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  1. dbHunterNY


    Moving day ....from one office building to another. Took picture when I was getting settled in. Great beer. Bad/blurry pic I know. Didnt realize it until beer and can were gone. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  2. dbHunterNY

    Shop Help

    honestly my bow press wasn't even bolted down. some i can see need it though as mass weight is more off center.
  3. dbHunterNY

    School me on tractors

    all of it is a moot point. any tractor can get poorly maintained. the simpler a tractor is the better when hours go on them as they're less complicated to fix. still new features are ridiculously nice like shuttle foward/reverse, quick detach bucket, stronger hydraulics, tooless guards/panels/covers, etc. honestly you do much wrong unless you stay away from occasional grey market tractors that show up at auctions. also some series/brand/model year tractors in the size you're probably looking at have ligher rear ends compared to others. you have to know a bit about them though to start picking out that stuff.
  4. dbHunterNY


    i have to think distributor or two have sent some of it to a local beverage center somewhere close by. you've got several around. i'd try there. they won't post that you can find it at a distributor because you can buy it directly from that distributor.
  5. dbHunterNY


    Needed a beer after I made another mess in the front yard. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  6. dbHunterNY


    We can get it here in the capital region too. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  7. English thing. Thank God we won independence. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  8. dbHunterNY

    Great video on tracking

    they all started as interns but it was early enough on they got did the producing stuff. i used to watch it religiously but haven't really in a years. a lot of product placement and other stuff. mostly though it's me doing my own deer management and hunting related stuff has me too busy to make time.
  9. dbHunterNY

    Great video on tracking

    any i recovered where easy but also caught the liver and diaphragm.
  10. beg to differ. adding green olives to anything is sacrilege.
  11. what's your current stance for pickles on anything arbitrary? then we'll know if you're knocked up.
  12. dbHunterNY

    Great video on tracking

    these guys started hunting more and more public land when they were with midwest whitetail.
  13. dbHunterNY

    Great video on tracking

    notice in the video the tracker said it wasn't so much dependent on the breed but more the individual dog, including how they piece things together. same as people so that makes sense. i've had people spot blood i didn't but they didn't know what it meant. only that it was blood. there was a test and article done with a K-9. they used scent control/elimination products and the dog still found them. i do think that some stuff might buy you precious second or two to make the shot count. that was also conveyed in the k-9 test. still you're getting busted and only scent control that works completely is knowing and planning on where the air is taking your scent.
  14. dbHunterNY

    Ok ok, I'm sure this has been addressed but....

    people often blame broadheads on a poor shot, deflection at impact or when passing through, operator error (not keeping them sharp or replacing bent parts), or simply that specific hit that happened to not bleed for the first 30 yards or so. crazy things happen every time you shoot a deer. heads wouldn't be put back on shelves if they couldn't get the job done. they all work. you just have to know the limitations of your bow setup.
  15. dbHunterNY

    Ok ok, I'm sure this has been addressed but....

    agreed. that was the intent. only fixed cut on contact heads i have for the recurves. well recurve. after shooting the Bruin custom i last got my Bear Super Kodiak probably won't see much use way nicer draw and better cast.
  16. dbHunterNY

    School me on tractors

    he's looking for something under 150 HP i think.
  17. dbHunterNY

    Ok ok, I'm sure this has been addressed but....

    i use all kinds of heads. from magnus stingers with the recurve to other fixed blades to Rage mechanicals on compounds with more energy. in a tuned bow they all work as long as they're sharp. honestly though with wind and certain conditions i'd hands down rather have a stream lined mechanical i can trust than a head with wings on it.
  18. dbHunterNY

    Ok ok, I'm sure this has been addressed but....

    can't lie if i was ready and had more time to hunt with the recurve i was going to fling a Rage titanium from my recurve to see how it'd do on a turkey at 15 yards or so.
  19. dbHunterNY

    This weekends projects...

    i've always hated oh sh*t moments with tractors. happens quick. definitely have to be careful pushing on brush and trees with bucket and when "pulling" on stumps. looks good Gman!
  20. dbHunterNY

    Pebbles island

    yup. nice little walk around the island. even during the fall they don't mind people because there's no hunting. i've used the deer standing there to give a few people aging on the hoof lessons. they give you all the time in the world compared to deer you'd see while on stand mostly on the move.
  21. dbHunterNY


    Rounds of Sloop juice bomb and victory dirtwolf ipa. Victory was nice. Something that tastes like a true beer in an era loaded with neipa. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  22. dbHunterNY


    Porch bomb complements of Turkeyfeathers. Havent had any of these brews and an awesome cup! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  23. dbHunterNY

    Worried about my daughter making the team....

    if they're really good and have potential it's no secret. as long as they know they don't have to be and that at this stage in the game there's always going to be someone bigger, fast, better, etc they'll be alright. there's just little true guidance and over sight at the level they're at. it's easy to be told unrealistic dreams and be encouraged to push too hard. i have multiple cousins that were star athletes. best in their divisions in HS and multiple offers from colleges. no one stood a chance to go all the way. most though enjoyed the ride while it lasted and got free schooling out of it. stayed humble the whole time too which was important.
  24. dbHunterNY


    still rocking original Rages and original titanium rages for the most part. i've got other fixed heads i use too on occasion. g5 montec and NAP hellrazor i'll use too. easy to resharpen on a flat stone. someday i'll run out of replacement blades and heads. not yet though.
  25. dbHunterNY


    careful that spraying you don't kill other native browse that you want to replace it. if you spray it'll just comeback if you have deer over browsing, highly acidic soils, and thick overhead canopy blocking sun light. don't use an extended control type of spray just regular gly if you do. have to address the other stuff first, except thinning timber. you'll want to kill fern first before letting in more sunlight.