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  1. All of a sudden I don't have access or permission for the thread " Make the switch" What gives? You can have two sites if you want.
  2. Wow, he's nice. 4-4 1/2 my guess.
  3. Yea yeah yeah I didn't count the two smaller tines at first. Was too excited for my first bow harvest.
  4. Believe it or not down here in Suffolk county 1C, Not a single tick on me so far this season
  5. It will definitely get worse before it gets better. Don't be surprised if you see purple, green and yellow in the next coming days to 2 weeks. It's the way your body heals and the blood underneath the skin reacts. Despite all that being said, I wish you a speedy recovery and I hope the pain is bearable for you. From the looks of this forum you got some good people looking out for you.
  6. Oh man so sorry to hear this. heal up and feel better!
  7. Just arrow this small six pointer, about 30 minutes ago. 25 yd shot got him to pause with a grunt. He ran 35 yd and collapsed dead.
  8. Trying to find this big probably 3 year old doe I've been chasing... While listening to the yahoos at calverton range double tap at dawn. Still a beautiful morning
  9. Good luck. Our second daughter is using her sister's pottery barn crib and furniture and it's holding up well. Full size bed for your girl's "big girl bed" is the way to go if you have the room. Ours hardly ever rolled off or even near the side bars when she was younger
  10. So I caved and bought a new Alps z bag xl for hunting trips..... It's actually pretty good sized bag. It has a pretty strong factory smell. Do you guys have any suggestions? I was thinking about leaving it outside and spraying it down with some dead downwind or scent killer. Or should I throw it in a gentle wash with hunting detergent?
  11. Hey all...need help with my spypoint micro-lte-v. I'm new to using trail cams. This one is set up about chest high off the ground. What is going on with the same picture and the same the same flash different times? After I set up and I left it took a clear picture at twilight. Settings are attached with pics... There is no night vision mode. And yes I took the plastic off of the flash and the lens lol. Thanks in advance.
  12. The woods waking up and the birds chirping just as early day break starts to show itself. And the second best thing next to that is silence. At least to me, in this insane world we live in, it's a nice reprieve to be able to reset yourself... Even if for a few minutes or an hour.
  13. My daughter was just under 4 years old when I took her for the first time to go shed hunting with me. I wanted to introduce her to the woods and the trails, without lunking all the gear around knowing that she would only last for about 30 minutes tops. She was so proud to have her pink vest and pink camo hat on. I helped her identify deer prints and even a rub but all she got out of it were we walked on trails and that deer live in the woods. Down here in Long Island I took her to a spot I know nobody hunts Even after small game season was over, because you know there's always a Yahoo or two around. She now goes around the house with hangers pretending she's shooting a bow and we talk about why we take deer and the nice things about being in the woods. I want her to be exposed to every element of the hunt, not just the fact that we get an animal. She keeps asking me when she can get a pink bow and come sit with me in my tree stand lol. But we're going to go start with some ground blinds first when she gets a little older. And she absolutely gets a kick out of when I practice my turkey calling in the truck as we drive around to run errands or to school. At least somebody enjoys it because it absolutely pisses my wife off beyond belief!
  14. My little girl's soccer game at 12. Wouldn't be back in time.
  15. Yessir... Acorns aplenty and about 100/150 yards between bedding and water. Decent lanes I haven't been able to further trim. Looking forward to Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning sits
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