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  1. Just had The Archery Forum in Medford check the PSE. The string needs replacing, cables ok. Thanks for the reminder!
  2. I have a bresser 800 and a nikon arrow id 3000. The bresser was $70, the nikon $152, both from Sportsmans Guide. I have tested the bresser to 700 yards and it is accurate. Runs on a 9 volt battery. I like it, but wanted better glass so I could use it as a monoculer. The nikon is smaller, better quality and comes with a neoprene cover. Nikon says it is good up to 550 yards. The glass is as good as their scopes, sharp and clear. I have tested it in cloudy, mist and twilight, it is accurate to 250 yards. I have it permanently set on the angular function. For your purposes the Nikon would be the one to check out.
  3. See the map at www.dec.ny.gov/docs/regions_pdf/wildwoodspca.pdf Parking spaces 1,2 & 3 are in "no hunting" buffer zones. I have never seen those signs come down.
  4. Check out the NRA store. I found good quality gun belts and range gear.
  5. Old school! Free Flight release, spot on, SteveD. No gloves, thick gloves, no problem. Got it in a box of spare parts after I mentioned I was thinking of getting into bow hunting.
  6. Muzzy 3 blade trocar, 100 gr. It's my first bow season and they group the same as my 100 gr. field points out to 30 yds.
  7. Do the guys who hunt only bucks apply for DMP's?
  8. I agree, save your money and start with Rem Corelokts, $15-$17 a box. Started at 180 (good) 160 (better) found out my Mossburg atr likes 150 gr PSPs.
  9. I got 8w and 8r at Sports Authority, My wife was refused 8w and got 1c online (she had 0 pref. pts.)
  10. Congrats, G-Man! Great story, great bear. Curious to know what ammo you were using in that .45-70. Hand loaded, factory? Bullet weight, grains of powder? A friend of mine has a .45-70 and after that story he is thinking of a larger capacity mag. tube. I guess you almost ran out after 3 shots!
  11. Carry Glock 21 (.45) or Ruger GP100 (.357 Mag) in southern zone. Found the GP a little heavy in the field, so Rossi 1892 in .44 mag deer gun, G21 side arm is my combo
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