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  1. You know, very wise and dear friend once told me that “it’s unfair to place your values on another, and expecting others to abide by your morals leads to disappointment.” I’ll never forget that advice, and truer words have never been spoken to me. So long...
  2. Does anyone know how to contact a moderator about an account issue?
  3. I've been hesitating to comment on this, but I'll throw a few out. I will say I don't think Trump is stupid, however, I don't like him, and I don't support most of his agenda. I know many on here will disagree with me, and that is fine, I have no issues. 1. The biggest thing against Trump for me is that I don't like him. I don't like how he treats people. I don't like how he sells his ideas. I don't see him as a leader, I don't see him as a positive representation of the best of our country on the world stage. He talks too much, and most of what he says is false, misleading or plain prep
  4. Eh, it is what it is based on the political make-up of the group. I have some friends who are republicans and some who are democrats, and there is a certain percentage of each side that are just as combative as the other. I've seen my fair share of disgusting Trump memes over the past few years that's for sure.
  5. You know though, they're being made to hit both sides. The whole idea is to spread division, and they are very good at it.
  6. It's because most of them are being made at Russian troll farms
  7. A Sleeper Hold works well if you can catch them...
  8. They are such finicky things, just because 2 spots are the same doesn't mean they both have mushrooms. This probably comes down to spores just not being in one place vs another. We definitely had half a dozen spots that we would hit every weekend, and if you went some place else, you wouldn't be surprised to come up with zilch.
  9. I always heard ash trees, but that was never a sure thing. Some of my best honey holes back home were abandoned railroad beds, no idea why.
  10. Looks good to me, kind of a Hemingway look. I grew mine out to a couple of inches this past winter before trimming it. I shaved it off at the end of March and am just now getting enough to tug at again. Remember, it only takes a few seconds to shave it, but can take weeks or months to get it back if you change your mind, so try to avoid the spur of the moment shave
  11. Thanks for sharing that thing, I have never seen that model. Super cool! I hope the trade goes through!
  12. A "pecker head" for reference.
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