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  1. My memory I shot, sorry if it’s dry but do you have any other loads to try? You should still be shooting better IMO. But the X-r and undertaker is decent Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hey all, Ive always used Muck style rubber boots, LAcrosse, UA, Muck brand, you name it.. no complaints really besides maybe excessive warmth on warmer days and the support gives me shin splints the last couple years when covering ground, especially trying to do so quickly.. I'm looking for a good quality hiking boot to use for Turkey and Most decent days during deer season. And maybe even work outdoors etc.. Would like to know what you all recommend or use with pros/cons etc.. Thanks in advance!
  3. Yep! And I wouldn’t mind that either. I just want a turkey hunting future for our youth. Our grandkids etc.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. IT sure did, Thanks. I seen your expensive Taxi bill in the works too! lol Nice haul sir!
  5. That is a good problem to have, There were years we could all tag out on opening weekend. And in the last 10 years youd be lucky to have a guy or two tag out.. pursuing longbeards only. The numbers used to be phenomnanl .. 5-6 longbeards opening weeknd was aweome! year after year after year, and of course when spring weather doesnt cooperate we can ruin the population fast.. Hence the reaosn why i preach hunter education and research the wildlife we pursue as we can wipe out populations quick too as nothing is promised.. smash a bunch of red heads in Spring and have a horrible hatch.. or 2 in
  6. Completely Agreed, but who really goes out in the fall, and intentionally gets on a group of birds and targets the smallest bird of the flock? Very very few people, if anyone.. Leaving this fall season open to harvesting probably the best birds for reproduction.. They Pick out the longbeard or big fat hen and send it.. And research shows many Jakes are ill equipped to successfully breed hens.. Just stating I think many hunters also specifically target the big hens in fall as they make spring hunting harder.. Not knowing.. And youre right, there probably isnt enough birds really being
  7. Numbers get lower and lower it seems, and all for the reasons Gman explains and basically in that order IMO.. But also, more on the predator issue, They everywhere they turn. Birds in the sky, Coyotes, Fishers(which can climb the roost tree and whack them), Raccoons, Skunks, Possum raiding nests, Us humans bumping nests and calling and shooting them. The allowance to shoot a bearded hen in Spring. If hens dont have a successful hatch in their first year or two of life they typically will never have a successful hatch.. So many Factors and the DEC really fail to protect them. Mowing fields at
  8. That kid owns it.. turning the girls away left and right. tight fade on the sides too
  9. It is, we never noticed it until WNY mentioned it when he began the mount. Pretty cool. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Hope he knows what he’s in for when chasing these elusive beasts Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Halloween Morning of 2020 my 15yr old stepson lost his sanity, and became the next human to endure mature whitetail madness, and there's no looking back.. Been trying to teach him how to hunt appropriately and where to find bucks and why.. Now, After receiving his mount from WNY, he can see the true beauty in a quality Whitetail mount. Thank you sir
  12. Awesome! I love seeing food plot pics, do you plan to keep this in a perennial clover plot?
  13. Someone wanna scout mine for me? lol. Wish i could get out and scout. maybe flydown time saturday if im lucky..
  14. Shooot it at 10 yards to get your pattern dialed in, leave it a few inches low. Then move out. To bore sight, You can set it up on a gun sled or tripod and look down the bore of the barrel towards your target and move your reddot to where the center of your bore is pointed if youd like. Same concept as a bore sighter. Or just shoot and adjust. I have red dots on most of my turkey guns, especially the ones that kick good. Put one on my 410 this weekend and sighted in. Also on my 20ga and 12 ga guns all have them as well. Luckily my 28ga OU is dead on with a single bead.
  15. Amen to that. I feel the same basically. I love being there calling them, but the youth and newbie hunts mean way more to me..
  16. ITs funny I mentioned this, I shot my 410 over the weekend and the cheap factory choke performed better than the 75$ Indian creek choke. Both being slightly different in constriction(.005") tells me how important the numbers game really is per shot size. Also shot my 28ga as well and the Indian creek out performed the Carlsons (cheaper choke by far) but like the 410, they both were .005" different in constriciton
  17. Maybe a rimfire, (trying to stay non serious) lol.. Or I would use a close range pistol. Taking head shots only. Otherwise absolutely not.. A turkey's head hardly ever stays still.. and a body shot with a centerfire probably would lose meat.. So i guess, no? lol
  18. Your easiest way if you dont have equipment is to let it green up, once green and growing, spray your anticipated clover strips with gly. Spread your clover seed over it (with Oats or Wheat) and pack it in. shortly before rain. You can do this all in 1 day as well.
  19. If you have enough sunlight getting to these areas( green vegetation currently growing) Your best bet is a blend of small cereal grains, fescue and several clovers red and whites. You may also have to break the surface up some if its too compact. But sunlight is crucial with logging roads and small plots.. Sometimes its easier to add hard or soft mast trees to these areas instead, as you can pick the tree species to drop its crop the time of season you want to utilize the area..
  20. Just pay attention to your constriction sizes as you try these chokes and what your patterns are doing. Its not just the brand of choke that makes a gun perform.. Constriction sizes of these chokes are what matter most, choke design can/will further that performance, with certain loads. Mossberg 500 is not overbored like the 835 or other guns.. So typically a tighter choke will usually help. when i shot my 500, i had a undertaker in it and it was lights out to 50(on paper)
  21. Midway has the Indian creek right now. Guessing low stock so hurry over Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Definitely try the undertaker. And I’ve seen the truglo.. never too impressed. If your willing to spend a few extra.. Indian creek or Jebs are phenomenal choke makers. Also. Deep clean your barrel.. scrub it good then polish it up so it shines like a diamond. Shooting over and over and over exapecially different types of loads will ruin the next pattern. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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