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  1. Check excalibers weight and limb length. No sure it's n.y. legal
  2. Victory 20 inch illuminated xbow bolts. New in package. 25 bucks. Hamburg n.y
  3. My half mile buck had steady blood for yes half mile. Shot him again 12 hrs later in his 7th bed. Your shots high no lung but he's going down. This lower heart shot left blood your aorta shot will be all internal. My guess good luck. Big 8?
  4. Not really I expect you cut aorta to heart maybe not fully but it's filling up with blood no lung but just as good. Grid it out. Get into hidy spots.
  5. He's dead. Stopped in opposite shoulder. He circled cause he's getting woozey. Congrats
  6. That's funny right there. Been there too
  7. Osobuco?? Shanks? Never thought there was a use. For those. things.
  8. Grown men sitting in a tree making animal noises trying to kill something with a sharp stick. That's insane. But we do it and it works. Hunt on wild dog
  9. 8 yds went 30. Freezer queen party of 1
  10. Thanks guys. I'll frost seed clover with sept wheat. At least I'll get 2 years out of new plots before I have to do the same. Soil test too
  11. Will do. Wonder if brassica needs to be rotated out every few years
  12. Those old areas drain well. Great growth last 3 years. Seed spread at same rate for all areas. I though brassics improve soil when tilling under left over bulbs.
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