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  1. t_barb

    My next wood winged wonder..

    you truly are a VERY talented artist... Love seeing the progression of your work!!
  2. t_barb

    Carrying a 1911

    I have a Colt Defender and love it.. It sounds like it would meet the requirements you have laid out and it is a great, solid gun. https://www.colt.com/series/DEFENDER_SERIES
  3. I am in the area as well.. Drive thru Leicester to get to my camp.. I am on the other side of Mount Morris and a little south...
  4. t_barb

    Crossbow Broadhead Target

    I have a bag target, but looking for something that I can use for broadheads.
  5. Just wondering what everyone uses in terms of broadhead target for crossbow.. I have an older large block target, but it is pretty warn out... I want something that will effectively stop a bolt, is not impossible to remove bolts and isn't going to cost me a fortune.. Let me know.
  6. Anyone that has been at this game long enough has been there and done that.. I know I have...
  7. Always much easier to get them on camera than to get them in the freezer!!!
  8. t_barb


    yote with a bad case of mange
  9. t_barb

    Electric/ Propane Smokers help

    https://www.samsclub.com/sams/44-lp-gas-smoker-smoke-hollow/prod19140034.ip?xid=plp_product_1_4 I have this one... first one I have ever owned, so I am far from an expert.. That said, everything I have ever made has come out great and my ribs are as good as any I have every had... Plenty of room.... Can control the temp fairly well... Seems to be economical on Propane... all for < $300
  10. t_barb

    Biz-R-OWorld 2018 Season

    I would go for 9/3.. looks like rain expected for mid to end of week... others may have a different view, but that is what I would do based on my 12 years of playing this game..
  11. t_barb

    Biz-R-OWorld 2018 Season

    I don't want to tell you what to do, but if you want winter rye to be growing on 10/1, I would not wait until 9/15 or 9/16 to plant it... I have been planting plots for a while now and mother nature is always a factor you need to consider... Even if you get rain you will be pushing it... If you get no rain after planting, you certainly won't have anything there... It may work out for you, but I have learned to always plan for the worst... Planting now is probably perfect timing to be ready for 10/1
  12. t_barb

    Plot update

    one thing I have found is that my plots (Brassica and Turnips) do better when I cut back on my seeding rates... It allows the plant to grow better as they are not competing as much for space.. The tubers get bigger as well...
  13. look great!! just curious, when did you plant them? How dry was it in your area?
  14. t_barb

    Gotta love it.

    I always wondered how many drop tines "disappear" before horn harden up... I always get a couple bucks with drops on camera every year, but it always seems to be when they are in velvet and then things dry up. Do you often see the same?