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  1. How many have you sold this year.think you'll still have some this fall
  2. So you pop them out and plant and reuse container. Do they come out of material easily
  3. Big flocks at my place but I had a huge beechnut crop which drew em in from everywhere
  4. Had no idea ts. Gly had surfactant. Been adding Dawn soap which acts as a dandy surfactant.
  5. You should have your own show. I follow your posts every season and often we parallel each other plots frost seed equip. Your list of to do.s make me tired just reading them but that's what land managers do. I'll let u know how that pull behind tiller does. Got burns to do before I put it to work. Frost seed done brush wars done. Logging and firewood done. 2 spots to trimmed and set but my new acreage just about set. This will be the 4th season and have taken 3 average bucks and 3 doe. 2 very nice bucks have evaded me but given me some nice pics to dream about.
  6. Damn sad to have this gun. Sweet 16. And not be able to shoot it. Proves you don't need gun control. Just ammo control
  7. Thanks guys. Maybe we'll work something out
  8. I'm low on the Hornady 12 ga. Too. But have 0 16ga slugs
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