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4J Bears


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Saw a bear this June at my house in Slingerlands, NY. Likely a 1.5 YO who just got the boot from Mom is commonplace around here every year.

However, my cams just snapped a few pics of either the same or another one on 8/3. Hard to tell as he was trying to eat the cams as they love to do.   

Anyone have similar experiences with bears sticking around a more Suburban than rural setting this far into the summer? I never expected to see one around this late. Thought it was cool.

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we have very few bears up in 4C. People do take some but not in large numbers. If ones around the orange army spots them. Down here in Albany where I work I feel like there much more common. Dumpster bears I call them. Not long ago DEC "relocated" a nuisance bear for the 3rd and last time close to the SUNY Albany campus.

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