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  1. My first 458 win mag had a narrow stock and was a poor fit, too light at 8 1/2 lbs. hammer your cheek bone on recoil. Second weighed about 10lbs plus a lightish scope (1-5x20). I had that re chambered to 458 Lott, advantage being you can still shoot win mag ammo, bit more case volume to put the bullets up to what the win mag was supposed to be but never achieved. 458 win mag had a horrible start with significant powder problems, they expanded in heat and could push the bullet out of the case. Not so good for a design intended to hunt big stuff in the hot sun. But that was corrected with better powders that came along. Brake will help significantly, but not so favored by anyone standing around (not liked by guides at all). I have removable and use them for some practice, and put a protective thread cap for hunting. But the Lott doesn’t have one and doesn’t need it for me. I don’t shoot any heavy kickers from a sit down rest, only standing so you can take the recoil much better. Chart needs rifle weight to give a better idea, how it’s distributed counts too.My favorite rifle is a 375HH that is a bit muzzle heavy on purpose and shoots terrific and why it’s my favorite gun. Helps with muzzle rise and easy to shoot with a t shirt. Custom fit for drop and lop doesn’t hurt either. 500 gr Woodleigh solid from the 458 Lott will go through 6 feet of elephant skull, brain, vertebrae, and out the top of between the shoulders from 20 yds. Only recovered one solid from an insurance shot from between the shoulders animal laying down and in the paunch stopped by the undigested grass.
  2. Me too, what are we thinkin’.
  3. No way Larry. Dont you pattern your rifles off hand? A bench is only for a 243
  4. Dude, WTF? Go now, you could grab the skull and have it cleaned. Show up with the bunny suit, who could say no, it’s halloween.
  5. That would be interesting to see if someone else takes that animal. Handload? Reduced recoil? Curious. Anything man made can fail at some point if you have enough samples. I have shot a fair amount of game and have had one honest bullet failure (that i know of), and from a premium constructed brand. I'm still using bullets from the same lot with confidence, but was interesting to see fragmenting in what is a tough bullet.
  6. Go for it; after years of fishing trips in my 20’s, I started adding hunting trips in my mid 30’s. I wish I started earlier. You never know when life will put a few bumps in the road, and am glad I spent the time then, and didnt wait til now that I’m hec of a lot closer to 60.
  7. Second half topic of Coast to Coast tonight. Oooo….spooky coincidence? I think not……
  8. Doing something many just talk about, thanks for bringing us along.
  9. Ask 3 people in NY govt anything and get 5 different answers, totally get your point.
  10. I’m not a handgun guy, right up front, no expert….. But I’d guess off the top of my head it exceeds the weight for a semi automatic. 50oz unloaded. You cant own a 50 Desert Eagle and although it looks like any other semi auto, it weighs too much. Be interested to hear others thoughts?
  11. Crazy story. Hunted with all kinds of guides, including a couple that regular follow large wounded dangerous game; and their biggest apprehension from guiding is the hunter behind them with a loaded weapon. Enjoy the posts, lot to be learned from them. Stay safe.
  12. You can hunt Balearic wild goats there….. Just sayin’ Cool place…..
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