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  1. Absolutely Fantastic series and book. Some real heroes in that company.
  2. Welcome aboard! Lots of knowledgeable folks on this board, any questions ask away.
  3. Id say 5 or older, spine and belly have some sag. Possibly 4 but with that funky rack he looks like he has some age to him.
  4. When we push we have the shooters either in tree stands or sitting up on ladders. Shooting at a downward angle in safe directions is the only way we do it. Plus we do slow moving pushes, more of a wind bump scenario not guys arm width apart yelling and clapping.
  5. Dame thing happened to my wife last weekend. I cleaned the bolt assembly last year due to misfires and it happened again same ammo different lot. Ill be taking it apart tomorrow again to look at it before i take it to a smith
  6. I almost spewed coffee out! Thanks for the chuckle this morning.
  7. Colt Diamondback .22lr and Python matching set. All in one display case so yeah it counts as one.
  8. I think that is more or less the pattern of regular firearm season. Deer go to a swamp and hunker down until the bullets stop flying. I recommend going out with a muzzleloader and hunt over some food in the late season. Years ago all the big land owners would have giant organized drives through all the farm land. It would be nothing to see 20 guys on the side of the road. Now the farmers lease their land. People watch too many youtube hunting shows and just sit in the same stands waiting for some deer they got one picture of in September.
  9. How do those jigs work for ice fishing? Great buck by the way.
  10. Beautiful buck. Hope he gets a quality shoulder mount done. @luberhill, sometimes luck is on someone’s side. To be honest i used to say that a lot. Then I started bow hunting and I began to see all kinds of deer. Maybe not in range but i was seeing bucks! A lot can hinge on what kind of neighbors you have as well.
  11. I have killed a few with a .223 shooting barns copper bullets. I like to shoot them right below the head in the neck. It is like someone just shut the lights off. I wouldn’t take a deer with that caliber over 100 yards. I took this doe last year in December 6 at 4pm. She didnt even twitch, the shot was around 80 yards.
  12. I made a hot Italian, chorizo and pepper-onion sausages last weekend. All came out amazing. I used the recipe for the chorizo from the Meateater cookbook. It calls for two kinds of chili power i disnt have. I just doubled with regular chili powder. Highly recommend. The pepper and onion and Italian sausage i used a pre mix from a local menonite grocery store. Both were better than expected.
  13. I did that last year. Left no lube in there to my knowledge. I cant imagine what else it could be tho. Im going to strip it again tonight thanks for the tip
  14. @REDNECK4LIFE32 i feel your pain. Gun troubles suck!!! I killed two bucks this year, i just want my wife to get a deer at this point.
  15. I have a few boxes of the precision hunter stuff. If all is well with the gun ill try that. I bought them last year when i had the issues. Just sucks because i have so much of the other ammo. I have had this gun for 7-8 years and its all i have shot.
  16. Well wife missed a buck behind the tower. Had two misfires with factory Hornady American Whitetail 139 interlocks. Rife went off on the third shell but she was so frazzled i think she rushed it. Seems like a good hit in the primer but without proper measurements its anyones guess. This happened last year to me on a big white coyote. I completely stripped the bolt last year and used the proper lube. Thought it was a bad box of ammo. Now im not so sure. I have a few other brands i can try but i have zero confidence in that gun until i know whats going on. The federal and Remington ammo i have the primers are almost flush, the Hornady are recessed. Ill bring ammo and gun to my gunsmith tomorrow and have him look at it. I guess she will have to use another rifle in the meantime. This sucks because before the season i shot half the box and they all went boom.
  17. Headed out to sit with the wife in the Tower. Had a buch of activity back here an hour ago. Hope they didnt go far. Good luck to all and have a happy turkey day!
  18. Nada tonight. Few shots at dark far off. Back to my best stand tomorrow, haven’t hunted it since opening day.
  19. After a little winterizing on the chicken coop i think i have deserved an afternoon hunt. After a slow day yesterday im ready to have another hanging.
  20. Were there dents in the primer? Gun sounds very dirty. They can be hard to clean well and have earned a bad rep because of that. Firing pin may not be falling with full force. I have had that happen to me before. Sometimes firing pin protrusion and primer seating depth are at the opposite ends of being in spec and reliability goes out the window.
  21. Boy, that’ll put a little lead in the pencil. Giant right there.
  22. Terrain features mixed with food/bedding are a win. come to think of it none of the properties i hunt are flat. Welcome to the fingerlakes. Guess thats why we are the drumlins chapter of the nwtf.
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