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  1. dbHunterNY

    School me on propane grills

    in all honesty the best thing for a grill is to use it. if it sits it'll rot. i don't care what it is.
  2. dbHunterNY


    All of it but passed on the stout as I'm not a coffee drinker. In hind sight I should've gotten it to try it. Was there even a presence of coffee? Theres only three of them. I got multiple packs of the QDHI ipa "drawn and quartered". I only got one pack of the gose "Windlass of Erasmus". Im not real into sours but it sounded good. I probably should've got more but I dont like being the jerk that takes all of something. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  3. dbHunterNY

    School me on propane grills

    i put my CharGriller Duo together in the living room and shit you not it consumed the room and then i was worried about getting it out of the house. assembly should be thought about in both time and on rare occasion feasibility.
  4. dbHunterNY

    School me on propane grills

    grill models are like one off products. by the time they die they're junk. can't get parts and so you're forced to buy new. some people have this complex where their grill needs to be hooked up to their smart phone or has to be stainless steel (news flash other parts that aren't still rot out). i got a Char-Griller Duo that has lasted over 10 years and it's still fine. It's a monster so it stays outside all year long. i can still get parts when something rots out. it gets nice and hot too. i can bring it up to almost 600 degrees in the dead of winter in no time. they have other simpler models too that are priced right with other grills. i can't justify spending $1,000 on a grill like some people. $200-350 on a no frills good quality grill that you can get parts for is where it's at! Go with a Char-griller
  5. dbHunterNY

    2019 The Year of the Longbow

    i'm only 35 but my first deer i took wearing a trebark one piece coverall. that count?
  6. dbHunterNY

    Happy Birthday "Stay at home Nomad"

    so larry met larry and now we have this. i don't know if two larry's make a right but i accept it. happy birthday larry!
  7. dbHunterNY


    we'll see how the nightmare brews fair tonight. 2 of the three anyway. i'm not much of a coffee stout guy with not being a coffee drinker.
  8. dbHunterNY


    I'm not a morbid person but the artwork ain't bad. i like the description. i'll have to keep a look out for it.
  9. dbHunterNY

    for all you pro-carnivores out there

    i've pointed that out to vegans while truly being sympathetic to their intentions. multi times and outcome was always the same. ended in personal attacks at me and they would forgo anything further conversation of whether or not to eat meat.
  10. dbHunterNY

    My soon to be new to me truck.

    those smaller pickups are handy in town or in the city compared to a full size but damn if they aren't just as much if not more $.
  11. dbHunterNY

    My soon to be new to me truck.

    the Ridgeline i had setup decent.. it had a modest skid plate for anything less than a hard impact. ground clearance was over 8" and only an 1" less than most all your full size stock pickups. i never got it stuck in places on the farm and i should've been stuck. it had a button to turn off the traction/stability control so it'd just churn versus lessen power to certain wheels to TRY and get more grip. those auto features are dumb if you can't turn them off. i also had Hankook and then Cooper All Terrain tires on it since i owned it. it was a handful with all that stuff off but it'd keep digging along get you to where you were going. i had chains on standby i never used too. i'd never do that to a newer vehicle but it was older (2007) and fair game. things i did to that poor thing would've made a hell of a Honda truck commercial and probably considered being a down right a**hole. there was nothing wrong with it though when i sold it. only things i replaced when owning it were tail light bulbs, a sway bar link, a wheel bearing, and the again typical for mileage timing belt, tensioner, and waterpump. two things i did not like that made it not better than an actual truck where the 5' bed and mileage wouldn't get any better than 16-17 mpg on Regular gas.
  12. dbHunterNY

    My soon to be new to me truck.

    had other full size full length bed 1/4 ton pickups that were used to slowly haul (2) 1000 lb round bales at a time from the field when they all wouldn't fit on the wagon. trucks take abuse more than some people think. they don't live when people don't maintain them.
  13. dbHunterNY

    My soon to be new to me truck.

    i bought my ridgeline used and because it was cheap and low mileage. i basically did what you said used it for what it was. a handful of times on the farm it got a work out though. hardest i ever worked it was an atv in the back while towing a hay wagon full of haybales (about 9,000 lbs) for a normally 12 minute drive down the road. most use their trucks like a glorified sedan with a bed in the back. most of the time that's me too though.
  14. dbHunterNY

    My soon to be new to me truck.

    you could totally swing that. take it from the landscaping pool budget and it'll be paid off in a couple years.
  15. we had a Tri-star O/U as a prize at our banquet. i was turned off before i saw it because it was a brand i've never heard of before. getting my hands on it though it was a very well made gun. i didn't get to shoot it obviously but fit and finish was no issue. it changed my mind. Brownings aren't all made in Belgium anymore. BT-99s are now made in Miroku, Japan like my A-bolt. Not necessarily a bad thing and not sure if the used one your looking at is.
  16. dbHunterNY

    My new turkey whacker

    How's the 510 compare to the 500? My 500 20ga rattles a bit despite I've killed turkeys with it. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  17. dbHunterNY

    My new turkey whacker

    I think my benelli pump 12ga that's my turkey gun has a 26" field BBL. Honestly I've shot youth guns way to short and others with field barrels they're all accurate. Fit might make your POI different but that's your job to know where the heck your gun is shooting and adjust if need be. For a while I looked for shorter bbls for my gun like 18.5" didnt have much luck with what I found. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  18. dbHunterNY

    Tree stand stolen

    you flushed a cat down there too? that's just wrong. i guess at least you took it out of the bag first.
  19. Looks like a pie bald to me. We've had a handful over the years. "Light spots" pattern can vary a lot between deer. Usually lighter or white patches are more prominent on legs and lower parts of deer. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  20. dbHunterNY

    First Shot Daily Pics

    good. i made it through first 2 of them. i got volumes 1 - 4. i think there's a Vol.5 but i figured i was good enough with finding four of them.
  21. dbHunterNY

    First Shot Daily Pics

    i just bought 4 volumes of Masters of the Bare Bow because i was curious. some interesting info on there. i really have to get an arrow saw and some more insert weights. to put together some more arrows and tinker. with a compound you could adjust the bow to the arrow but with trad you really can't get around not messing the the arrow a lot. i'm just not setup for it! need to get strings from steveB too. all i have is one string for this new one.
  22. dbHunterNY

    My soon to be new to me truck.

    i had a 2007 Honda Ridgeline. it was actually pretty nice with creature comforts. sadly i sold it and never got to see it grow up into a real Honda Accord.
  23. dbHunterNY

    The pros and cons.. yep an ar thread..

    both. five captive deer were found to be CWD positive. oneida and madison counties were somewhat quarantined from moving deer out of them and testing a statistical number of taken deer was done. that same year 2 wild deer were discover positive. since then NYS is thought to be free of CWD. no cases have popped up supposedly. it was always a western states thing and out of site and mind here in the east, until Wisconsin picked it up. stories or theories of how they got are sketchy and shady as h*** if any are true. the author didn't make a connection with mandatory ARs because there's no connection to be made to say mandatory antler restrictions would lead to CWD. infected bucks wandering you could say might not help prevent it spreading but irrelevant where it doesn't exist. not to mention yearling buck dispersal is a something that happens but research studies like from PA have concluded that upwards of 80% of bucks have already dispersed by the time they're 1.5 yrs old and breeding/hunting season has arrived. bucks by their nature aid in CWD spread but making a herd less healthy focusing on wiping out the whole buck herd won't be good for deer or hunters. you need a healthy number of bucks to do their thing and make more deer. best to just maintain low but balanced and huntable populations of deer.
  24. dbHunterNY

    Does anyone know much about jetskis?

    as a kid with a camp on a shallow lake and a jetski to get anywhere shallow fast fisherman hated you. not because you ruined the fishing but you got their before they could with oar power or a smaller trolling type motor.
  25. dbHunterNY

    Does anyone know much about jetskis?

    old "jet skis" are a problem to get parts for. everything is special order if you can get it and expensive. 2 is always gold compared to just one but still. we had one i think might have been a '96. it was a Tigershark. it did probably around 40 or 45 on calm mornings or evenings with a glassy surface. not sure if the sea-doo is different but back then it didn't have the anti clog design. ride on a lake and going over a patch of floating weeds would kill your intake of water to the internal prop. multiple times i had it wide open with the happening. it's send you into a flat fast spin. when you were lucky stayed on and just got banged up. most of the time you kept going straight and cartwheeled on the water with a final slap like someone hit you with an oar. i'd never buy one that old. they're nothing like the newer ones.