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  1. Now don’t be raining on his parade with real life facts.
  2. Farmers can get just about any kind of permits. Be it Nuisance, Damage, harassment. Dogs on your property harassing your livestock are no different then wildlife doing it.
  3. Bears are worse then yotes on high fence ranches. We can put predator fencing along the bottom to stop the yotes from digging thru. Bears climb up the posts or at the H corner posts like its not even there. This guy was hanging around the home farm this summer. This pic was the next night after it had a couple 22mag shots over its head and at its feet. It came back the 4th night and dealt with. Once they get the taste of easy fawns they will cause mass destruction if allowed. The other pic is one killed this morning about 500 yards from the pens.
  4. We could never be partners if the bottom line was to be successful. Instead of getting them up to this stage where they belong you would be plugging them as yearling for a burger. Lol. Never Work. This dude is another that does not like his pic taken in the daylight. Hunting these is not a simple task by any means without like everything else in life. Man gets involved.
  5. The does are just if not more important then the bucks. And they both share in driving the industry to what it craves. Bigger Bone.
  6. No sarcasm needed or intended. I mean the man made the statement which will prove all but impossible and at times you sound like I should make it easier for him. He will try to do something very few could accomplish including myself. We have had them disappear for a week and longer thinking they drowned or got gored or the bear or yotes got him only to show back up on cameras. High fence can be made very simple or all but impossible. It’s all in the game.
  7. His target would be very easy to tell rack wise. Maybe 25% would be in that size category but I would guess even less. Again he is in a fence remember? Maybe I could paint ball it for him to help him out.. If I could lay eyes on him. I’m not going island swimming looking for him. Should be pretty easy when at the end of the day they can’t just disappear.
  8. Proud? Because I speak facts? Sorry if you can’t live In the real world.
  9. Learning? He will know exactly what buck he is hunting? He will be in there by himself…I hope your not saying that he would not/could not identify said buck before pulling the trigger? I hope he has better prowess then that. There are bucks in there from 100inches up to 300 plus. He would not even be targeting more the. 3/4 of the deer that are in there. Hunters are with guides 100% of the time and they make the decision on which animal to harvest most times on the spot. A guy might come in looking for a 180 typical and pull the trigger on the first 200 nontypical that they encounter. Every Hunt is different. He will be setting his sites on one of the cull bucks that will still be the biggest he would probably ever harvest in this state but also with that one of the smartest in there also. They know every island in there every beaver bog, you name it. They also know they are not anywhere near the top of the pecking order so at times that keeps them out of areas where some of the larger bucks may hang out.
  10. I made the deal with him for a one on one because of how easy he thinks it really is. He will see 300inch Whitetails but they won’t look anything like the trail cam pics of the buck he will be hunting. Not even remotely close.
  11. Negative. There are some pretty high dollar ladies in there kicking out some beauties. These are not stocked deer with big yellow tags in their ears. These deer are born and bred inside the enclosure and use the water better then any duck around. They know that area better then any man.
  12. No doubt there are some smart ladies but to say that a mature doe is harder to kill then a mature buck across the board is just stupid. And then to throw that wall up. Oh My.
  13. You seriously make that statement when you are offered to hunt a deer one on one in an enclosed sanctuary? That could end up being a big issue. My question to you would be if it’s so simple how could that statement even be made? I mean does the target not need to be identified before pulling the trigger? It’s. It like you are having a drive put on to you? You will sign a release before you step into the place with about half of it being bodies of lager water and so many swamps. You will sign and agree to be pictured/video and interviewed daily by any by anyone of our choosing as you leave the gate daily. If this is going to happen you will be the first pawn of all pawns that would most likely be used across the country. Even if you win the game.
  14. Your statement has nothing to do with my business and if you were able to kill two mature bucks a year then your..A mature buck is easier to kill statement might hold water. Obviously your age and your harvests show the totally opposite. And your so full of shit on the meat bullshit because obviously when you finally do kill a buck with big antlers… in your mind…. You have to post it on every thread on this site. Talk about a deer that gave a guy a woody. Again my point and fact. Antlers are the driver in most and I mean most hunters. They all get the freakin meat regardless of what they shoot. That’s not a tough one.
  15. Please do tell. You don’t see me throwing up totally bullshit statements and then show pictures of my kills. Where are my skills even brought up in this thread? Do Tell.
  16. When someone makes a totally false statement and has nothing to back up his bullshit then yes he should be called out. I don’t give two shits what he shoots but to make a statement like he did and then throw a wall up that looks like that and uses it as a representation of mature Whitetails. Give me a break. If your going to talk the talk you better be able to walk the walk.
  17. Yea that wall says it all about your hunting skills after an animal that distracted every year. You best stick to killing the babies.
  18. Exactly. I love how some of these posters try to push that it’s real hard to harvest an animal that blankets the state and country for the most part in the millions. It’s not a tough endeavor. Now find an animal or two and only hunt them until harvest and you might have something that takes a little skill. Not just being able to sit and fire a weapon.
  19. Again throw up all those meat cooking whitetail products that push the hunting industry. I have been waiting for years. And no slippery slopes when you speak in facts and truths.
  20. Most all high fenced hunts are guaranteed. But most never get a target Whitetail. Most times people will choose different animals to harvest. Hunts on my 1000 acres of no fence are guaranteed also. I due time all will score. Some take longer then others no doubt.
  21. Yet it’s the same old singing and dancing from every person making a comment. You can’t throw up anything factual to back up your statements and I have all kinds of it. Yup you must be right.
  22. Yet you always need to come on and spew your slop. Typical.
  23. Coming from a guy that would not even take the challenge. How fitting. It’s usually these kind of guys making the blanket statement. Talks the talk but won’t step up to the plate themselves.
  24. First of all there are only 2 in that pic that I myself would have even considered harvesting and that would have been late muzzleloader season if the meat was needed by someone. For someone to make the statement that mature bucks are easier to kill then does and shows this as their success on so called mature bucks says it all. To each their own on harvests but until they have real subject matter to back up their statements they probably should refrain.
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