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  1. Stryker katana. Limbs by bowtech stock by excaliber. Insanly accurate. Shot 2 at 45 last year but throws a 4 inch group at 60 yds. N.y. compliant. Funny i dont hear much about this tack driver
  2. 5. See the one in upper left
  3. SWEDE

    Red moon app

    Opps sorry for repost was also going to get your thoughts on hecs suits
  4. SWEDE

    Red moon app

    Anyone use this in the past. Any corrolation to buck movement or just bull.
  5. Good points. After we took the 1 big doe that run seen no does on it the rest of season where before it was a highway. Maybe one of the 3.5 does will take over this season.
  6. Whats everyones thoughts about tzking out the Queen Bees. Sure they bust us more than any other but is there fawn protecting skills worth keeping them despite there uncanny senses. Seen videos of them taking on packs of coyotes and winning. Meat quality at that age? We took 1 giant out last year but put no shoot on the other 2
  7. Thats basalt. Basically extrusive lava cooled underground near surface. Ignious. Not ment for pits.Not metamorphic. Granites are best
  8. How did you know you had it. Didnt know it was curable
  9. Ah the king of the road...roger miller. Funny writer
  10. Was wondering why they dont eat it now. Now i know. Thanks guys
  11. That sounds good. Will do. Tried to find weed controlto use but any turf weed control contains dicamba clover killer. Only one plot has a weed problem
  12. Got ya on weed heads. Battled grasses with cleth early. Trimmed tops once. Established plots grow fast. Heard new tender is better. Mowing would be way too low with garden tractor im guessing. Have a good bicycle style husky so ill keep on with that.
  13. Im late then. How many times per season
  14. How low do you all cut down clover and how often. I have 5 small plots in woods 3 small in field that i can do with weed whacker and one large i can do with mower but max height is 6 inches on mower. Too short?
  15. Keystone solutions has a similar product to slay that can ship to n.y. also a modified clethodim arrest. for grass in clover. Great folks.