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  1. Has anyone givin thought to long term issues? Some documents show the vaccine used cells from abortion and fetus use. I hear the J&J is like the flu shot and has egg use so some folks won’t be able to take that shot. So many unknowns.
  2. Done 100%. Wonder if Andy will make it that long?
  3. You do realize that a simple blood pressure issue ever gets you a free pass for the shot?
  4. That’s why what 98-99% walk away. People that are old or past sickness should get it. The rest have just a good a chance without it.
  5. Yup. And you % wise have as good a chance beating the virus without the shot as with. As most are.
  6. That people. Many people, still die after vaccines and this virus will be no different. Get the shot. You still get the virus. You still give the virus and you still get your mask on and your life turned upside down for years to come. Perfect!
  7. Bingo. It’s a bunch of bull. The Dem’s and agenda pushers say the flu was down because of mask yet they say the virus is up because of lack of correct mask wearing. Yeah Ok!
  8. Yeah. Trump made you feel butt hurt with his tweets. Yet Biden is sticking it to you and every other American Dry! Yeah that’s the lesser of two evils!
  9. If a person needs to see someone else do something before they do it they already have other issues. The guy already had the virus and it was public knowledge. Getting a shot after the fact is not front page news. He is the last person worried about an image.
  10. That would be a tough call. The doe puts more than half into the offspring. In an area of already decent genetics I would say a strong blooded buck would give more to the herd as many of the local does would already be decent. Deer behind fence even though great blood have the advantage of solid steady food source and a stress free life for the most part.
  11. Seeing though I am involved in the industry I know for 100% fact that many have harvested bucks behind wire and claimed them to be wild harvested. But the only state that a landowner can buy a deer from a farm and release it in their property is Texas. Every other state has permit records and inventory of farms. To get a permit one has to have a license to raise Whitetail’s. Now if it was legal to do.....And some do it anyways... I would not hesitate to release a few 2-300 inch genetics buck and doe fawns out to run free on our 900 plus acres of unfenced property. On the other hand som
  12. Kinda an iffy area. Drum is totally fenced in that area. Our farm is prob 5 miles from there as the crow flies but our 900 acres is directly across from the non fenced area of Drum. It keeps the woods and waters well stocked year around. Add in the 500 acres of corn and beans and it turns itself into sweetness.
  13. Great Pic’s. And work. . And yet some say it’s not about the bone.
  14. I think you missed the part that said... Not that I distrust the vaccine... and yes I believe it’s kinda stupid to say that fat people or smokers should get it ahead of anyone else. I believe if they are in this shit fire hurry to stick anyone that will take it then they should open it up for just that. They say that’s the only thing that’s going to save the world....Even though you can still get it and still give it and still have to wear a mask and still have to go in lockdown and probably still have to get future shots.... What a Joke.
  15. Put up a fence and raise some animals. Get to stay home and make your own hours and grab an easy 20-40 grand a year play money. Win-Win. Lol
  16. I know behind fence it’s a common practice to keep the doe pens hungry from August up until after breeding. Mother Nature tricked. She has a way of making sure less doe fawns are born into areas that can’t support the numbers. Hence the high fence getting more buck fawns.
  17. Winters are easy now up here in the North compared to years gone by. Getting easier every year really. We didn’t even have any kind of snow up here till February. Years past I was knee deep walking to tree stands on Halloween.
  18. Dipping’s cool but I kinda favor the bright white myself.
  19. Yes remember the Dem’s famous words. The flu numbers are down because of mask wearing. Then their next statement was... Virus is spreading because nobody wears their mask. Can’t make that crap up!
  20. Kinda sounds like the compounds crying about the Xbow’s. Limiting someone.
  21. Being self employed it’s kinda the same here for myself but TF hit this place pretty heavy at all hours on most subjects. Maybe that alone made him back off.
  22. It’s amazing to me how much time some spend on here really. I’m also thinking there is more behind the scene with Turkey. He was a pretty steady poster at all times of day and night so it’s kinda strange he just dropped out. Busy?
  23. I would guess if it’s added into full archery. Unless those places are not ruled by the same laws maybe.
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