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  1. RIP; one of my friends took a brute of a Leopard with his dogs and spoke highly of his time with him. Being around a breeding herd of Elephant on foot is scary stuff. Can't say I am all that comfortable in a open vehicle doing photo's and not having a rifle near my grasp.
  2. Couple of snap caps = lots of practice and no recoil. Just sayin'.
  3. Striped Maple
  4. Isn't that a bit optimistic for a 16" barrel? Just an observation skimming a thread thats currently on another forum I happen to be reading along on.
  5. Damn, didn't think of that. But I'm betting Pygmy knows some awesome limericks that would be entertaining.
  6. Come on Larry.......Biz can sit in your backyard and maybe see how plugging a critter in the neighborhood goes over. LOL Had lunch at the Goat last weekend on my way out of town and was going to leave enough for a round for the get together, but wasn't sure if one or two bottles of beer was enough to split between all you going.
  7. I had the same idea. Arrived at job site early to find another hunter already parked there; so I went to work. He didn't see anything.....I have been seeing birds nearby for last couple days.
  8. Chase Sapphire Preferred not too bad. Extra value if you use it through their Ultimate Rewards system to book. No foreign fees (why I have it). Technically has annual fee after first year, but I just threaten to leave and they have waved it. Flexible for airlines. Probably should use it more, but have found I can make good deals on airlines; and have used points towards accommodations.
  9. Don't do shows very often, hit one in PA in the fall some years; but went to a small local gun club sponsored show and made a good deal on shotgun slug ammo and dies for that 458 win mag I just picked up. Bought the dies before I even bought the gun. Just happen to see ad in NYON so maybe I'll stop in. Need a junker stock to make a pattern, a few odds and ends. On the hunt for a bolt 22 Hornet too.
  10. http://www.esaca.us/
  11. I may find myself close enough to this to stop in. Anyone go to this? Just a bunch of memorabilia; or enough tables to make it interesting?
  12. For those interested first post in this thread has the notice sent to dealers from TMNA.... https://www.tacomaworld.com/threads/stop-sale-on-2017-tacomas.488438/ Probably will include my 2017 Tacoma I bought a few months ago. So far 1600 happy miles. With my rear seat delete stripped down model I am more confused as to why I don't get interval wipers but a back up cam and heated side mirrors. After a few times in the mist I think I'll pay the $89 for the stalk required. Frankly I could careless on the recall issue; every vehicle except a 13,300lb Mistubishi Fuso box truck has required some sort of recall..... None have delivered less than 200,000 miles and one quite a bit over 300K with standard maintenance, original motors/ trannys/ clutch. Last one made over 200K with original exhaust system intact (Ford Escape). I have a 2014 Ford that needs a trip in for a computer reprogram recall for door locks that'll get done with next free service when I get around to it.
  13. Figured you blame it on the Kindle.
  14. Have a friend that lives in Montreal along St Lawrence and they have high water even down river.