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  1. I use liner socks often, I happen to like synthetics better then merino. Usually a blend of merino over the top. https://www.rei.com/product/642937/fox-river-x-static-liner-socks Don't know about the specific product you're asking about.
  2. Pretty hard to miss when the game is chained to a stake..... Look up his lion hunt. LOL
  3. First deer that walks by.....
  4. I did some work on Poppletown Rd /Old Post Rd near that property......I always though to try the "white" trail for access, little bit of agriculture off that east side.
  5. Thinking about making the plunge into one..... Sounds like you are getting there.
  6. FWIW...... With modern powders and the right bullets it has been used on dangerous game. Most countries specify a energy requirement to hunt big 5 ( dangerous 7 some places); that often is a classic loaded 375HH with 300gr bullet; sometimes a 9.3x62 (.366 bore) and a 286gr bullet is also allowed. Hot loaded 45-70's are some stout medicine....google "Randy Garrett" he was a pioneer in producing dangerous game loads for new rifles. You can't shoot this stuff in rifles intended for the old blackpowder loads. Many consider it a "stunt" just like folks argue using a 223Rem for deer on here. Sometimes with the right professional hunter/gov't game scout; things sorta can get looked past and hunts happen anyway.
  7. Undefeated the rest of the way right through the Super Bowl.....you read it here first. And then you wake up.
  8. Always a good time to be looking for tree rats. Hows that rifle working out? Side note I let one sit in marinade and grilled it pressed flat in a basket. Not bad.
  9. Well I made out great at Wal Mart today..... When walking by sporting goods I wanted to see what they had for shotgun shells and price; there were Winchester AA in 28ga(!), but no price. Gal at counter right there so I asked for a scan and couldn't get the reader to work proper so she scanned some similar boxed 20 ga instead and sold me the boxes of 28 for the same price (5.97). 28's are usually around $10-12 per box. Almost have enough empty AA hulls to start rolling my own now. And in the discount item isle found a Fram air filter for 2004 Ford for one dollar. I got no complaints.
  10. I'd be guessing its the twist rate in your barrel.
  11. Kind silly cartoonish but over 800,000 hits in one day on you tube. Paints the hunter as a dick......that bothers me. ( Personally have been boots on the ground to see how this works, 4 hunts and around 75 days afield in 3 countries; kind of insulting to me) But I think hunters as a group use social media terrible for our end to persuade the 80% who don't hunt but are fairly neutral about it. (most agree 10% hunt,10% anti, 80% the rest)
  12. Same here.....have a Sauer 200 30.06 and 270 (switch barrel) rifle and have older Warne Premier rings I want to keep in 30mm on it. Thought about one of the Vortex line also.....
  13. 100% Own lots of Forschner and Victorinox fibrox butchering blades......do pigs, steers,sheep,goats,deer... Forschner is same blade as the Victorinox if you want to shop.
  14. Please post a review..... I want the 2-7 x 33 as I need a 30mm tube for a rifle that has been sitting here forever and this was tops on the list. I see on line reviews but don't know anyone who actually has one.
  15. Special agent Johnson in "Die Hard".< good flic Missed Bills QB Jim Kelly by a week in being in the same hunting camp in New Zealand 2014. Would have liked to known why he couldn't win just one freekin' SB out of 4 attempts. Worked for a couple of celebs and some were nice, some ambivalent, a few were asswipes. James Earl Jones is really a nice guy and same for Dan Rather.