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  1. Id get something bigger and a diesel. Old fords are serviceable but something like a 4400 will be more user friendly. Highly recommend something with rear hydraulic remotes, most tillage you will have to lift up and down.
  2. Me! Finally have a few hours i can spend in the woods, first sit of the year. I have a property I only hunted twice last year. Its my best bedding stand that sets up perfectly for a N wind. Cant wait to shake the cobwebs off.
  3. Total free for all now. Could be any one’s guess as to when and where bucks will show. I thinks thats half the fun anyways….
  4. Cool little round. Id like to have one in a Thompson contender
  5. They’re taunting me! Scrapes all over the orchards and no time to hunt. Hopefully next week!
  6. He is definitely not a youngster thats for sure. In the first picture he doesn’t have that big ol roman nose. Probably a nice 4 year old. Hard to say however.
  7. I was being facetious. Guess the lame rutting activity joke didnt land.
  8. Ill ask you this…does the summer heat stop you?
  9. Better start than last year. At least your seeing bucks.
  10. Got goose bumps reading that. Family is all we have….
  11. Exactly. When we gut deer during gun season there is always a loaded rifle within arms reach. You never know.
  12. Not enough bone im sure. Freezer filler right there. Id take him out.
  13. Nah not for somebody who regularly practices well beyond that range. I handgun hunt and will shoot deer beyond that range.
  14. Great caliber. Use the proper bullet at the proper range= happy hunter. No recoil=fun at the range.
  15. Thats a caliber that ammo companies run every few years id imagine.
  16. Beautiful rifle. Doesn’t get much better right there. Good shooting.
  17. Probably not enough market to sell them this year. Record size crops for most and many dont have enough bins to pick into. Ive heard some folks are doing that then piling hay on them to try and sell for juice in the winter. Our crop is huge as well. Working dark to dark seven days a week and were still 10 days from being done.
  18. One reason not being able to carry my ccw while bow hunting that I hate. A .357 round would take care of him.
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