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  1. Do you think people that burn really would have ever answered the question truthfully when buying a gun. Burn your weed and hunt your deer and stay away from the law. If a Dr prescribed a hard painkiller and someone complains to the law they can take those guns also. If they get any number of reasons your guns are gone.
  2. Any it won’t be just Archery season. It will be both Xbow and any other string just different season and tags.
  3. Exactly. You don’t want other people in your woods regardless. So even though it is quiet... like Bow. Would not have a friggin effect on your hunting in the least...unless you are scared I am going to shoot YOUR deer... why would you give two shits who hunts those dates with a Xbow?
  4. So you would have no problems if Xbow was it’s own weapon with its own tag and started on October 1 and ran until opening of gun?
  5. Why would YOU CARE what somebody else thinks something is? Is somebody going to shoot your deer with a crossbow before you get a crack with a compound?
  6. And there you have it. Your last words speak volumes in today’s hunting world and will someday be its demise. The fact is that those that own their property will continue to use crossbows during bow season if that’s the only weapon they want to use regardless of want or need. State lands will again be the only lands that won’t see Xbow’s
  7. Sounds like it’s a no go again. 12-13 year old kids can use them in pilot programs. Ny at its finest again. People will continue to use what they wish on their own properties. Sad how this whole state continues to go down the shitter.
  8. Facts and science? Now which one should we believe? The no mask? 1 mask? 2 mask? Of science that showed the younger aged people carried little to no worry of this shit.....until now that all the old folks are vaccinated and not dead? The science changes when their agenda changes and it takes a special kind of fool to not see that.
  9. You can add shit in like this that will make me carry on life as normal.
  10. Now throw the number of people in Florida and in Ny. If it was bad people would be in hospital and dead. Not one case in our hospital at the moment and death is few and far between. It’s not as bad as some would like you to think it is.
  11. Very,Very few mature bucks worthy of their 120 plus inches of bone on their head will stand for any kind of pressure. Unless of course he is deep into a pretty lady that might stand there and watch you. Then she makes all the decisions in his life.
  12. Lol. I hear that. But hell I think you still would enjoy mine even though they had a bunch of bone on their heads. An xtra pinch of salt maybe.
  13. They are starting to grow now. But most times the head alone will show a buck every time. Yearling bucks may sometimes have doe shaped heads but most times the blocky head give the bucks away every time.
  14. Make it North of Syracuse? Have freezers full. Could spare a few pounds without issue. Could not handle the 8 month drought without doubt.
  15. Hey look....You made a choice. Get off the high horse and let everyone else do the same. You afraid someone is going to kill “Your” deer?
  16. Those of us holding out will be better off I believe. If anything they will have it better worked out.
  17. Exactly. Crap carries what a 98% of not killing most and with the shot it 99%? Get the shot and you still get the virus and still give the virus. Old folks and those with extreme issues should get the shot but they might have to get it 4 times a year for how many years? Just way to much unknown for the % for most healthy people to get it.
  18. You will lose that fight every time. Gotta keep them calm to get that pizz remember
  19. So which one would be in “Bad Taste” on an outdoor website?
  20. Nor should you. Has nothing to do with this conversation in the least. And if the truth is told even though I respect the Mod that overruled Eddie he himself oh so many years back has taken down posts that were in bad taste. So of us have been on this site for probably more years then they should have so there is always a past.
  21. No you whined and cried about a post that even the poster said was in bad taste.
  22. Some can argue about what they think all they want. Thinking is far from posting a bunch of childish crap on a hunting site and then have to two biggest offenders of said childish crap cry about someone calling it out. Same old song and dance.
  23. So now you go back to not only “Bad Taste” but to outright breaking forum rules that could get your ass really tossed? See a pattern here?
  24. Well that kinda answered the question. If it again was in bad taste it prob was better taken down rather then left up to deal with it? Just think if the whole place started posting “Bad Taste”? Then the whole forum would go to shit. Eddie did have the right if he was a mod and though...And you Agree...it’s bad taste for the forum. Because the other Mod thought different that’s just humans but it the real would if it was it bad taste to even yourself as the poster the 2nd mod should prob have agreed with the first Mod? Bad taste is Bad taste. Even if it breaks no rules it helps noting towar
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