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  1. I noticed that too. In the era of lightweight rifles, that heavy old school. I regular shoot one of the top selling civilian/hunting strait pulls ever made, Blaser. I think my wood stock version is just over 7lbs in 30.06 sans 1 lb for optic.(Its also a switch barrel and barrel bore and length changes its weight by a bit). I dont have any problem changing between strait pull and conventional bolt, but some folks do under pressure. It's very fast for follow ups, but I'm not so sure that means much depending on style of hunting. Other players in strait pulls are the Heym SR 20 and Merkel Helix. All the european players start north of $4k or so, so Savage is well under that price point.
  2. That would be fine. Block feature works on my phone. But other then some sort of legal address, why get tied down? Wanna elk hunt, rent a 4000 acres ranch with a couple landowner permits and have fun for the fall. Buy all the quota for a prime hunting block in Tanzania for the season. Rent an estate on the Hawaiian coast for a few months. Hang out fishing and diving in Mauritius for a spell. Its 800 million now, dream big.
  3. Guess I'm against the norm here. I'd own what I could take in a carry on, just walk away from the rest. My financial person and lawyer would be the only one's with my phone number and pay the tab I left behind. Wouldnt get bogged down with stuff and ownership. Damn, might even buy a ticket now.
  4. Potential feed issues scare me off. But I find all my stuff does better run with authority. I crank that bolt handle on that Jarrett like I'm going to rip it out of the receiver one way and push it out the muzzle on the other when on follow up shots in the field. Seems like that anyway. Lol and about as fast as I can.
  5. Read, Ricochet, confessions of a gun lobbyist; written in 2008 as a predictor as what's happening in the nra. Author was a nra regional director worked his way up. Just the tip of the iceberg and also goes into the Ackermann PR firm relationship in depth.
  6. Aint nothing new. Google 6.5 Leopard. Only reason I remember this is it was being done same time I was having a rifle built and was offered a match to a test gun from a magazine article coming out. Must be 2006 or so? Not a short mag fan anyway, and I'll never own one (although I said that for years about an 06' and somehow have 2 now), but try finding ammo or head stamped brass for this. I'd rather have a 256 Newton ,Father of fast bullets.
  7. Yes, but I doubt for the average deer hunter.( or in your case turkey) Maybe new ammo laws would have some occasional hunters drop out. Might effect those using federally controlled lands with new policy. For international hunters it might get real ugly. I got caught up in a Obama administration's permit process for carrying a firearm out of the country that was dropped after they discovered the infrastructure wouldnt work. But I spent considerable time trying to get good information and some folks had to cancel trips. That's coming up again. Importation rulings about hunting made during Obama were mixed under Trump. Some quietly slacked, others not changed. More will be added. In real world that means less money and therefore huge effects on protecting large ecosystems supported by tourist hunting. Add in lost year to Corvid and a new administration and it's going to be tough on animals in remote places that only bring value when huntable and importable.
  8. If you were a responsible citizen, you'd turn in that evil death machine for a $25 gift card to BJs. Maybe get a well done online from the governor.
  9. Well, I can only base my answer on experiences I have, and never had a bag misplaced/lost, or trouble at customs (but some funny stories, and a couple of awesome folks met that made for memorable highlights); so I like to travel by air. So hard to travel too is relative. And all but one carrying a rifle too. At one point I had flown 3 of the 5 longest international routes from the US, but those have all been eclipsed by long haul Asian destinations for the most part. Modest price? I'd consider $4500 modest for an elk hunt and more is now the norm. But hunts from say may to sept off top of my head. I did birds, field and waterfowl, in Uraguay, cheaper then next door Argentina. Personally not a big shot gunner and had a fantastic experience. Northern hemisphere; Roe deer in Europe is open in August. Some great deals in the Balkans and eastern European countries.Good eating too. Good deals in Spain for managememt ibex pop up from time to time. 6 hrs overnight flight from JFK to Barcelona. And only 2 hrs to hunting ground. Best food hands down ever across the board in Barcelona any place I have been, and accommodations modest by most city rates, but you have to look around. Next door Portugal has Red Deer and some fun boar hunting. Often driven game and you have to be a good shot off hand and in a hurry, maybe not the best choice for a first time hunt. More southern hemisphere; Namibia was open in corvid and will be open for hunting this year. So will be Zambia and Zimbabwe, but cheap is not the way to go there. Need 72 hrs negative test and a couple airlines flying. A 8 day Namibian management hunt will run 2400 for 10 fair chase no fences animals and 1200 will get you there. Add some for tips and trinkets, say 800. Good hunting ethics there, good guides too. Can cut flight in 2 with a break in Europe and get on central African standard time too. No shots/ health risks and malaria area in not in play for inexpensive hunts so nothing needed for that either. I did 10 animal package, fair chase, management hunt in South Africa for 8 days (part of a longer trip) and didn't fill my quota( but did spend time looking for some nonmanagament animals too) Hunted right into the night. 16 hr days for a week, fantastic time all spent in the bush. Sat and called for predators after dark, all the rest walking/tracking or spot and stalk. Lots of big fence areas there, but open country can be found too. I'd add New Zealand, just cost you airfare. Many management game areas open year round and easy to access.But it's a long trip. I live 2 hrs from JFK, it took 36 hrs my door to hotel front desk, it was a grind.
  10. Southern hemisphere is hunting in our summer. Lots of places seasons are open close to year round. Some cool adventures to be had if one expands their horizons.(and even places open during this corvid deal) Just sayin'
  11. 40! And you think you are done? I've been in camp where a 79 year old took his first game animal with a borrowed rifle. Never shot anything other then a service rifle almost 60 years prior and whistled a text book 120 yd shot with my 375 hh. And 2 72 year olds filling out a lifes dream hunting together in the arctic. Plenty ways to get going on a hunt somewhere but it requires some work to make an opportunity. Gone on a pile of hunts, nothing dropped into my lap, but was able to take advantage of some terrific deals by keeping after it and jumping when I knew it was to good to pass up. I turned someone on to a land owner elk tag in nm that came up with a few weeks notice a few years ago. Took a very nice animal, ranch hands even helped with field prep and hanging. $1200 on 14000 private acres, topo maps, cabin with running water for a week. I was in africa and forwarded an email or I would have gone myself. Get after it, never too late.
  12. I'd comment more on what's contained in this post. It's very important when booking a hunt to get the experience you want; ask questions and if using an outfitter get one that fits your expectations. I book the experience first and foremost, finding successful operators who can fit that bill tends to produce results. All my questions to former clients are about the day to day. Hardly ever about if they got something or not.
  13. Good stuff, hope your evening goes by quick. Stay dry.
  14. Done a fair bit of lightweight back packing, much of the gear crosses over well into staying out a night when hunting and have done so in the past. Have an e vent bivy that's a terrific piece of kit to carry along. 12 oz., wind /waterproof and best it breathes. Size of a water bottle and folded fits in a coat pocket. That and a 600ml ti cup that has travelled all over the world with me are go to items. A few cotton balls with vaseline to start a fire and good to go. Its fun to be able to stop as late as you want, and not work back to a camp/car/trail head at end of day.
  15. If you start or renew a subscription at one of the events around the state they attend, you can get a hat for free. Usually get one at Boonville logging show or Suffern outdoor show.