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  1. Dinsdale

    Which day pack do you use.

    I have a Badlands 2200 after using someone elses in mountains for several days climbing and covering some ground. Has a very good system for spotting scope and tripod; and a good system to compress down when not using the volume. Carried a fair load in broken terrain with maybe 75lbs meat and cape. Bigger then the other options mentioned by a bit. I like the fit and carry for myself. Honest I would order 2 narrowed down choices and put a load in each and see what fit you better, and send the other back. I was convinced another brand was a great option but just didn't adjust well enough to fit me and went back to Badlands.
  2. Dinsdale

    Hunting wild cattle

    https://modernfarmer.com/2014/06/yak-farming-thing/ LOL....SCI will recognize just about anything for an inner circle jerk pinnacle gold hunting platinum slam of the world life achievement lord of the rings award.
  3. Dinsdale


    AZ Desert Bighorn did $285K MT Rocky Mountain did $280K ID was $180K UT was $56K That AZ tag sold for almost twice that a few years ago IIRC
  4. Dinsdale

    Hunting wild cattle

    The feral cattle there are called Vancouver Bulls if you want to google hunts . They're small and have long legs. They hunt what are called locally Scrub Bulls(Feral OX for SCI) in Australia and at one point you could hunt feral Longhorns in Texas. Here's SCI's list for wild oxen of the world... ❏ Cape or Southern buffalo ❏ Nile buffalo ❏ W. African savanna buffalo ❏ Central African savanna buffalo ❏ Dwarf forest buffalo ❏ Water buffalo (N. America) ❏ American bison ❏ Barren ground muskox ❏ Greenland muskox ❏ Feral yak (Asia) ❏ Water buffalo (S. America) ❏ Water buffalo (Asia) ❏ Water buffalo (Africa) ❏ Water buffalo (S. Pacific) ❏ Water buffalo (Europe) ❏ Sichuan takin ❏ Golden takin ❏ Yak (N. America) ❏ Banteng (South Pacific) ❏ Mishmi takin ❏ Feral ox (South Pacific) I know two guys who hunted China back in the 70's and have lifesize Golden Takin mounts; very cool. They were supposed to reopen a season there for foreigners but some political mess about tariffs messed that all up.
  5. Dinsdale


    Bought the Idaho and Utah/henry's mountains hunts to get you started..... https://bid.wildsheepfoundation.org/The-Sheep-Show-2019_a34575?m=all&ps=100
  6. Dinsdale

    WNY comes to Region 3 - - Meetup

    Getting that far south coming out of Hyde Park at that time of day is tough. Haven't asked for any time off on new job either; have to feel that out. On the other end I'm kinda pissed I'm losing a days pay on Monday since I don't qualify for any paid holidays either.
  7. Dinsdale


    Heading down for Saturday and hoping to meet someone coming from Pa....maybe grab dinner afterwards at a place Chef recommended for burger/beer. Booked some fishing trips there and looking to poke around again.
  8. Dinsdale

    How long is to long

    Interesting enough many of the big players in the game doing international trophies (and domestic) are going to guaranteed short delivery times......some 6 mos....others 90 days (!). You'd be surprised that that doesn't come with ridiculous pricing either, well within the pricing structure for most areas. I received a very competitive quote out of curiosity. One example; http://www.animalartistry.com/ But they run their shops like real businesses and many find the artistic end doesn't always gel well with running a fiscally responsible enterprise. LOL
  9. Dinsdale

    How long is to long

    Not unusual for taxidermists to run poorly for time. Many are one man bands who can get over committed. Not an excuse, just nature of business it seems. However that shouldn't stop honest communications, and honest estimates for what is happening with a mount. For example my taxidermist had some health issues, and then I had a few changes in my life; but we are still communicating about some mounts he has had properly tanned and stored since early 2017 (that I hunted in 2016). Then I shipped him some 2017 trophies in 2018 when they came in the spring (can take a spell to get salted hides from out of country hunts). I know they are safe, he knows I want to get back to them at some point this year when my cash flow is better; but I have no down payment invested and he has outlayed tanning bill. Now prior to that, the local guy I used lost a hide and I had no idea WTF was going on and thats why he doesn't do my mounts anymore. (I've had quite a few mounts done) Original taxidermist 10 miles from home and the new guy in Flint, Michigan and he treats me better.
  10. Dinsdale

    The Movie "Alive"

    Could be part of the "Whats For Dinner" thread.
  11. Dinsdale

    Ruger Bearcat or Single Six

    It was a S&W 34....2011.... I like the Bearcat but it doesn't fit my big hands well to actually shoot. Single Six feels better for me.
  12. Dinsdale

    Ruger Bearcat or Single Six

    I thought you listed a Single Six on here some years ago for sale?
  13. Dinsdale

    Southeast/ region 3 meet up

    Wow, worst nightmare on those roads and seems to happen frequently; glad you got out of the jamb in one piece. I enjoyed chatting with everyone I got a chance to even if brief at times. EVERYONE has a unique and different perspective on things, I happen to find my passion hunting with inspiration talking to others who went before me. Hope I can light a spark in someone else to chase a goal. Look forward to another get together.
  14. Dinsdale

    Southeast/ region 3 meet up

    Its kinda like these meet up plans. Someone says they want in, but actually getting them to commit is another thing! Done a couple forum hunts that worked out great....Mule Deer in New Mexico and a couple days in South Africa as part of a longer trip..... Made life long friends on both. But doesn't need to be that "exotic". Lots of options out there.