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  1. accidental "spotlight" discharge.. heard one just before 6am saturday.. I guessed 627 in my area and it was 630.. 8P
  2. I hope you guys can still reconnect a time or two each fall. Hope he can make the drive up or you can meet in the middle or possibly hunt FL deer? I know how you feel, I didn't get to enjoy it as long as you did. But my hunting camp weve owned for 30 years now. It was my dad, my b rother myself, my grandfather, dads best bud and his son. It was great times. good laughs, good memories, My dad passed in '16.. and his buddy did a few months ago. His son and I as well as my brother want to kind of get back to our roots as kids but its hard with life, I cant hunt a whole lot with my family needs. Id be lucky to stay the night at camp without them a night a year. It just doesn't feel the same anymore and its a bit sad to say the least. But i guess that's life for some.. I started hunting at camp before legal age and now at 36 my brother and I own the property together. ITs still my home away from home. I just don't get to use it as often as id like.. even though im only 30 minutes away at most. Drive over hunt quick, head home.. Kind of takes the joy out of hunting some days.. Probably why i rarely hunt solo anymore.. I enjoy the comradery more than the hunt itself..
  3. Dang where have i been, I didn't know people were leaving here, it did seem a little quiet here lately. What site are these people moving too? Would love to see what they have to say and who lol I did see a couple bucks shot from guys that were here that got posted on FB but not on here..
  4. Hope to make it out! Im never ready, besides being legal lol. I did check zero on 2 rifles yesterday quick after work though.
  5. The spine drops low behind the shoulders. around 4-5inches down from the top of a deer's back behind the shoulders is dead square in the spine. Above that is a backstrap hit if it didn't drop on impact, and if below the spine (didn't drop on impact) your into the lung(s) liver spleen or other organs depending on how far back it was hit.. The spine comes back up higher towards the back as you reach the hind quarters..
  6. Yep We've all been there.. In the heat of that moment, between the eyes, the brain and heart it can really get you thinking. lol.
  7. True, but some shot placements require the animal to be pushed to exhaustion if you want to recover. That's why its the hunters responsibility to pay best attention to the hit, the shot angle, the deer's stance, the deer's reaction, the penetration, and the deer's moves how and where after the hit.. etc They all give clue on to where(Organs) the deer is it.. and make a decision there. There are hits that any good dog tracker will tell you the deer must be pushed(Single lung hits). I've had the pleasure of calling a dog to track my buck that didn't go 100 yard sin thick golden rod. It taught me a lot, and we still keep in touch over the years still. There are certain hits that require pushing the deer to weaken the animal and there's others that require time to expire as they should in bed #1-how ever many..
  8. If possible i call someone to come pick me up. the vehicle wont pressure them as much as them seeing you. Thats when they blow, and will get your wind to learn you.. I mean if you cant be picked up youll have to wait til dark dark and climb down as quietly a spossible and go around with wind in your favor for less impact as possible.. Called my brother a few weekends ago to get me .. there was 34 deer in the field all around me and i was in a ground blind along a ditch they cross.. he came and picked me up. You can also coyote howl,
  9. Hes going to follow you home after the drop off to get some more quarter pound burgers! I know i would be.. lol
  10. 5 days off, paid by the State, first 5 days back a mask mus tbe worn until day 11 you can be mask free if symptoms are gone. We can do this up to 3x per year, but it can only be once per each 1/3 of the year. Which is bs, bc once you get it, the kids get it or vice versa and now you have to use vacation time to care for your sick kids now. Ask me how i know.. lol twice now.. I am pretty sure i had covid a month or so ago.. i just kept my mouth shut and went on as anyone should. kept my distance and did what i had to.
  11. HEs dead, go in today and ge thim. when they stop like that they are either single lunch or liver hit or both. Especially if you jumped him within 100 yards. sounds like liver hit. Some will be alove 12 hour slate, some dead in an hour or two. Go slow, and look for him bedded. he may go 20 yards and bed back down or 200 and bed back down. try to think if what way deer use the area , go slow and be observant. Keep us posted. We just went through this the last 2 days, with no luck on a deer we are very certain that should be succumbed to his wounds.
  12. My 16yr old boy drew our first blood of the year. He Finally got tired of waiting on Mr big. And took this young doe out of one of our food plots last night
  13. I use a howler at night to try and locate many times. I will run hand calls during the say. But my biggest problem with hand calls, is im out of breathe from whaling on it for awhile that it couldn't shoot accurately if one presented a shot opportunity
  14. Late to the game but i think you hit his backstraps. The way the arrow is angled, would go par with little bright blood on arrow and zero on ground. They typically drip a little quickly then nothing. and tend to act like wth was that that hit me. And he may come back through again.. Ive had that happen as well. Sorry for not finding him.. My brothers been tracking his buck for 2 days now. The arrow has 12" penetration, organ tissue and dark blood on shaft. looked like a single lung liver hit... Couple small dark pools of blood. Buck bolted, stopped, then walked away rough looking. called the dogs.. and the dogs couldnt even take the track past last blood.. i dont get it.
  15. Have only been out twice this year. Everything has terrible timing for me this year. Hoping to make a couple mid day sets next week. Wifes in Vegas for work for the next 8 days.. ugh!
  16. Dont let the heat keep you from hunting. a hot doe will make any buck move regardless of weather. My buddy shot a giant last night on his feet looking for a doe willing to play
  17. solid 4.5-5.5 yr old. If you are looking to kill mature bucks, your best interest is to stay out of those woods and do not go in unless your hunting, then you can carefully pull or move a cam. The key to killing a home body buck is to keep all pressure off your property and only hunt when its right..
  18. That deer is 5.5+ by tooth wear
  19. I'm guessing these are 100 yard groups? I have the same model gun in a few other calibers. I felt with the more budget style guns, they needed to have a barrel break in process to get the best accuracy. And the more it was shot the better it got. The sst will get the job done, however ive heard too many horror stories from them. If you can id try and find a good soft point bullet or a barnes copper style. The 270 was really designed to shoot the 130gr bullets, not that you cant shoot the others. If you stick with the SST which 1.5" group is plenty good enough. do your best to avoid that shoulder. Also, These Axis guns will shoot differently if you force and add any flex or stress to the stock while your holding/shooting it. They are very flimsy stocks, and if not just lightly holding it, it can make your groups suffer some. have also had a 6.5cm in savage axis brand at it drove tacks.. Just a few things to ponder. I have a brand new in box Abolt at home in 270 I need to shoot, this makes me want to get it out and see what it will do.
  20. Vieo is amazing! just really sucks when you have many and it comes time to view them, and save them for the archives. Hate it. But theyre great on scrapes and hot rut spots.
  21. Great video. Subscribed.
  22. IVe had covid 3 times now and the last time it turned into some new strain of the flu, as covid left.. Flu was just as good/bad but it didn't fully leave my body for nearly 2 months. Pure congestion that sucked.
  23. The deer have wiped out all of my brassicas before any could put on a bulb/tuber.. which i guess makes a great time for seeding down a perennial blend. Even my kill plots got seeded with a fall grain blend into Mid september and they are literally keeping it right to the ground.. and these plots are a 1/2 acre and a 2/3 acre plot.. But my plot behind the house is insane, the deer are in it nightly but they're only really eating the clovers and alfalfa that are growing up through. Hopefully they start getting the Brassica plants when temps drop(whenever that is) To my knowledge they've never had brassica bulbs/plants in the area..
  24. Yea depending on where your at, your rye, if it gets moisture, should germinate this fall still. Warms temps yet for a bit, and it grows down to temps in the 30s
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