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westchester hunting and regulations


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Does anyone else hunt in Westchester county? I was suppose to go this weekend but I found out you need individual permits for certain towns? Is this true? Is this the case for every town in Westchester?

I have friends with land in Katonah and they said I need this special bowhunting permit from the town of Bedford.

If anyone could shed some light I would appreciate it.


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I am not aware of any 'special" permits for individual towns in westchester. The only thing I can think of is a few county parks like Muscoot require a permit and a test so wherever you are in Bedford, may also require that. Also if you hunt on Watershed property you need a permit from the DEP.

Is it private land you are hunting? or County land?

or give the town clerk a call

Town Clerk's Office

Town Clerk: Lisbeth "Boo" Fumagalli

Deputy Town Clerk: Nina Kellogg

Location: 321 Bedford Road, Bedford Hills, NY 10507

Telephone: (914) 666-4534

FAX: (914) 666-5249

E-mail: [email protected]

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Well I had planned on hunting one of the DEP watershed areas. I do have that permit. My friend was driving through the area scouting though and said that another permit is required from the town of Bedford. Good idea on calling the clerk...going to see what is up.

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I've hunted the water shed only need the parking permit and the 3 year card.

How is Hunting that watershed land? I also have that Dep permit. I'm looking forward to hunt in suffolk as well just recently received my Dec permit to access the land. To quote my Bow Hunting instructor "There are big bucks on Long Island!!!" He's a guy that has hunted all over the world. Speaking of which I should give that man a call

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