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  1. If you can't find great food and something of interest in NYC, you just aren't trying in life. I'm partial to the history museum as one of the displays features my backyard and the area around Stissing mountain here in Dutchess county. Enjoy the rest of the day.
  2. I love my career, maybe individual projects some days can be so-so, but overall its darn good. I feel sorry for those that trudge though life unhappy all the time because they feel trapped in something they hate. It's too much time to spend each week being miserable from my perspective. I have a ton of fun at hobbies, and have a ton of fun accomplishing projects at work. Win-win Go for it. Find something that spins your propeller. Good luck!
  3. I have been unbelievably lucky in the hunting success end of things. But it's the whole trip and all the crew in camp, on the truck, in the field that is fun to be around. They're for the most part very engaging. Super serious as their craft on the hunting end. The trackers are simply amazing, it's extraordinary, I have learned just a ton from them. Changed my world. I think I'm fortunate that I'm just a guy who drives nails for a living. I tell the PH's I have more in common with camp staff, then any of the typical clients most times. Lots of hunters never spend any time with "staff". Su
  4. Anyone use one of these? Which model? Ever fish inshore salt with it?
  5. I shot one of the Turnbull scratch reproductions. It was nice, but they dont seem to get a lot of love from 1911 folks but I dont know why. I'd still like one because they have no two tone finishes,goofy fishscale grips and the other crap that seem to be what's out there. But I'm not a pistol guy at all, so ymmv. Just so happens the latest stimulus check is almost exactly airfare for a safari, so that's where mine is going. Didnt spend the others either and are going to the same cause. It's the opposit for me. I hardly ever shoot the safe fillers. A really nice firearm that
  6. I walked away from a really nice addition last year for a good client when we hit an impasse on who and how much to remove and reinstall panels since we had to tie in back up the roof line. The original solar company already out of business in 2 years and the quote was more then the original package from someone else to do that work. And I wasn't touching it and not getting involved. Works still not done and they didnt renew a permit, so no one else wants to deal with it either.
  7. Ooooof. Like a sack of potatoes. That's gonna leave a mark.
  8. Have fun, New York is what you make of it. Lots of outdoors activities around, license is relative cheap for the length of seasons for hunting. Lots of good advice here, and the usual internet experts. You'll figure it out.
  9. Supposed to have a pretty good baggage tracking in place for firearms. That's my measure if you're any good, tell me my rifles on the plane, I can buy clothes anywhere. United was a mess, they had no clue up and down, even management, as to procedure. Everyone raved about Air New Zealand and they were just competent. New route for me through Dubai, but short layover, just 2 hours. Guns checked all the way through, so doesnt add much to trip length and no Corvid test required.
  10. Wait if it's not pressing. There have been a few price spikes over the 30+ years I have been doing this. Eventually the market corrects itself. I have never seen demand as high as It is right now. Building is stupid crazy. And that's not just here in the Hudson valley from NYC folks moving. Its outside every major urban area east coast. Friend just moved to SC and had a job in 3 days.
  11. That's been going on for a year. I bought 200 sheets of 7/16 osb for $6.50 each last feb. Just because it was cheap and I needed 50 for a job,but never did use them last summer. I sold 150 for 23 each last month. I wish I had bought 1k.
  12. Finalized flights today for a trip and just need to wire some funds for down payment. And finally get to see how good Emirates is for myself as they get rave reviews from traveling hunters. On the other end much of the world is struggling for any meaningful vaccine distribution, and they are already talking multiple years of annual booster shots because this virus is going to be endemic anyway. Now chef can be on here for years making posts about the vid. vaccine.
  13. I'd tell you bring it along, a guest can hunt off my license, but its opening day of bow here and it's going to be scorching hot in the valley. But tiger fishing out of the best camp there is on the lower Zambezi for 3 days at the end.
  14. I have ammo/components/dies for guns I dont even own yet, just interested in maybe someday. In a practicle sense I just got a quota list that is allowed on a hunt this fall. They didnt hunt the concession last year, it's a good one anyway for available game, and they need to do some management. If I tag out on primary animal, I could melt my barrel trying for the rest. Now I might book more days. Lol. Taking more ammo for sure.
  15. They have a store front, but they have a farm that raises birds, they sell to local clubs.
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