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  1. Yep! Focus on your bigger doe fawns as some will be coming into heat for the first time as well as the adult does that haven't been successfully bred yet.. That being said, play your wind correctly and focus on a bed to food pattern... I think the majority don't see it bc its much less active. But sitting on a late season food source may provide a little 2nd rut action. OR a trail leading from the bedding to that food source..
  2. IT must be shipped to an FFL from Midway.. They have a list on their website you can choose from.
  3. Following, I tried pickled heart last year and as it was very tender and full of flavor.. IT was tough to eat for me. IDK why. Probably just the thought messing with my guts lol. But i want to try it in the cast iron instead this fall.
  4. The difference is barrel length, standard AR rifles are usually 16". Where bolt action rifles can range from 22-28" long typically. Thats a big change in velocity. and many times, accuracy as well.
  5. It all comes down to bullet selection and shot placement.. I chose 243 all day! Choose your bullet wisely and you can kill most all if not all North American big game animals with it. 44mag will work well if your shots are kept under 100 yards. Is imagine their may be a decent change in recoil between the two. Though ive never shot a 44mag long gun.
  6. Thought you cant ship primers in states? I found a guy who had some and was going to buy them but I found him on fb, swears hes an ffl tier 3 owns hos own shop etc.. but i hate to drop money for a couple thousand and lose out since he wont let me pay with goods and service. I declined sale. and the apps he uses arent protected by fraud
  7. Most all of It will ship right to your door. Ive had a ton shipped to my house in the last several years and several boxes just last week. Just read the description. Very very few on there, wont ship here. Just trying to help...
  8. https://www.gunbroker.com/Ammunition/search?Keywords=6.5 grendel&Sort=13 Ships to your door.
  9. I hate to judge a book by the cover here, but my first initial thought was how rude. I give all I can to my children and nieces/nephews. Not to be materialistic, but they always come first. That being said, who knows the predicament they are in. An offering to buy the Childs drink would probably get shot down by the father in most cases Id imagine.
  10. I had two of these scopes. For me they both perform flawlessly. I have sold one, and kept one on my 243 AR10 with QD mount. I plan to try to save different ammo profiles soon. A deer reticle(85gr tsx) and coyote reticle profile(70gr Nosler). I will eventually reload this caliber and use one bullet for both. Ammo and available bullets are becoming to hard to find/produce in mass quntities. For the price they you really get alot out of the scope. A good/great Exxternal IR light makes these optics amazing!
  11. Now Ive always been completely against drinking beer in the woods while carrying weapons etc and trying to take the life of the game we pursue.. But as I grow, Ive also matured more( I know not everyone does) and have actually pondered the thought of just bringing a beverage out to sit and relax and unwind. My life is nothing less than crazy having With typical children and their sports, along with trying to raise an Atypical child.. and a Wife with Auto Immune diseases at young age.. The 1 beer a night i get a few times a week feels so rewarding.. and the thought has crossed my mind several times while im out in Gods creation just relaxing, unwinding and enjoying my time.. I have yet to bring a beverage with me, but i can probably say there will be a time in the near future it happens.. Just like anything else, its all in the individual that uses the object.. not the object itself..
  12. The vmax is less than ideal, but capable if you dont hit bone. That being said, Vmax to the neck will drop the deer everytime. I shot a 4yr old buck with a 95vmax from a 6.5cm tight to the shoulder and he died after 50 yard dash quickly. Bullet fragmented and literally hit everything within a ft of the entrance hole. shrapnel down the front leg, stomach lungs, heart, neck all had shrapnel. the bullet got in about 6-8" deep at max.. the 223 is better with vmax than the 22.250 would be, due to velocity.. A vmax pushed over 3400fps tend to explode on impact. A vmax traveling closer to this velocity or less will achieve better penetration. and less explosion. As youre aware im sure, a bullet built for penetration makes the 223 a whitetail killer..
  13. I had some funds saved up to get into a thermal scope this year.. I was planning on buying the super hogster or maybe the xp38. But instead, I took the money and got my wife something nice.. Its saddening lol I want that thermal scope lol. Now shes jobless and funds are tight so it will be next year now.. dang!
  14. I had the luxury of chasing (2) different bucks at the same time on the same property that ended up dying/dissappearing at age 9.5 and 10.5 yrs old. I Have the history every year to prove it. Chasing bucks like these teaches you how to really hone in on what big bucks do and why. I finally crossed paths with The Ghost after passing him in 2012, again during late October 2018, It just felt right so I went with my gut.. And i misjudged yardage and sent an arrow an inch over his back. And the other buck, Chunk, was in my wheel house more often than the other so I had to patiently wait the right times and weather to hunt him. Over a couple years I narrowed his daily patterns down to almost a T.. But my youngest child became quite ill when the stars really lined up for this buck, but I gave up hunting for the season a skids come first.. And My homework proved right... He should have died by my arrow on many occassions.. ( I believe he got poached after dark at the end of season) as I knew what this deer did every season.. and he was never seen again after the last week of season, and the tresspassing and poaching greatly increased in the area... Cell cams and regular cams on access paths proved this.. Heres a brief part of our history... and I miss it dearly.. Buck 1 is The Ghost, he died at 9.5yrs on Day 1 of gun season Buck 2 is Chunk, he disappeared at 10.5yrs (6" and 6-5/8" bases)
  15. I call dibs!! ..... on one of your super dinks that is lol
  16. I guess I can give my go to info out lol. PAITENCE KILLS!! Just remember that.. 1. Interrogation Howl, Give it much time, awaiting a response. 2. Challenge howl when they answer.. 3. When your ready to pack it up, or they arent willing to commit after challenging them to your best ability, play Pup distress, followed by another pup distress, and sometimes a 3rd. Ive called them in on the 3rd different pup distress played one after another, in the daytime and night time. Just be realistic with your calling. And IMO especially in areas coyotes get called to, AVOID playing too much cottontail distress calls. Play other types of sounds other than just cottontail.. If the coyotes show pattern, ID first not call at all and wait them out wind in your favor, not theirs. These coyotes showing pattern is them doing your homework for you.. If they end up late and not showing, then start your call sequence.. Also, Fox will come in to Coyote vocals.. so dont think they wont..
  17. How many of them are "Covid Positive??" Oh wait, that is all just part of the reason they are being planted isnt it... To push mandates and agendas. Disgusting
  18. Just got some 55gr TTSX to load up in the 22-250 for whitetail this year.
  19. My boy got a doe for his last year as a youth hunter. For a youth, starting as soon as he can legally, he’s had a hell of a hunting start! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Chippewa Super Loggers Size 11.5E #25405 Only wore 2-3x. Bought for my son and he doesnt like them, Wants new cowboy boots instead. Paid just over $300 for them. American Made Asking $200
  21. Bought several hundred rounds a few weeks ago, ammo was at my door a week later.
  22. It happens alot, I know of several guys. ITs funny how they say they are more accurate yet these guys still lose several deer every season when using them. No less than they lost every year with a bow before that. IT always comes down to the person using the implement rather than the implement itself. I dont report them, they will have their day someday.. as long as they stay off my lands. They can do what they want to do..
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