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  1. Thanks Culver creek for the idea. Just finished mine. Looks like itll rip things up. Made mine adjustable for depth.
  2. Went with a guide gear 2gpm spot/ broadcast sprayer. The wand can be use to spot with cone or jet spray for trees then it can be attatched to fan spray behind quad. Attach the 10 ft fan with nozzle that produces heavier droplets to avoid drift.
  3. What kind of pump and batt are on these
  4. Looking for atv boom sprayer for small plots. Gly weed control fert. Spray width 6ft maybe. Im new at this. Been doing it back pack. Any ideas
  5. That first light is priced right. Too heavy for October?
  6. Looking for mid season bibs. Some too heavy some no front zip some not wind waterproof. All have 1 deal breaker none seem to have it all. Need to stay under 200 bucks
  7. Hhaa haa. I think this has you guys stumped
  8. Father in laws brother. He wasnt a machinist but was into gunsmithing. Maybe for that. Dunno never seen set like this
  9. Heard of that moog. Thanks fellas. Much appreciate the help. Guessing on this stuff is too much of a gamble. Sweat and cash. Im good at soil prep so these picks will help. Ill pick this up when plots are kickin in!
  10. Nice looking dtuff. Those deer are the proof. Im thinking half plot purpletop half plot diakon with bersem clover mixed in both. Maybe strip plant the 2 brassica. I have small plots in woods but poor light. Maybe filtered light 7 hrs. Would that be enough for the winifred bulbless turnip
  11. Heres last years white new zealand they didnt eat till season was over. Liked tops tho
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