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  1. That bolt is on the wrong side for you.
  2. I love my float tube. In that pic its almost 10 years old and has been on many week long trips into Canada(over a dozen), local ponds and ADK's. I carry it 2/3 inflated and finish blowing it up full when I get to the water. Some places I have gone I need to throw it ahead of me the brush is so thick, when semi soft it won't get punctured. Carry my kit and fins in a pack with a takedown 4 pc rod, either spinning or fly. There are several spot to clip on tools with bungee leashes so you don't drop anything. Longer rod helps, a short rod is tiring casting all day; 8 foot spinning, 9 foot flyrod is what I use. I did buy a new main bladder, but then finally found a pin hole in the old one and still using it after repair (just like inner tube, cement and a patch). If serious about covering good sized ponds, those real dive/snorkeling fins pictured are a must. Stupid shorty/stiff plastic ones that come with it are worthless to cover water or hold a position in the wind, those happen to be Mares. I don't think I'd use it with lots of boat traffic, not much above the water line and I'd be nervous about being run over.
  3. Anyone know if Orvis- Manchester still holds the open house mega sale in the spring? They would sell off all the last year demo rods, excess inventory, returns, etc for a song. Bought a few rods and kit that way. Personally you can keep the technical trout fly stuff, I'll take walleye and pike for shore lunch any day.
  4. Those dates are the NY State Maple Producers weekend open houses; For other places closer to home for some and listings of those also doing pancake breakfasts can go here; http://www.nysmaple.com/nys-maple-weekend/
  5. Bondhus brand....L style with balldriver end.
  6. Sap ran all night here. Evaporator ticking along for a few hours now; spot of breakfast and back to stoking fire. Nice to be wearing a ball hat and not a heavy winter one!
  7. Go time here......tapped this morning. Planning for a long boil on Sunday.
  8. FWIW....Cameraland on LI does deals with a couple manufacturers and carries demo/ open box optics with full warranties at discount prices. Bought a few things there and products have been perfect (as has service). Way to own better optics at a break in price; they have lots of Vortex product.
  9. If I was 20 years younger...... She wouldn't have given me the time of day then either. And I still can't afford her now.
  10. But then again I can say no at the dinner table and can do pretty well with a few calories a day if need be, dessert is not a food group just so ya' know.
  11. That one of those new iPhones?
  12. I think you will also find that the Rifleman series scope is not positive clicks either, its a friction adjustment with marks.
  13. Its not full of propane, its the compressed air source with a full port valve to propel the dust so it ignites. Put a flare like that into regular shop waste with no air and it just sits there smoldering.
  14. LOL.....good stuff. I worked in a shop where there was a dust explosion in the collection system, lucky on a day I wasn't there. Thankfully outside in the blower unit, shattered windows in the area and made a pile of scrap metal of the equipment.
  15. I use mine for animals out of the shop when its clean (no MDF,melamine, etc) for bedding my critters when I have some. Walnut is bad for hooves on cattle/horses and such, so you don't want to mix that in (I would also avoid things like the more exotic tropical woods that contain mystery oils). Yes you can soak up old stain. I get nervous about spontaneous combustion on things like that, so set the can somewhere away from buildings.