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  1. why not try selling it here first
  2. I usually find that the hens keep the poults in taller cover until they get bigger than that... Easy target for a hawk in the open like that.
  3. I have seen hide and bones being dragged around after the majority of the carcass is eaten.. That may be the case here as well...
  4. boy, that one buck is as wide as a house and does he have a set of nuts!!
  5. Wildcat

    Wide 8

    Shoot smaller bucks, that will solve the space problem.. lol!! a real beauty!! Well done!!
  6. I have always had good luck with their products, but have not used this one specifically
  7. Just an FYI, as it has been very hard to come by.... Cabelas appears to have it in stock to order.. I placed an order yesterday for "ship to store" and it went thru and got a confirmation email... It allowed me to order 4 bottles, which was also a surprise..
  8. Just awesome... Love the mass on that one!! You are an artist!
  9. sounds like a great day!!
  10. oh man... that made my mouth water!!!
  11. What was the name? Just curious
  12. Worked at Wegmans and will always remember starting wage was $3.40, which was $.15 more than minimum wage I really liked working there.. Won one of their scholarships and continued there until is was out of college.. always a lot of fun!
  13. I use mine all the time... great for tailgating or even using on the deck at home!!
  14. Was down to my camp yesterday and attempted to mow a few trails that we use to get around... I say attempt because after seeing the 7th fawn I stopped.. I was going VERY slow and looking closely for movement, but it was not worth it.. I will wait 3 or 4 more weeks and then get it done... This time of year all the fields around me are freshly planted so my woods, thickets and overgrown fields are an oasis for all of the deer... Seems like the area is over populated, but should not be a surprise with the limited amount of hunting activity in the area during the past few gun seasons..
  15. I agree.. get a set of flush muffs and let her rip in the driveway....
  16. Let’s not lose sight of the heroic act by a retired Buffalo police officer that cost him his life.. RIP
  17. Unbelievable number.. congrats to you!!
  18. We have lived in our house for 15 years and I have never had a key.. Unfortunately there have been a number of car break-ins/theft in the area so we recently started locking our cars and truck... The people doing this are going to show up at the wrong house at some point.... I hope it isn't mine...
  19. Went to buy a 2.5 gal container of 41% Glysophate at Tractor Supply yesterday... Last year would get it on sale for $47 to $50... This year $120
  20. paid $6.19 for diesel yesterday in town... pisses me off!!
  21. I am a vortex fan.. You need to keep in mind the "level" of product you are buying and have the proper expectations. I have used their customer support and it is top notch!! I damaged a pair of binoculars, called the support line, they instructed me to ship them in, they fixed them at their cost, professionally cleaned them and shipped them back.. this all happened over the course of a week. Again, I damaged them. I am not sure you can ask for better service!
  22. Its obviously not what action they take today.... It is more about what they indicate the plan for the future is...
  23. Can you share where you got it?
  24. Wildcat


    I was in Dayton/Cincy/Indy area last week and did not have any luck.. If you come across some in your travels and have the ability to get your hands on a couple extras, I would be happy to compensate you for the effort. I am in Rochester area
  25. Amazing dedication.. well done!
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