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  1. nope and not trying to be overly protective.. that said, I think the content of this site should remain at a level that kids can digest, as they are the future of the sport...
  2. I agree 100%... I think people need to think in terms of younger people and woman using this site. Hoping the moderator can address this!!
  3. Sorry for your loss, it is so hard. We had a lab that got Lepto at 6 years old.. the speculation was the same, in that she drank out of a puddle that was contaminated with urine from a raccoon or opossum. She made it thru that, but was never quite the same, as she had liver issues the rest of her life. You never know, so have to appreciate every day we get with them!!
  4. Made Chix drums in mine last night.. Wow were that good. crisp on the outside and moist and juicy on the inside... Sure makes cooking easy!!
  5. Thank you!! going to give it a try....
  6. Really interested to hear how you made the wings.... how long in air fryer? what temp and setting? how many at a time? Did you just do like one layer or did you put them on top of one another... Thanks in advance!
  7. really interested to hear how the wings come out and how you prepared them...
  8. Slice some zucchini fairly thin, egg bath and then Italian breadcrumb... 10 to 12 minutes in air fryer (depending on thickness)... Dip in your favorite dressing (I like 1000 Island or Poppy Seed).... really good football game snack..
  9. Depending on what your need for electric is, I would suggest that you talk with the power company. before I built my place, I had a travel trailer on site and the power company would not "set a meter" until there was something permanent on the property (or under construction). they obviously don't want to incur the expense knowing the trailer could be pulled out of there tomorrow and their revenue stream is gone.
  10. So the original founder of Muck Boots now has a company called DryShod.. Check them out... prices are less than Muck boats and the quality looks to be similar to the original muck boots. I bought a pair for my wife and she really likes them.. I have friends that have bought them as well and think they are better than the muck boots they replaced.
  11. we have said it many times on this forum.. Most state land only gets hunted within a few hundred yards of the nearest road... with the lack these days of large organized drives, there are only a small percentage of people that are venturing in to where the "big boys" hang out.
  12. I'd like to see the buck that did that to him!!
  13. you can always DVR a football game... Can't DVR deer movement..
  14. I think you would be amazed at how much better your hunting will get and the behavior of the bucks in your area if you start taking some doe and getting things in balance... Any property where does are not being managed will be significantly out of balance despite what cameras tell you.