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  1. Me and my father just closed on a small cabin with 42 acres in deposit area. All hard woods but 2 neighbors are farms. Deer density isn’t fantastic but some of the deer killed in the area over the past 10 years are good sized bucks for that area.
  2. I can’t argue that statement. But I also have a complex where on vacation I justify drinking early by drinking light beers so that one worked.
  3. Played yesterday and playing tomorrow. My parents want to retire down here so we come down for Easter every year. It’s awesome. Will have to try Bermuda Triangle.
  4. Currently sitting pool side on Hilton head island. First relaxing trip in 2 years.
  5. We have one at our lake house in Minnesota. 1 large room with a tiny powder room. Loft is half size and has a wood burning stove. Sleeps 6 adults no problem. When we were younger all the kids slept in there and we had 14 kids no problem in there
  6. I’m in westchester but travel a lot to Delaware county and Greene county
  7. Looking to buy an 870 for my uncle. Any gauge and any condition. If anyone has one they would part with please let me know.
  8. I am heading up to Walton for a few days next week. Throwing my shotgun in for the trip. Does anyone know any local spots worth trying to shoot a few rabbits or anything else? Will be 3 or 4 of us. Don’t have a dog just looking for a good time.
  9. How big is that thing? The couch not the tv….
  10. Where on the island. I could be interested if already not confusing enough…
  11. Does this mean no more ny hunting? Thank god. Leave some of those 3s deer for the rest of us. Only kidding best of luck.
  12. If it’s not to late can I pick Otto? If it is, I totally understand
  13. I have to see. I may not be able to even go. If I can’t my father and brother will still be there and I can put you all In contact with them.
  14. So I just got the confirmation. Date is set in stone with an open invite. Would be pretty fun if @crappyice @Biz-R-OWorldand maybe even @Chefall wanted to show up? I know I haven’t met you guys in person but all seem like good guys. Send me a pm if you may be interested. Date is set of 12/19 right now.
  15. I have only 2 points so haven’t elk hunted with them yet. Did shoot my first muley out there last year.
  16. As we get a little closer to the dates, and the group starts texting, ill surely ask. Good group of guys and almost always looking for new guys. Somehow every year less and less guys can commit. Will prob be Sat or Sunday 12/18
  17. We do big bow only drives on some 3S land each year. Its a big chuck of private land that only 2 guys hunt all year. Last 2 weekends of the year we push it pretty hard and manage a few deer in the group. When done correctly they are pretty safe and they are what i look forward to all year.
  18. Call constant queswt. The owner is a NY transplant, and they put own some nice bulls this year. They are in Cody i believe
  19. We have a ranger 570 and a ranger HD. I will tell you that 90% of the time, i grab the 570. the 570 has never let me down, and is used at least twice a month. pulls logs and sprays and seeds all our plots. is also used for frequent 20 mile plus trail ride days. Yes, it can have some wear and tear problems, but every year we drop it off at the local dealer and have them give it a once over. after 6 years of ownership we are now looking for a crew 570. My uncle has a can am commander and it seems pretty well built. although it is a different machine than the defender, its still similar. go with whatever local dealer has the best support, at the end of the day thats a big factor.
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