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  1. Thanks so much guys. Great knowledge. I definetly over seeded mine then. Like the clover idea for inbetween. Im having trouble finding individual seed species. All im finding are the blends from W.I. mossy etc. Around here all i have is tractor supply and feed stores with no seed. Where to find just diakon. Purple top annual clover?
  2. Last year i tried the mosdy oak new zeland brassica mix. Came up great. They devoured tops. Huge white turnip bulbs grew but even after multiple frosts snows they waited till last day of muzzle season to dig em. Heard the whites are eaten last. Red tops better but also heard d ou akon radish would be eatten much easier. Is there a mix of both out there somewhere.
  3. Also any measurments on length width. I imagine lenght is crucial for turning radius
  4. Are those solid stock wedges or 2 piece V.s on moogs device
  5. Planted 4 last spring. Prok yates and magnus varieties. Says winter hardy for this area.got them in springvill they get em from chestnut hill indiana same place dunstan chestnuts are sold
  6. I used hemlock logs and oak boards. Both rot resistant. Ill put pressure treated under ends touching soil
  7. Well they finally started to eat the hell out of em........last 4 days of season.. ...at night only. Figures. 2020 curse. Next season ill try the purple tops. radish. Tubers. Did get good feeding on tops early. Now they know there good to eat so next year should be better. Thanks fir the advise guys
  8. Some got way bigger by gun season
  9. Thanks fellas maybe a split plot of dikon radish to get some early feeding. Was amazed at the production of those new zealand brassica mix tho. Maxima?
  10. Im in cattaraugus county and have had snow and temps in 20.s they found em but just like the tops. Maybe because theyve never tried one before. I ax.ed the tops off a few so the smell is stronger.
  11. Planted my first brassica plot this year. Grew great giant bulbs huge tops. But. When are they going to come for bulbs. All the tops are chewd to nothing but not 1 chew mark on bulbs
  12. Exact same thing happened to me. Gyco to kill ferns lime fert. Wt clover. Came up good. 3 weeks later it vaporized. No deer tracks no shriveled clover. Just gone. Empty dirt
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