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Help choosing a Tent

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Hi guys,
I need to buy a camping tent. never bought a tent before. 
considering my budget and requirements, i'm basically down to these choices 


I just can't tell which one is better quality just buy looking at the pictures online.

if anyone has experience with either of these tents... or just first glance opinion... it would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance!

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Stunning that nothing from Big Agnes made the second link's top 15 list.  Huge miss right there.

A lot of the price points come down to your needs for a lightweight and/or simple setup.  Are you backpacking with this or car camping?  How many people will be in the tent?  Will you be camping year-round or just 3 seasons?  What's your budget?

You can narrow down the field once you know your needs.  I would definitely recommend the tents from Big Agnes, mine has served me well for backpacking.

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23 minutes ago, Jeremy K said:

Considering the top link is not available ,that takes that choice off the table.

First link worked for me, but the 2.5 star rating is problematic.

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