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  1. You should post a pic of the garage walls, they're great......real hunters trophy room.
  2. You've earned it.
  3. That pedestal mount sits on a piece of black granite top that looks like a pool of water with the animal drinking from it, just something different. Theres a metal shaft that runs down through the mount that plugs into a socket in the base. I just use a scrap built stand I supplied to the taxidermist as a temporary base when needing to move it. I think I have a finished pic somewhere..... I just kinda find a place for them here and there.....no wife= easier to decorate. Caribou on far right is a PIA with velvet horns that attracts dust and wide spread is tough to find a corner for him, but happens to be one of my personal favorites(best hunt ever?) along with baboon in avatar. But yes I could use a bigger space, I have never had everything up at once and theres a few more plus some euros are hanging in the shop of some deer etc.
  4. Don't have any good inside pics with the pedestal bases etc.; but here's some mounts when cleaning and moving between buildings. Goal is to get everything in one place (have some at a customers weekend home) and all up proper. I keep saying that, but always work on other folks places and never my own.LOL Only two whitetail here in this lot, one was taken with a scratch built muzzleloader including the barrel, the other with a falling block built from a kit sold some years ago I found on line and finished. Neither are big by anyone's standards, but the guns and hunts meant something to me.
  5. Nice mounts all! Need to get everything in one place myself, good inspiration.
  6. Sounds like a good idea.
  7. Oh there's no shortage of folks who want to separate you from your money when hunting, especially Americans as they are considered easy marks. You'd be ringing the dinner bell for that request. And you'd feel great as you sure would be paying more.
  8. Short answer no; that's true for most international hunting. You need good paperwork from outfitter to provide the gov't for export; thats included. Trophies are delivered for Dip & Pack.....that sometimes has a charge but is often included. Dip & Pack, Shipping, Import is not included; there are lots of options. It is a part of research to fully understand the process and some get surprised by the bills. As the hunter you can chose who does this work and are free to shop around. I use the same guy to clear import each time and shop around for the rest.
  9. Honest that would be the low end for a hunt. Add in bait and misc charges and you'll be adding a few grand more to just the base hunt unless you catch just the right offer. Best case is to have a partner willing to shoot bait animals if hunting one of the safari areas or you need to buy some local livestock for some hunts. Leopard can be a time consuming focused hunt unless in one of the premier areas and the prices there are considerably more than $20K we are looking at here. I have baited for other hunters three occasions now and cool part is getting to see baits hung/drags done/pug marks/trail cams pics evaluated before those hunters arrived in camp. All got their cat! I'm like a lucky charm for a following cat hunter. LOL Another sad fact is after next year I expect Leopard to be added to the non importable list of USF&W just like Lion and Elephant from most places. South Africa had to shut down all Leopard hunts due to poor planning in having international paperwork done wrong for this year; not sure about next. USF&W has even announced more restrictive importation rules for all imported sport hunted trophies just this week. Right now I have 2 animals waiting on proper paperwork and hoping all the I's are dotted and T's crossed that require more strict CITIES permits and TOPS permits. The other 8 just need the standard stuff, but even then paperwork needs to be perfect. Anti's have figured that getting stuff home will hurt the hunting business and they have really hurt the ZImbabwe guys with Elephant ban. USF&W is squarely on their side. Been fortunate enough to take a considerable number of game there on a handful of hunts and don't mind leaving stuff behind as I have from every hunt; but it has potential to be painful in the future to bring stuff home. It can get crazy now with dip&pack rip offs and shipping charges if not careful, need to ask lots of questions before going. Awesome place to go hunt, headed back for trip #5 in later 2017 or 2018.....sooner if the right deal comes along! LOL
  10. Probably more skill than luck. I'm just in awe cause I couldn't come up with 1 guy to book a hunt with, let alone double digits! Always another question to add when looking at hunts.
  11. Damn, most group type hunts I see about are like herding cats.....impressive. I could hardly get 4 guys to agree on a simple Quebec fly out fishing trip and always had one problem member who would screw up the works. Gave up on worrying about a partner and have done every trip alone for hunting except for two (muledeer and one caribou trip). Did the winter Bou' drive up hunt a couple times on my own; long drives and those washboard roads did suck. Broke a brake line in an older truck and went a long way with no power assist. Good times! Spent a fair amount on travelling to hunt and don't regret any of it...... Good deals out there for those willing to research and be ready to act when something pops-up.
  12. Enjoying the posts. Congrats on the recoveries.
  13. Guess you better buy more cosmoline. I like a 30 cal magnum if having to choose. Had a 300RUM that was a sledgehammer on game in the 300-700lb class. 26" barreled thumper that is only one of two rifles I regret selling and I've owned a bunch. Needed some cash at the time; should have sold some other junk instead. Actually I sold just the barrel and kept the rifle so not a total loss. 300 WBY is filling in at the moment; when i'm bored with that next will be a 300 Jarrett as I have a stash of Norma head stamped brass waiting for a rifle. (8mm Rem based) That Cape Eland in the pic the lady took with a 270win is a dandy. Trophy fee if you draw blood, and that means just one drop, averages $2000-2500. The one I took weighed just under 2200lbs. I'll take the insurance of a more is better for my money. (Eland is usually a tracking hunt if done proper and is just about the best hunt I have ever done, top ten anyway.)
  14. Good stuff!
  15. I have a Liberty Colonial with the mechanical lock, good fire rating for the package compared to some. No issues, happy with purchase. Bought from dealer not box store and got a great deal on a floor model....but I have the equipment required to move heavy stuff by myself so no delivery was required. I have almost all QD scopes, so I store close to rated number by putting some barrel down and some up. I also sleeve all my guns except a few at the front I want easier access too, so they can be nested tight. I also modified the stock interior to a custom configuration and that helps. But yes, buy bigger is possible; all safe folks are optimistic on gun count.