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  1. So the original founder of Muck Boots now has a company called DryShod.. Check them out... prices are less than Muck boats and the quality looks to be similar to the original muck boots. I bought a pair for my wife and she really likes them.. I have friends that have bought them as well and think they are better than the muck boots they replaced.
  2. we have said it many times on this forum.. Most state land only gets hunted within a few hundred yards of the nearest road... with the lack these days of large organized drives, there are only a small percentage of people that are venturing in to where the "big boys" hang out.
  3. I'd like to see the buck that did that to him!!
  4. you can always DVR a football game... Can't DVR deer movement..
  5. I think you would be amazed at how much better your hunting will get and the behavior of the bucks in your area if you start taking some doe and getting things in balance... Any property where does are not being managed will be significantly out of balance despite what cameras tell you.
  6. Friday evening I had a nice eight pointer chasing a doe and grunting, so not sure it is too early.. This was in Livingston County...
  7. wow.. that is a stud.. good luck with meeting up with him!!
  8. State land the first Friday afternoon of the season (...and the forecast is good).. not for me!!
  9. Being someone that has been lucky enough to take 20+ deer with the bow, I agree 100%.. At some point you have to throw science out the window because when "buck fever" and environmental elements come into play (including the deer's instincts and reactions) a lot can go wrong. Unfortunately, people rely to much on the "science" of things and have to learn the hard way. The reality is that a lot of people feel like that have to take marginal or long shots because they have not put in the preparation to know that if they are patient their strategy will pay off. Of the 20+ deer I have taken with the bow, 22 yards has been the furthest I have had to shoot. When the 10 point is standing broadside at 15 yards, you will be rewarded.
  10. Great decision making!!! There is more that can go wrong than right in my opinion at 50 yards or more.. Wounding a deer and not recovering it is torcher...
  11. I thin it depends on the property.. If you can hunt the edges and don't have to walk too far and get all sweated up it is one thing.. If you have to walk a quarter mile thru your property leaving a sweaty scent trail, you can really screw yourself... Hard not to sweat when it is over 70 degrees Just my opinion..
  12. glad to hear you are OK man!!! I had a similar thing happen to me about 20 years ago... I was not as luck and fractured my wrist really bad and ended up with surgery and pins.. Even then I felt lucky... the new spot looks great... It looks like you are really making a lot of progress developing your land.. well done!!
  13. thanks for the heads up.. managed to pick up a pair of the binoculars for $30... Wanted a pair for the truck and these a pretty nice and certainly well worth the $30!!!