think about doing it yourself

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Its been awhile I have been busy.Sorry for leaving you guys

hanging.I wasn't crying about the money the conversation

was simply about learning to do it yourself.I learned because

I simply couldn't afford to have my trophys done elsewhere.If

I hit a taxidermists nerve's I apologize atleast I am man enough

to do that.Lets see if I get any lol.By the way heres a couple of pics.

I guess its true anywhaere you go someones looking to dog you.

Not the best picts but I like what I see for a guy trying to do something on his own. I give you credit, nice work.

"We Feed 'em"

"He Breeds 'em"

Legends Lodge, "Where Legends are born"

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I helped with my last one and it was fun... my friend "the real taxidermist" guided me through some of the tough stuff and taught me some tricks... the process is easy, but getting the right look and doing things so that the mount lasts is where the real talent comes in... details matter... that is unless you don't care about details.. i do.. otherwise I'll just hang the horns on a hook.

This was my first attempt at it... I think it came out ok... not great, but nice.



Joe Servello
New York Antler Outdoors

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It's hard to tell from the distance of the pics, but looks good to me. I figured to start, maybe on a doe, or on a smaller buck, the cousins harvest. If we get a big guy, that will go to a professional. Hopefully, practice makes better. The correct skinning , is a start in the right direction, they say. A turkey is very tough to do, and is a real test in taxidermy. That is why the full mounts are money. Maybe skin a chicken to try on a few times.

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