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Bear attack - PIC WARNING

left field

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On 10/2/2019 at 1:13 PM, UpStateRedNeck said:

I saw you wearing that in your tracking journal thread, I've had that site book marked for a year now.  They're also one of the the only people that makes it for my Sig Sauer p220 Hunter.  Thanks!

I paid extra for the flap, but glad I did with all the bending and crawling I do!

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Amazing story, that guy is lucky he's alive to tell his tale....

A very good read about a bear attack in Alaska and the road to recovery is:

"Beyond the Bear" by Dan Bigley 

He was salmon fishing on the peninsula and was attacked and left similarly wounded and blind..

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So apparently, that original story is wrong. That isn’t Wes Perkins but a 77-year-old guide named Glenn Bohn. He was hunting with his son when this all went down. 

THC just did a podcast with the son, Brett, who tells the story of the attack and how he got his father to the hospital. Only one major surgery on his face and he was out of the hospital in a few days  


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