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  1. Hello

  2. Olympic Games

  3. New Member from LI

  4. Tips for cleaning CVA nipples?

    Use what powder or pellets and bullet your rifle likes and enjoy shooting your muzzleloader its a learning experience. and try different cleaning products to clean the muzzleloader and breech plug
  5. Tips for cleaning CVA nipples?

    Sounds good blackthorn is very good from what people say. You can pickup the any cleaner at field and stream
  6. Tips for cleaning CVA nipples?

    What powder are you using?? If your using pyrodex or triple seven there are a lot of cleaners out there. for the nipple CVA has a jar with cleaner and a basket where you place the nipple in and let it soak while you clean there bore if used it and works good also for the bore there is a foam made by TC and its very easy to use. If your using Blackhorn 209 powder then you can use the same cleaning product for your centerfire rifle
  7. total newbie

  8. Why do you hunt?

    For the meat, spending time in the woods enjoying nature.And since been hunting with a outfitter i've meet some nice people and made friends too
  9. Howdy from CNY.

  10. New Long Island Hunter

    welcome to the forum from a fellow long islander.
  11. I screwed up

    Rob remove the nipple and trickle a few grains of BP into the nipple channel and then replace the nipple with a cap and fire the gun it should push the ball out. you may have to do this a few times...Good luck
  12. Hello fellow hunters

  13. GPS

    Thanks everyone for the comment's sounds like Garmin is the brand to go with,I will do some reading up on them too
  14. GPS

    Hello everyone...........I would like your thoughts on using a GPS for walking in and out of the woods so not to get lost. It's easier to to find your way in the woods in the day but after sun down it gets dark and more difficult to find your way. Thanks in advance...Moe
  15. Hunter's Rendezvous at Suffolk Archers

    I attended last year I had a great time even though I'm not a bow hunter but got me interested going to try and make it again this year.