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Biz-R-OWorld 2011 NY Deer Journal


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Opening Day, Saturday - 11/19/11

Hunted private 8 acres in Carmel, NY (Putnam County - 3N) with my Dad. I got to my spot at 545am. Saw nothing all morning, and met my Dad at 1130am near a stream to eat lunch. Found out he saw nothing as well. In the afternoon we sat about 30 yards from each other. At 3pm, he was motioning me to come over to him and I could read his lips "BOBCAT". I snuck over to my Dad, but it was too late the Bobcat was gone. My Dad could have shot him, but said he wanted me to get one since he already has one from Maine. I wish he had just shot it, he said it was bigger than his 35lber he has mounted. It was the first time he ever seen Bobcat in NY in over 40 years of hunting. At least we are going to Minnesota in December to get me a Bobcat regardless. So I then went back to my spot, and sat. At 418pm I saw a big doe come out of the pines about 25 yards away and I watched her eat along the pines till just about 430pm when she went back into the pines. A few minutes later I heard crashing and a doe and a fawn came running out of the pines at about 40 yards. As I wondered what spooked them, a buck came running out behind them grunting like crazy...He chased the doe and fawn grunted like crazy away from me until they were all out of sight. I grunted 3-4 times trying to stop the buck for a possible shot, but he was so glued into the doe/fawn that nothing stopped him. He was definitely a wide 4, maybe 6. Anyway not a bad first day, shows how sometimes you have to sit all day to see deer in the final minutes.

Lastly, also found another huge buck rub, at least 36" from top to bottom. Also heard about 20-25 shots throughout the day.

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Sunday - 11/20/11

I couldn't hunt due to my final walk-thru before closing on a place on Tuesday morning, and other things I had to take care of.

My Dad of course hunted dark to dark, same private 8 acres in Carmel, NY (Putnam County - 3N). Late afternoon just before he dark, he saw a doe come out of the pines and watched for a few minutes and then she left heading back into the pines. My dad then hit the doe bleat call softly twice and out came a buck, he shot this big 7 pointer. Swelled up and neck and just a big deer in general. Pics attached. I think this is the buck that was making the big buck rubs, also attached. Rut is definitely later than normal this year, as we never usually see bucks chasing does while hunting during gun season, but 2 days in a row just before dark it was seen.





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heavy woods with lots of pine trees. we hunt behind houses, you can only shoot 1 way. across a stream is a hunting club that owns probably 100+ acres. I think they spook some deer towards us. I saw a flashlight from the gun club guys at 620am opening morning lol....not sure why anyone would get into the woods so late or why you even need a flashlight at 620am! haha

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He did not weight it, but my Dad who has killed 30+ whitetails in his life says he feels it was approx. 180 before being gutted out.

I am closing on my place today and have to work tomorrow.....be back in the woods Thursday morning.

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Thursday (Thanksgiving) - 11/24/11

Thanksgiving morning, hunted the same private 8 acres in Carmel with my Dad. Got to my spot at 6am, sat about 20 yards from my Dad so he could overlook another valley for me. Beautiful cool morning, low wind, but didnt see anything by 9am. Walked over to my Dad and he said at 8am he saw 2 full size deer far away and couldnt see what they were. Knowing I could only hunt till about 1030am or so, I told my Dad I was going to take a slow walk down a trail and see if I could catch a deer bedded down. I was waking 2-3 steps then stopping/looking, continuing this pace till 925am when I saw a deer running above me near the top of a hill. As the deer ran across the hill, he had no idea I was there, something else must have spooked him. I realized he was a small buck and about to be out sight, I let out a grunt and it slowed him down almost to a complete stop. I took the shot off-hand, about 40 yards. He shook and trotted away with his tail down, so I knew I hit him good. I then heard crashing down the cliff, and hoped it was him falling down the cliff and then the sound came to a stop. I called my Dad on the cell and he met me at the spot I shot from him. He then stayed there and I walked to where I thought I shot at the buck and saw some blood and looked down the cliff and saw a 3pointer dead against a tree. It is my 6th whitetail buck in my career and my 5th from NY. He will be good eating. So far a great year, as my Dad's 7 pointer was his 28th whitetail buck of all time and 25th in NY. I know there is 1 more buck in this area that I saw opening day, hopefully I'll get him with the crossbow during the late ML season.






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Saturday, 12/17/11

Hunted same private land in Carmel in the morning. Got to my spot at like 615am, seen nothing by 9am, so I decided to try a slow walk in hopes of success like last time. At 920am I spotted 1 full size deer running on the other side of a stream from me about 150+ yards away, couldnt tell if it was buck or doe. Then I snuck up on a doe and a fawn within 30 yards. Passed on them.

Middle of the day, went to Lockwood Unit (Public Watershed Hunting spot) in Carmel. Saw 2 nice big ladder stands. Is that legal to leave up on public land? Anyway, didnt see any hunters. I was just slowly walking around. Kicked up 2 does at around 1230pm, then 1240pm saw a spike. He saw me and was trotting by, i let out a blaaaaaaap, blaaaaap, and finally he stopped, broadside at 35 yards (my estimate), I put the crossbow scope right on him, and of course the only thing on him that was blocked by tree limbs was his vitals.....lucky guy, he got away. I would have shot him with a gun, but with the crossbow I didnt think it would have made it through the branches, so I didnt risk it.

2pm - dark was back sitting in my spot on the private land in carmel, and saw nothing.

Last day of deer season for me tomorrow, will be hunting in Putnam Valley on private with one of my brother's friends....2 man ladder stand, it will my first time hunting out of a tree stand.

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Sunday, 12/18/11

Hunted out of a treestand (2 man ladder stand) for the first time in my life over a small food plot in Putnam Valley on private property. 615am - 930am, nothing. Went back in at 2pm. 330pm had a button buck at 30 yards, passed on him. 4:55pm as we were about to get out of the stand, had a spike come under the stand, but it was too late.

Oh well, NY Deer Season is over for me this year. Maybe next year with the crossbow.

Now its off to Northern Minnesota on 12/26 for a Bobcat (if they get snow!)

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It's not over yet! I am heading to Pike County, PA tomorrow - Monday to hunt with the crossbow for deer on State Game Lands just over the NY/PA border. My buck tag is still good from when I went to PA in November. Their Archery/Crossbow season is open till Jan. 16th. I will hunt/scount Saturday morning, hopefully watch a food plot saturday evening. Sunday = No Hunting so I will do some more scounting, then hunt all day Monday. I plan on doing the same thing next weekend. AR's in PA for this area are 3 points to 1 side including brow tine, so I will gladly take any legal buck there (if they still have antlers).

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