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  1. Now they will pass the Xbow into archery and the extended hours and bingo. Recipes for success.
  2. Lol. Nope. I will measure the inches of bone on the head and he can measure the inches of any other bone or body part. Wonder if that same tape would work at both ends? Might even give me a little advantage.
  3. That would be way to easy. I like to spend my time killing a couple in that size range in our Ny woods year after year. Plus we would not have the Nad’s to chew on with those antlered does.
  4. Hence to post above. Most times the comment brings it out in due time Although it did kinda shock me it took you so long. Peace be with you.
  5. By all means. Don Tell. Besides it does not fit in some people’s way of thinking. And if you were up to date at all you would still see that state after state is still dealing with cwd but not deer farms.
  6. Lol. How I make my living should not be of concern to anyone if they are not involved. Unless they have an issue with the 6 figure income. Hate the game Not the Player. Wolc can also do as he pleases but a player that Confess to target and kill the smallest of the game should not throw stones that make their game targeting the biggest of the game. The god takes my bullet or arrow thing is just an excuse.
  7. Your spot on. Even the ones that are in control do the same. How much of this will get pulled into the surrounding wood lots.
  8. Yeah Ok. It’s still a fact that most hunters go into the woods with the hope of killing a button buck like Wolc huh? Bull. Will always be a fact that most hunters wake every morning with the hope of killing the biggest beast in their woods. Fact. Most just settle for less.
  9. Thats True. Wonder if the same will be true when Xbow’s become full time archery equipment and people start buying those? Not the same numbers as guns but more money as long as it goes where it’s earmarked to go.
  10. Riiiiight. My way is always the wrong way remember. It’s proven twice year after year.
  11. Lol. Jealously is a killer for many. I am just dumb enough to stick around and continue to give them enough to chew on to fill their void. Like you....and about everyone in here... I really could give two shits about those few. But for most on here we are all about the same...Except for the one that gets his rocks off killing babies and eating balls but maybe that’s in the Bible somewhere.... Growie and I had a few trips around the table and really I could handle the totally unbelievable stories and she did have great food plot info but that part of the... It’s my way or the highway got he
  12. I think you have that a little backwards. Seeing though you are talking about me let me fill ya in. When a hunter starts out they most times mature and improve at their game... well most hunters... You see when a hunter uses the real word and “Hunts’ they usually try to pick a worthy adversary to put their wits up against and go one on one. Now many use the word “Hunter” in many ways but in my world after killing god only knows how many deer in the last 40 years....Starting out with any deer that showed itself..I now need to use the word hunt as a base to pick a deer that’s smarter than I am
  13. Now the Xbow will be added in. Full season and charge for the xtra tag
  14. Lol. No harm no foul. Was a great thing you threw together. Most of the gang had a great year.
  15. Lol. Meaningless in the big picture. Maybe he just does not like me. But really I did not see an ending date when the games began but I guess there was one thrown in there a couple months later. My bad for not following along everyday. Really would not have changed the outcome like he said, No Harm.
  16. True that. If you added mine in and then took then the number of people entered and took the top numbers I believe there only would have been a 9 point difference. Not to shabby.
  17. Lol. Ok. 20 something extra points would have helped not look such the landslide win.
  18. Did you not include the late comers to the game?
  19. Please. Trump was far from perfect but has shown that the last person you want running a country is a politician. Biden all out lied to people to get votes and now the states like Pa that are getting F-ed are up in arms. It will take less than a year for this country to be fighting a war within and with others.
  20. True but would help with the using of others tags. Just as there should be the mandatory taking of a doe before any bucks In the areas they think needed but either way it’s just an uneducated guess by dec in Ny when it comes to deer populations.
  21. Hence why mandatory check stations and mail in of unused tags should be law. I know of so many that fill others tags and reporting none. No way DEC even has a clue to the true numbers of deer out there. Dead or Alive.
  22. Shows the difference in the two states. Oh what we could have only if ..............
  23. We will make that decision after we see the 100 million people vaccinated In his first 100 days in office. He is sticking his neck out there for the easy cut.
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