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  1. Dinsdale


    Intro I remember best is first up in this clip with the NHL shield......good stuff.
  2. Did you see that benchrest record set last week? BAT action with a Brux barrel...16 lbs...but not a sled gun. 1.068" at 1000 YARDS(!) https://www.gunsamerica.com/digest/benchrest-shooter-1000-yard-group/?fbclid=IwAR1iTYIJG5oUnV2Hcw6Bw_0A1JA07uyzantGyhhE2KhrKZg7p3YvG_NuoUQ I knew a benchrest guy in Long Island and went to Pa with him once. You could cover his groups at a 1000 with your hand.
  3. Chota hippies are lightweight roll down hip high stocking foot wader /gaiters for this. I use regular hiking boot with them and they have served me well when doing multiple caribou trips and any shore fishing. Warm and dry, and rolled down so they don't get hot when covering dry ground. Good for rain and walking in wet fields too. I can't get any of the rubber/neoprene style boots to fit, so not an option for me.
  4. Dinsdale


    It also wasn't live for most people in the US, it was tape delayed. But I watched it live with my dad on Canadian tv out of Toronto as we had a huge antenna on the house in Buffalo and frequently watched Canadian hockey broadcasts......dad is a hockey nut.
  5. I have the 5lb LEM vertical with the plastic tubes. I think the casing slides off easier JMO. 100's of pounds through that unit without a hitch. Beef, pork,venison. You can't stuff good sausage with a grinder, adds too much heat and you get hotdog consistency. Fat smears. After I grind and mix, I make softball size balls of meat and put them in a tray for the freezer to keep cool. Then you can quickly load for stuffing. Good fat handling needs to have everything ice cold, if my hands don't hurt from the cold, the ingredients are to warm.
  6. Now I want a lobster mount.
  7. This is where I'd tell you that my experience says this is not so. I've worked for a fair amount of people who most would consider wealthy......chairman Nike NA, heir to John Deere fortune, CEO Phillip Morris, president Little Brown publishing, heir to PPG corp fortune......folks who land their private helicopter on the lawn to look at the progress on a house. They all have a common instinct; to better their position financially. We've gone round on a $500 legitimate upcharge on a $4000 bill for a project that will cost $4 MILLION dollars. And this isn't some lackey or personal assistant making the call, they get right into it themselves. And then they buy a $5000 toilet for the master bathroom. Its the game, they don't care what a billion dollar buys; they know 1 billion and one dollar is more. And more is better.
  8. They are hunted in Scandinavian countries and adjoining Russia. Often using dogs and rifles. I've seen offers in spring from blinds with shotguns, but thats a Russian thing I gather as every hunt I have seen is in snow cover .
  9. I wasn't kidding when I haven't seen this kind of number in 20 years back when I started booking hunts. The add ons in Tanzania like $4000 charters have always kept me away. This is a drive into camp hunt after a commercial, in country, puddle jumper. And cheaper than a South African buffalo ranch hunt on 2 areas totaling 1.2 MILLION acres; about 2x the size of Dutchess county. 2019 46" bull Good luck, I have had quite a few good deals lined up for hunts and once you ask for the money you get a bunch of excuses and crickets. But its still a great idea!
  10. Selous hunt in October this year. Fly into Dar es Salaam(JFK to Dar about $800 via Emirates thru Dubai) Outfitter offering 2 buffalo on a 10 day licence(8 days hunting) for $17,500 all inclusive except airfare/dip and pack/tips. But he's willing to split quota for 2 hunters/1 PH for just cost of 2nd licence......so less than $10K each for East Africa hunt. Limited plains game; focus on bulls over 40" with mid 40's possible.(that's VERY good). Need a 375hh legal minimum
  11. How about a Cape Buffalo in Tanzania for unreal price I haven't seen in 20 years with a top operator. AND he even owns a Sako 375 lefty that's perfect for the trip.
  12. Frankly you wouldn't get me on one of those 5000 person germ factories if you gave it to me and paid me....but thats me. Flights are bad enough. I sent my parents to Alaska on a cruise for their 50th about 8 years ago and booked them on a small boat cruise. Service was impeccable but its not cheap like the big people barges.
  13. Dr. Bronners is a very popular brand; found in many grocery stores. It is a big hit on the campers/backpackers list because it lathers and rinses clean even with very cold stream water. Thats how I came about it; but now I use it everyday.
  14. read this article; https://nypost.com/2020/02/14/alex-rodriguez-emerges-as-potential-mets-buyer/ Wilpons tried re negotiating for more money after they agreed on a plan with Cohen. “No chance A-Rod pulls that off, especially with Steve Cohen still out there playing safety on this thing,” said one banker familiar with Cohen and the deal. “This auction will not get close to $3 billion, and it will be lucky to get over $2 billion. Steve knows that, he’s talking to people and he’s waiting for the Wilpons to come back begging for $2.6 billion and no five-year window.” Cohen declined to comment on the notion that he is still actively monitoring the situation, but one source close to the $13 billion financier made it clear that he would not be involved with the Mets auction and “refuses to be used as a stalking horse” in the process.
  15. No worries, drive an hour to JFK and we're on our way. I'm itchin' to go back and need a boat partner.