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  1. you may also want to try horandy great plains bullets there 385g lead and made to shoot out of 1-48 twist rifle I shoot them and there good out of my traditions hawken woods man using 80g ff pyrodex powder.......good luck
  2. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us.....
  3. The weather was nice and we had a great fun time. Hopefully we can have other members join us for a day of shooting and laughs
  4. Great story and beautiful tribute........
  5. How far is Goshen from Long Island?? if not too far would like to join in...........thanks
  6. First off Happy New Year to everyone here may 2019 bring you and your family health and go fortune..............Ok, as the title says Im looking to buy waders to use duck hunting mostly here on LI early season and late. I want them to be warm but still be able to hunt with them in the warmer season. Thanks in advance...Moe
  7. Just a update I purchased a Benilli supernova in 12g from a lGS here on the island I'm waiting for it to come in since it wasn't in stock. Thanks everyone for your input
  8. Thanks everyone I think I'll go to a LGS makes sense
  9. Hello ladies and gents.. Iam looking to buy my first shotgun and Iam set on buying a benelli nova with the comet stock in a pump action. since I'm new to shotguns and what something easy to maintain. I was thinking of going to field and stream or cabelas there prices are good compared to LGS. Ive heard the guns at these store are not the same as what you get at LGS. What is your take?? P.S. going to use the shotgun for clay shooting and pheasant