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  1. If they were digging up the floor in your barn you wouldn’t be passing any!
  2. Always wanted a 39. That being a no dash is that one all steel? Im a smith and wesson junky big time. Love that K22 as well. Enjoy
  3. Nice rifle, woodchucks are a lot of fun to hunt. I kill A pile of them each year on our farms. Killed three already this year. I mostly use a .22 mag due to close proximity to buildings. They are tough buggers, i have hit them center mass at 50 yards and had them crawl to the hole.
  4. Nice. Always need more space. Although I would prefer to see a blue dirt bike in there instead of a green one…
  5. Nice score! The last few gun shows i have been to have been mostly turkey calls and jerky.
  6. Gotta love BS bail reform.
  7. As a child our family cat brought home a baby Fisher. Lucky mama Fisher didnt tear that kitty apart. Although, Fishers are felines aren’t they?
  8. https://www.diamonddcustomleather.com/products/guides-choice-chest-holster check this out. Awesome holsters. They are totally customizable and can make scoped versions.
  9. Yeah thats a juvenile. I have been watching them around here for a few years. Big freakin birds
  10. They do sleep together occasionally but generally in separate beds. Im having pretty good luck taking the puppy outside but she does prefer to do number 2’s in the house. On the bright side, those little tootsie roll’s are easy to clean up! My two rough house quite a bit i think its good for the both of them.
  11. I did a similar thing back in September. My little pup is 11 now and thought she could use some company. Its working out ok so far although i know my senior citizen pup gets very annoyed at times. Cute little fur balls you have there. Big and a little haha. reminds me a lot of my matching set lol the puppy i call mini me.
  12. A lot of our fertilizers come from Belarus and Canada. Cant imagine why its hard to get materials from those regions at the moment.
  13. Cool pics. We allow the local guys to run dogs through our farms and properties. Doesn’t hurt my feelings if a few meet their demise, wayyyy over populated in my area anyway.
  14. My grandfather keeps a spare pump in the basement at all times. Smart man.
  15. Not as sweet as I thought it would be, still wont buy again probably.
  16. Stumbled upon this one the other day.
  17. Most of our fertilizers come from Russia. All chemical pricing for spray materials are up this year. My sister and I are buying everything up front this year, i was told everything will increase price wise throughout the summer.
  18. I remember doing them in boy scouts many moons ago when they were very popular. Is it still a big community or has it died off some?
  19. Their noses work well too.
  20. Spring plantings may be an issue on the fertilizer front….
  21. Thousands of them up here around Montezuma swamp. Plenty of bird watchers stop and look.
  22. I have always wanted to set up a pellet range in a basement.
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