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  1. You and me both. Big time blues CCR type kinda guy as well. However Rush still remains a favorite.
  2. Yes. Less than 70 acres. We have over 500 but there are a few magnificent outliers.
  3. Just lost 500 brain cells in those 3 seconds lol.
  4. You are correct sir. Either way, a pretty cool buck to say the least. And jim does a good job at any mount. We have had many done by him.
  5. That store isnt in my area. Wegmans has it and they are far superior anyway
  6. Whaaatttttt? No Peter pan??? Sacrilege!
  7. Its very annoying. Sun flower oil is in everything now. All salad dressings, chips, crackers. List goes on.
  8. Thats instant death in my family. My mother is deathly allergic to sunflower. Cant even have sunflower oil anything, which is in everything.
  9. Aw come on no contest! Crunchy honey roasted!!
  10. Ooops almost forgot this guy. Netted 149 and change.
  11. No kidding. Almost fell over when i saw it.
  12. life is too short to worry about that.
  13. look at this giant killed in marion ny a few years ago. Thats a two foot step stool for reference
  14. i live and hunt in 8F. There are many large 3-4 thousand acre farms in my area. Every year very big bucks are taken on those managed farms. My BIL has killed 2 150+ and numerous other 140+ i have killed 4 130+ and one 145 inch deer. Many other p&y deer. Most of these deer have been taken on 45 acres. This area is very very underrated as far as deer go. If you guys remember my buck parade thread from my back yard there were 4 deer over 150 that were nightly behind my home. My bIL killed one of them and i posted pics of it on here. Hate go burst your bubble guys but big deer are totally possible around here. Its the hunting pressure that changes that. That habitat is wonderful for deer and the drumlin’s lend itself well to deer rut funnels and good habitat variety.
  15. Very inaccurate. Up along Lake Ontario 150-170 inch deer are taken quite regularly. Seems as though most land owners of today are hunters not some couple that bought a house with a back 40. Nobody on the road i live on shoots small bucks and they all fill doe tags. Its a group effort that we all enjoy staking part in. Granted we own most of the whole road so that helps!
  16. Yup birds. I have seen trail cam photos of deer eating birds right out of the nests.
  17. White hot, pop open, nances sharp and creamy mustard.
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