot a vertical bow but want them introduced into Vertical archery season.. ADAPT or wait... Stop trying to change everything. There will never be a time in History where everyone is happy at the same time.. ITs simply Impossible. "Some" change is good, of course, and "Some" change is also Unnecessary or Un-needed
  14. Sorry for your loss, I could not imagine. I am going to take your advice and gather all my belongings on a list and reach out to my insurance company.
  15. I like gloss optics on a glossy wood stock rifle. They are sharp looking. Otherwise i dislike the gloss look unless maybe on older rifles. As for scopes these days, Everyone offers lifetime warranties and that's what I chase. Too many are non American these and I strongly dislike, but I'm also not made of a ton of money so I chase warranty instead. I don't own a scope that I'm dissatisfied with, I do physically check them out in stores before purchasing.. I own Vortex, Nikon, Athlon, Riton, Burris, Bushnell, Cabela's and Simmons Riflescopes.. All serve their purpose per gun, and I typically wont spend any less than 150$ on a rifle optic for hunting purposes.. Certain guns will get better and more expensive optics if i can save up.. Like The Browning X Bolt 6.5prc i just acquired.. It needs glass and I want it to be of good quality to match the firearm. My sights are set on the Cabela's Covenant, Arken, OR Athlon brand.. I would ratherevery scope be made in America that I own but its just not feasible
  16. Put a camera on a poplar or maple you cut down, you'll be surprised!
  17. Just keep your cuts to around 12" off the ground if you can. Keep the green vegetation this summer low as possible.
  18. That is awesome, Id love to find one in 28ga. I have the 12 and 20ga. Through inheritance
  19. Probably a few I'm sure, but Id also like to think they were smarter back then and didn't go out in the middle of it? Like they did in Buffalo at Christmas time last year. And that storm took 40 some?
  20. I wasn't aware they made one in 1100. That's great. I know its not the same but there's a couple new semi 410s out that are great guns. I'm a big fan of small bore/caliber guns. with todays technology you can make them shoot like big bore guns to an extent. Recently picked up an O/U 28ga and I love it.
  21. That is awesome! Ive never even seen a set like that before! I found a somewhat local 16ga Topper Id love to have.


    Here is a few from that litter i mentioned, I cant seem to find the pics where all of them are in one frame. That fall I got actually video footage on a camera of this pack(In September) killing a fawn, and the doe running crazy trying to distract the coyotes. You cna hear the fawn screaming in the background, and the doe and other coyotes running wild back and forth in front of the cam.. Then little while later, see the fawn in pieces being carried away.. This past summer they were back using this same den site, and always out at las tlight and into the mornings. We killed 5 of them opening week, calling after dark..


    If your property has what coyotes want and need to survive you will have to kill them every single time you see them to put a serious hurting on them. even in the 24/7 365 states, they are heavily populated.. when you see packs in summer or 8+ pups they are rebuilding.. I posted here a few years back of 11-13 pups in one litter on my property. Pretty wild.. throw in 2 or 3 coyote pairs that have 10 pups and a good share survive, that's 20-30 coyotes made by say 3 sets of parents.. They are really built to survive.. Fascinating creatures if you ask me. I love hunting them, but like anything else they need controlling as well. I think many people don't hunt them too much in warm weather bc there is so much else going on people are busy and doing other things. Winter creates a lot of down time and many people "Think" they're going to become coyote hunters, but they really just become coyote educators lol.


    Coyote populations are sustained by the way they live. you kill them a bunch, they have bigger litters. They disperse in such a way that when pairs get broken up by killing one or both that the transient coyotes will step in and either take new role of mother or father of the pair and help raise young.. Research on coyote is really fascinating on how they are built to survive
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