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  1. Ok yea not an option. Just pull behind tiller. I have small clover plots now and bigger turnip radish plots. They just ate tops of both again this year. Probably digging roots now.thought theyd dig the diakon earlier. Geez they stick out of ground 4 inches. Just a nibble on a few
  2. Any tips on this for plots. Can it be broadcast. Is there a readily avalable seed for it
  3. Sorry Biz. Buffalo will make them look like mere mortals tomorrow
  4. 3 pics thanks Ryan afc championship in Buffalo easy win against a team that can't put up more than 19 points.
  5. And so it begins. Ryan 1 int first play
  6. Bills win by 2 scores. Dominate game Tannahill has int. Meltdown Afc championship in orchard Park. I'm going
  7. Even tho I could have given tons of points to pats I didn't. And I won't with chiefs either. But I bet I could. Game will be over half way through 4th quarter. Diggs with 2 maybe 3
  8. We went to see the strip stayed 2 nights but went to hike bryce and zion canyon. Must do.s
  9. He said massholes. Hee hee. No worries folks. Easy win tomorrow
  10. That rocks. I did rock pile with dad when coolers full of genny and bv where allowed. Simpson up and down field with offsides every other play. Oj had to score every td 2x
  11. Yep. Just like belachek putting 13 players on IR. Oh boy my feet get cold. I might have covid toe. Take that bull bill. Bill is desperate with that one. I've got bills win Devin with 2 tds and Mckenzie for td also Wild shot. Kudrow for td
  12. No wind. There will be passing
  13. Who's confident enough to bet Bill's and give 4 points
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