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  1. im sure... i figured i missed em. Had a small 8 with 2 2" kickers on its left side but was bad pic ill see what this round has to offer
  2. They sure get around then its quite a distance from these pics like 2 miles or more id say
  3. No! Without being specific its literally in the middle of the city.
  4. heres some pics from a 4 or 5 day soak in the city. I wanted to see what was lerking and figured id share a few pics
  5. Beautiful dog!!!! I have 2 myself Dexter (red and white 8yrs old and Reddington (brindle can corso " pit"mix) Only dogs ill ever own
  6. I did order a summit pack. Thanks for replies
  7. Hunted by castile entrance a few years back non safety zone and safety zone (by permit) ... tons of deer in the safety zone tons of buck but was doe only zone. A few friends had great luck left of the castle entrance but its been years. The non safety zone was to the left and safety was to the right.... alot of deet in that park. But the deer seem to know the zones even tho they were separated by 1 road lol
  8. Try machias outdoors i know he had 2 last gun season and i honestly think i seen one on his used rack last weekend. But could be wrong. Worth a shot
  9. Im sure they are used to the noise and id say use the noise to your advantage....entering and exiting and coughing etc..... yes i have and do hunt near roads.
  10. Im using a summit 180max sd climber has anyone found anything to put on the front rail for a multi purpose set of pockets? Phone waterbottle calls etc....? Whats worked for you. A fany pack is what i was thinking? Any info would be great . 1st year with climber normally space isnt an issue ...thanks.
  11. Generally meat...but this year and hopefully for many to come a friend has blessed with some prime land and tons of bucks and quite a few 100"+ on cam, rubs and scrapes. So this year i will wait for a buck. Its gonna be new and hard for me to watch deer all day waiting. But im doing it unless a 200# doe comes by. I add ive never shot a bow buck, only a bunch if doe. And this year if its not mountable im not shooting i promised myself n friend.
  12. If you get bow and muzzleloader you will get 1 either sex tag and 1 anterless tag. Use them during archery.
  13. Sounds like its in my head. Just hate having any doubt but seems like its working for you guys. Im gonna give it a go. Just had to ask because the oring models are very easy to open compared to these and i didnt wanna risk it But im sending it.
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