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  1. 3 weeks in on pure diakon plot. Think I have good spacing. Have 2 more with Hancock beet kale radish mix coming up slower. Clover plots real slow. Will update pics of those soon
  2. Yep the 1.5 wide your bag sits right next to you.
  3. I shoot 400 bemans currently with 2inch vanes. 60 lb rage 100 gr. Getting some quik fletch. Never tried em. What would 3 inch do to flight. Help hurt slow speed? Also have low profile or the flat back type. Not sure any thoughts
  4. Free wood all around you. Notch poplar logs. Wood bolts
  5. So if im trying them on 400 hunter bemans 2 inch regular 3 inch regular. Hell fire flat back.low profile. Oh boy not sure. Is there helical on them.
  6. I have 23 acres but my access rd to my barn is 400 yds off rd and surroundind property is big woods. My hemlock beech cherry woods is a pass through spot to the field area only 5 acres but loaded with apple pear.(bumper crop this year) neibor planted 10 acre corn. Im doing spot plots this year. Last year had 1 in mossy brassica kale turip mix. Ate the tops never touched bulbs till feb. Added 4 more spot plots.all hancock seed. Some half pure diakon 2 clover one pure hancock Brassicas radish kale rape. Steve bartyla said spot plots allow less buck stress than one big plot regarless of plant. Le
  7. Add some lime to seed so you can see it. Youll see your spread better also
  8. I tried a mossy mix of brassica beets kale rape. Ate some tops kale and rape. Wouldnt touch bulbs till after season. Catt county. This year im using hancock blend of turnip rape kale but mostly apin. 50% of all my fall plot will be pure diakon radish from hancock seed. Heard about its early draw
  9. Body says 4.5 rack says 3.5
  10. Butternut or white walnut have 9 to 11 sets of leaflets per leaf stem (petiole) Black has 16 sets. Much longer. Also black pith when you break branch open.
  11. Price would decide if i part with it or not. I have no clue myself. Approx 1979 vgc rem gas auto loader with vent rib and hastings slug barrel w bushnell trophy scope. Is there a site where you could input gun serial condition and get approximate.
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