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  1. Joe just posted the story to http://www.nyantler-outdoors.com/
  2. It is shoot through mesh. I used a Slick Trick [Razor Trick] COC broadhead. My buddy used a Muzzy MX-4. We practiced out of the blind at 30 yards - dead on!
  3. My Amish buddy and I scored a double on turkeys yesterday!
  4. I have the guy at the local pro shop do it... he's done hundreds (safety in numbers!).
  5. Yes Tony... I heard yesterday there's going to be gatherings in Albany every other week. Gotta' send them a 'message'.
  6. PLEASE GET INVOLVED!!! Stewart Rhodes, the founder of oathkeepers will be one of the speakers at the rally in Albany NY February 12th. We are hoping you will all join us there to help us in the fight for our second amendment rights. Even if you have to take the day off from work some things are just worth it. the rally is at the state Capitol and you want to be there by 10 in the morning.
  7. MuzzyLoader


    This is probably the best advice anyone can give you!
  8. No 5wt on the Salmon River... however that's the size I use on Catherine Creek and most other finger lake tribs around here.
  9. My BIGGEST problem is deciding what to do on an October day... flyfish or archery hunt! Welcome to NY is right...
  10. Very nice 'cabin'... warm and homey too.
  11. I would not need to retire because I would NEVER 'pat' a deer twix his antlers in the first place... period! Next... I got a kick outa' some of the comments under the article - silly NH people (and I was stationed there while in the USAF).
  12. WHAT??? There's some posts 'ya don't like? I can't believe that.. hehehe
  13. Those are some nice-lookin' woods ya' got there Doc!
  14. Great photo... nice buck - congratulations!
  15. I agree... a day you'll both remember forever.
  16. What a Buck!!! Congratulations... a day you'll remember forever!
  17. YUP.... looks like it to me!
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