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  1. t_barb

    Biz Truck

    Keep us posted on how you like it after driving it for a few months.. I am also interested to see what kind of gas mileage you get
  2. t_barb

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    You would be shocked at how fast they grow.. I stocked 6 inch rainbows in my pond at camp (3/4 acre) in the spring.. the next spring/summer they were 16 to 18 inches.. so what you caught was probably stocked last spring..
  3. t_barb

    What's for dinner tonight?

    TF... how did you like the Blue Point Grill... One of my favorite restaurant anywhere.. Food is always very good and they mix a very good drink too.... Lobster Mashed Potatoes !!!
  4. t_barb

    Antler King Products

    I have had great luck with their products.. Honey Hole has worked well for me
  5. t_barb

    Happy Day Easier Plots

    you can also install inline shutoffs in the hose for the nozzles on the end, so only the middle one works. A simple and reliable option
  6. I have found that leaving my 570 on a trickle charger has solved all the issues I have had.. you can get a decent trickle charger inexpensively and it is worth it.. There are a lot of electronics on the modern ATV's..
  7. t_barb

    Lost my dog today

    So sorry. I lost my dog 2 months ago and still come home waiting for him to great me at the door.
  8. t_barb

    Culver is the Man

    time is precious, so it is great to hear stories like this... Any pics?
  9. t_barb

    Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.....Been There?

    Blue Point Restaurant for dinner. Close by... One of my favorite places to eat in the country...
  10. I have a Savage in 25.06... I love the round.. Very flat and for most shots I would ever take (200 yards and in) you just hold it on the vitals.. Never had one not tip right over... I shoot 117 grains bullets, but have always been interested to put some 80 grains bullets thru it for varmint hunting.. It is a pretty good screamer with an 80 grain bullet.
  11. t_barb

    My next wood winged wonder..

    you truly are a VERY talented artist... Love seeing the progression of your work!!
  12. t_barb

    Carrying a 1911

    I have a Colt Defender and love it.. It sounds like it would meet the requirements you have laid out and it is a great, solid gun. https://www.colt.com/series/DEFENDER_SERIES
  13. I am in the area as well.. Drive thru Leicester to get to my camp.. I am on the other side of Mount Morris and a little south...
  14. t_barb

    Crossbow Broadhead Target

    I have a bag target, but looking for something that I can use for broadheads.