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  1. It's easy to tell you're under 40... bro
  2. Ok so you don't understand... sorry thought this was going to be an intelligent debate... nevermind
  3. "A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution" This is the quote we're talking about that was misinterpreted by Trump haters and media outlets. What he was saying, if you read the entire context of the statement, is that if we are willing to allow a massive fraud of this type then we will also be willing to allow for the termination of all other rules, regulations and articles... even those in the Constitution. Trump is NOT and has never called for the termination of the Constitution... SMH
  4. I have found that there are way more idiots out there than I had ever thought... the world is full of them... and getting worse every day. Life is not really so complicated in my opinion... the idiots make it more complicated than it has to be.
  5. Absolutely... the idea of managing for big bucks was how QDM was sold to the hunting public... back then the idea of antler restrictions and killing does was hotly contested by the hunting community... but hunting shows loved the idea because it brought about a plethora of new hunting related products... food plot products, blinds, treestands, cameras, calls, scents, scent eliminating products, etc. etc. New fodder for their hunting shows... and yes, hunters bought in hook , line and sinker
  6. Of course there are some young hunters that have the fever, but in general I don't think that is true. Not as many would hunt on their own without coaxing from the old timers... and I'm not sure that many will carry on the tradition in the same way when those old timers are gone. My sons are excited about the hunt too, but only because Dad is... on their own... not so much. They and their friends are not nearly as avid about hunting as me and my generation.
  7. I even notice that the enthusiasm of younger hunters isn't close to what I had as a young hunter. In my opinion hunting has become too sterile... you and I grew up without all the fancy clothing, boots and other doo-dads available today... yet we were so excited about the hunt that we toughed out the bitter cold on our uninsilated feet and other uncomfortable conditions... I remember the night before opening day of gun season being like Christmas eve at my house with the same lack of sleep because of the anticipation... Even my mom would be up early to make a hearty breakfast for us before we ventured out into the woods. Just a different time I guess.
  8. I agree... it's probably here to stay... like I always say, If it keeps people hunting I suppose I can live with it
  9. One of my big regrets is having helped to bring much of the "educated and scientific" ie. QDM to New York State. It became the Mr. Hyde to the Dr. Jekyl of hunting. I believed I was introducing a great management program to the state... when, in fact, it just became a trophy buck farming program... utilizing food plots, cameras and selfish hunting practices to produce a hit list of whitetail bucks with little regard for the true management of healthy whitetail deer populations in general.
  10. Okay.... I'm going with what you said I don't think it is necessarilly as deep as some get about it... it is just something that seems to be in our blood.
  11. Check out some of the bigger New York bucks taken so far during the 2022 season https://www.nyantler-outdoors.com/2022-new-york-whitetails.html
  12. I'm not a big semi-auto guy... but I would kill to get a Rem 760 pump 30-06 for $149. They are 5 times that now... IF you can find someone willing to part with with it!!!
  13. Nothing like a true 6x6 main frame 12-point... it is extremely rare
  14. All one can say for sure is tht he is a big boy
  15. I agree that Desantis has potential... but on a grand scale, both nationally and globally, there is only one man alive that has the balls to fix what is broken at this time... and that is Donald Trump. The trick has been keeping it fixed... which is our biggest problem.
  16. Definitely not the same shooting activity as in years past. Much of it I believe is due to less hunters, but also a different hunting style than years ago. Hunters no longer move through the woods during the day, which used to bump deer and cause more sightings of moving deer. Is that better or worse for hunting? Not sure... maybe it's just different.
  17. I agree... and the key word here is destructive... a coyote doing what it does naturally (eating to stay alive) is not a reason to try and eradicate coyote populations, but because man has eaten up much of our wildlife habitat for development it is necessary for man to also help keep populations in check. However, we should always be careful not to give preference to one animal over another... that is not conservation... that is selection... and who are we to decide which of God's animals are more important than the others?
  18. Some hunters are not fans of any hunting "contest". My personal view is... When prizes, be it money or merchandise, are introduced into hunting it tends to bring out the worst in some hunters. Some of whom will have no problem pushing the envelope of hunting regulations and ethics to win one of those prizes, or establish themselves as "the winner". I have no problem with a celebrated day where hunters get together for a city, county or state wide group hunt, but making it a contest has never set well with me.
  19. LOL.. I know the feeling. Fortunately a friend of his that went to the same Taxi school in PA was still doing work and was as good or better than my first guy.
  20. That is a good taxidermist right there! Good detail work.
  21. Usually this is from the taxidermist not dremeling out the nose part of the form to create a realistic nasal cavity. Instead they fill the area with putty to keep the form from showing through. Resulting in what you see in apexerEr's mount.
  22. Thanks for the birthday wishes fellas and gals... hit the big 60, but doesn't feel much different than 59
  23. Some of the bigger bucks taken so far this year https://www.nyantler-outdoors.com/2019-new-york-whitetails.html
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