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  1. Definitely, they are moving away from trucks for the every man to high cost grocery getters with way to much technology. Gm quality has been very spotty lately as well. So much made in Mexico and china junk.
  2. They sure are ugly. So much plastic.
  3. Looks like you’re set for the weekend...
  4. Agreed in Monroe county. Definitely not Wayne........
  5. So sad. However if i hit that i would be getting it mounted. Worth it.
  6. I have a masterbuilt adventure series propane rig. Works very well for a propane smoker. I use my charcoal grill more(better flavor) but when im lazy or the weather sucks i use that bad boy. Its quite large i can do 8 racks of ribs on it.
  7. Where do you live? Did you have frost damage?
  8. Classic d measuring contest right there.
  9. Apple trees will need to be babied a little from the get go and fenced off from deer. Ive seen them chewed off right at the ground.
  10. Just these two out tonight. With the days getting shorter the parade is getting less frequent. To be expected.
  11. My farm is loaded. Been a few ups and downs lately. My honeycrisp looked a little light but they set better than I thought. Decent crop for sure.
  12. I’d be worried about that dog too! A pit bull mastiff mix would make a killer pig dog. Not much to worry about there.
  13. Thats just what i did. Put the door to the blind in a corner so it has more of a space to get in and out. Sometimes im half asleep on those morning hunts.
  14. Corn can be a nuisance. When there is so much of it planted and it doesn’t get cut until December it gives deer cover and food. They dont have a reason to leave the corn. Even rutting bucks will bring does in there and just hang out. No hunter pressure in there! Ive had this happen to me more than a few years. It does make for a good muzzleloader season however.
  15. Its 72x75. Platform is 8x8 gives me room around the blind to i can do maintenance on it without dragging a ladder out there. I also built the blind in place so i needed the space. Mostly just camera angle.
  16. Blind is up. Just need to build steps and its ready to roll.
  17. The NRA is kind of a sham. The people at the top get rich and they hardly care about all gun rights. They care about hunters, bolt action rifles and 1911’s that take 8 rounds. Hardly about ALL types of firearms and not to mention the NFA. They are basically greedy politicians at this point. Lots of info about ol wayne and his misuse of funds. This goes way back to the 60s and 70s not new information. Do a little research before you blindly donate money to them. I say hard pass! The GOA (gun owners of america) is a more worthy cause.
  18. Lately i kill does after thanksgiving, definitely no shortage of does for the freezer. Works for my properties, more does in estrus the better. Im more of a gun hunter anyways tho.
  19. Very nice buck and mount. Looks like a good time
  20. Its a shame that state is going in the direction it is.