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  1. We have people pull in at all times of the year. Although it’s mostly when they ride by and see a bunch of 120-220in bucks hanging out. We have to keep them out back away from the highway for the most part. 4-5 trucks parked along the highway and then the rubber Neckers can make things a bit iffy at times. Must be your thinking about a trip North sometime in the future? BaHaHaHa
  2. Have used Record Rack for years. This stuff has a crazy strong smell.
  3. Another great year. All animals that were getting sold have all hit their new homes.
  4. Any deer that happens to be in the vicinity of the midge will get bite. Blood flow to the antler really won’t matter but it’s possible that with the buck havin antlers meaning more area for a bite it’s possible I guess.
  5. No. Midge has no preference who it bites.
  6. Real sad. I have stalkers. Most would not put forth the effort I do to be successful but there are eyes without a doubt. Let alone being at the local Stewart’s shop and having total strangers tell you about the big bucks they have been watching on your property. Road watchers I’m sure as no cameras have popped. Even on the state land I hunt I park up or down the road from where I go in to my spots. I thing at times it’s best not to be showing any pretty bucks dead or camera.
  7. To a point yes. But trust me when I say..You kill a good buck every year and show pic’s you will have eyes watching you. Guaranteed!!!
  8. A break from the button box is always a good thing. Congrats on keeping your feet moving. At 59 myself it’s a lesson one must learn and complete.
  9. 100 acre hobby farm across the road is paying over 6 grand in taxes. Of course that has buildings and such but I can’t imagine a $350.000 fifty acre purchase in Livingston/ Wyoming Cty area getting off that cheap.
  10. A friend just bought 50 acres of tillable farm land along the edge of Letchworth for 8 grand plus and acre. Do the math on the taxes in that area. A guy gets a good place to hunt he best be kissing the landowners azzzz every chance he gets.
  11. Exactly what I was kinda referring to. Most won’t/can’t pay to play when it comes to hunting. It will no doubt have an effect on hunting’s future. And less people is not a thing hunting can afford I’m afraid. Hell they put a video of a lion killing a zebra on Facebook and 90% of the comments are people complaining that it’s cruel.
  12. Well most people can’t afford to spend 8 grand on hunting land just as most can’t afford to spend 10 grand on a 200inch high fence hunt. 400 acres is really not a lot of land and depending on how it’s laid out it could be to small for even 4 guys. I don’t see the future getting any cheaper when it comes to leasing properties and with the number of hunters dwindling every year the two together does not spell good news for hunters. But you do bring up a good point. The demand this year in this state has about tripled for bucks in the 130-150 range. Now whether that has anything to do with lack of hunting land and people rather paying for the sure thing then paying say 8 grand for a chance at a decent buck..If there happens to be one in the area. Now how many so called “Meat Hunters” are going to drop 8 grand to throw a couple 100lbs of venison in the freezer? I’m not shocked at the price… Maybe I should lease out our 900 plus acres for that price…But do wonder what that will do for hunting in the bigger picture. Especially in a state that’s not known for its big bucks.
  13. Exactly. Land is getting scarce and people will start charging more and more for the pleasure. Hunting will continue to change as the years go along. If politics stay as they are today who knows where 4 more years will put hunting.
  14. Saw this on Facebook. One has to wonder the way the world is going if this kind of money is in hunters future for hunting land?
  15. Pretty sick shit watching these idiots. So can’t wait to get life back to somewhat normal. This crap compared to a couple mean tweets and a decent life. Give us the tweets back.
  16. No age limits on happiness. Congrats
  17. Holy shit. Are you really wanting to get into a picture war of stupid thing’s president have done? I guess we could bring up Biden’s ways of walking and chewing gum. Or steps. Or bicycles. Or pretty much even just trying to make an understandable sentence? Again. A complete idiot it would take to ever support anything democratic at this point.
  18. She took a position years ago when Trump laid it on her old man. She has had a woodie for him ever since. Jan 6 means absolutely nothing to do with Trump and domestic Terrorist. He did more than most to cover our asses on those lines. Bottom line Trump or no Trump it would take a complete idiot to vote anything more then the local dog catcher when it comes to the left. Talk about terrorizing a country. It’s every day for them.
  19. Spread it? Dude. Get educated on the subject.
  20. Yeah it’s not going to be pretty if they make it up here.
  21. Indiana still getting hit in some areas. EHD is the real deer killer when it comes to deer disease.
  22. What does any kind of Hunter or regulators have to do with cases of EHD?
  23. Could use your or any other scent and get the same results. Just curious/different smell on their way past.
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