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  1. Yaa, the "oh wait nevermind" means I get they weren't armed. You brought up 1960's protests and implied folks should be shot, not me; thats why I quoted it. In case anyone missed it, we as a society don't shoot thugs on sight; thats utter stupidity as dumb as the "protesters" who burn their own neighborhoods. ( the protesters is in quotes.....thats also sarcasm)
  2. Yaa.... Those armed college students at Kent State got what was coming to them. Oh, wait, nevermind.
  3. Want to see the epitome of stupid police work? Watch the video today of them arresting a CNN news crew during a live broadcast including handcuffing all of them as the camera sat broadcasting. The sad part is there was not one with a brain on scene that intervened to what was going on.
  4. YES! Exactly....thank you..... But it does effect other countries and a few Americans (like me) and shouldn't even be a topic for USF&W. CITIES says its legal and this country should follow the law. All he had to do...." I'll trust MY appointed secretary of F&W to make the correct decision based on science and facts." But he just couldn't resist being the center of attention whore again and thats why it answers the title of the topic here..... Trumps stupidity.
  5. Birds are going nuts in the woods behind my place.....last 2 weeks most activity I've heard in a few years. Get out there!
  6. That board was disbanded due to court defeat as illegal......and most of his appointees in F&W resigned. 2017; https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2017/11/19/trump-calls-elephant-hunting-a-horror-show-and-suggests-hell-enforce-a-ban-on-trophy-imports/ And he has had USF&W enforced a ban on imports , against CITIES scientific findings, for several species . You can apply for import, but no one has ever received an actual permit , although there has been movement on lion importation. But the damage has been done financially and therefore environmentally at a critical time for many of the species involved.
  7. Called hunting in Africa a "horror show". That was beyond stupid and a knee jerk reaction without asking anyone with understanding of the issue except his good for nothing anti hunting daughter......
  8. Up, up and away for housing north of the city.....isn't it great! I plowed one time this winter and thats damn fine by me too!
  9. I don't agree with that.... Hitting a man sized target at distance WAS the standard. Now hitting tennis balls or smaller is; and that isn't any easier or all the records would be broken for all classes by amateurs; but they aren't. The guy isn't playing the bugle; the shooter is still pulling the trigger.
  10. Dinsdale


    I have a pair of Simms and they weren't anywhere near $700. You'd have to be a complete klutz and stupidly oblivious to your surroundings to screw them up. Ive been through thick stuff in Canada and over logs in my float tube with mine without a problem.
  11. Yaa, none of our recent PM's I've been notified about, I just happen to log in and there were a couple PM's from different members here, yours included.
  12. Thanks.....went there and it says 2 things, under messages it says" administrator has disabled this option from being toggled" But above says something about my" browser help documentation enabling notifications for this site". That might as well say figure out the orbit for a space station, cause that ain't happening....I turn the computer on, and turn the computer off.....end of my skill set.
  13. Stopped getting email about PM's here about 2 weeks ago... How do I fix that? Anyone? TIA
  14. Gotcha..... Thats going to be a fair heavy structure; thats good, its short to platform; and 6'6" sidewall is short too relative to say 8'. All thats adds up to less chance of toppling. So here's what I'd do and its JMO..... Dig down to your rock, and pour some piers about 16" square and inbed some these guys at the corners..... Theres a drawing how it goes into concrete. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Simpson-Strong-Tie-CBSQ-Galvanized-Standoff-Column-Base-for-6x6-Nominal-Lumber-with-SDS-Screws-CBSQ66-SDS2/100375030 Stack some 2x12 for forms; 16" square x22" high needs about 5 1/2 bags of 80lb concrete mix per hole. OR get some 16" sonotube and save a bag of mix..... https://www.homedepot.com/p/SAKRETE-16-in-x-48-in-Form-Tube-65475000/100669878 I'd take my SDS hammer drill and pin some 1/2" rebar into the rock for the footings especially if I was in an exposed location. Pro tip=====>Timberlock and Ledgerlock screws are your friend and worth the price when doing things like 6x6 posts and bracing.