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  1. Good stuff indeed! Glad you could stick it out and have it pay off.
  2. My 220 is most accurate with the Hornady sst. Killed a few with it and perfornance was fine. Also have a 20ga 870 with cantalever scope mount. Hands down its not even close, the 220 shoots like a rifle, 870 is a tomato stake. 250gr at 1800fps is easy to shoot too.
  3. This topic has come up several times over the years, larger group then one would think of folks starting out as an adult and not youngsters on here. (I started mid 20’s, non hunting family) Good luck in the woods…..
  4. A NULA in anything but a short mag right? LOL I wouldn’t think you were all ‘controlled round feed’ gun guy like Echols action? Gonna be Hartmann & Weiss type money too. If you got to ask, you ain’t on the list. I’d guess solid into 5 figures for just action in the white. A Corbett inspired Rigby stalking rifle in 275 Rigby would fit you to a tee, enough horsepower for anything in North America, no recoil, fun to handle, slim and trim, H&W action as good as they come. And Rigby is Blaser owned, you know it will drive tacks. If I was down that path I’d like a Stuart Satterlee ti action, maybe in 404Jeff or 458 Lott with a proper stock so I could shoot with just a reflex red dot type site on the front bridge. Backup folding rear leaf and ivory front bead. A Roger Kehr engraved, James Anderson built rifle would be a wonder to own if dreaming big.
  5. I’ll dig them out if I have time, in a tote somewhere. Cool, that’s right there. That’s by Parks grounds buildings entrance, there’s a par 3 right there where that deer used to hang. That’s also where I found 2 rather amorous ladies “enjoying” each other’s company one time, that’s a fun story…… Damn that’s a long time ago, now I feel old.
  6. Road hunter, ha, that’s the key to success; eh? LOL In the mid 80’s I worked at Park CC on Sheridan. There was a buck used to live on that convent property that bordered it (I think that’s a state park now?) and walk down Sheridan in the wee hours and hangout at Westwood CC (I don’t know what that is now). I didn’t hunt then, but found his sheds mowing greens at Park and still have them, biggest deer rack I have ever personally handled.
  7. Worked on a project with Cicada Killing Wasps back in August. Almost 2” long. Harmless too. Gigantic looking hornet type thing.
  8. That’s OK, and its also why I am no longer posting hunt pics or reports anywhere, its a boutique hunt that only a few are interested in seeing and there is no upside putting anything out there.
  9. I got back about 2 weeks ago from an elephant hunt. 8th safari trip. It’s not the first time he’s looked uncomfortable on TV and on the same show, but hunting buffalo. Here’s the relationship going on. Tony Makris (the guy in the hat on that hunt) works for Ackerman McQueen, he’s buddies with LaPierre. The video is for a show Makris does on his own “Under Wild Skies”, and he gets Wayne to write a big fat NRA check to pay for it. Ackerman McQueen has had a business relationship with the NRA also, that’s actually now having major friction as both parties are accusing the other of cooking the books. Makris also happens to be a leading authority of old school safari guns, he’s no fool. Ive never met him, but know folks who have dealt with him. That book I suggested goes well into that relationship and how the NRA morphed from ‘teach gun stuff’ when founded into a lobbying group. On the hunt….. All kinds of folks show up in safari camps, and PH’s have to deal with all levels of skill both shooting and hunting. I’m not a big fan of Wayne, I think his time should be over at the NRA. But almost everyone has had a time where they maybe weren’t at their finest in the hunting fields. I know I haven’t wanted a camera man along as I think it will change my demeanor on a hunt; but I could have some pretty spectacular footage by now. The trackers somehow ended up in the line of fire on the other side of that bull and thats on them and the PH. Really poor work on that hunt from what should be seasoned pro’s. My hunting party got into a dicey situation with a wounded ele calf and a really anxious mother who let us know we were a real problem for her and that herd when we got winded. The next 20 minutes were a bit hairy, but the PH and myself are there to protect the rest of the crew (2 trackers, 2 game scouts). I think I can acquit myself pretty well when shooting, that whole deal would not have been comfortable with a liability of a client along that can’t shoot well and is nervous to be there. And right after that, we started hunting poachers who spooked the buffalo I was after, and had layed the snare that messed up the ele calf really bad. But thats a whole nother’ story. Buffalo with in 20yds for a few hrs in the morning, charging elephants, spooky buffalo, and poachers made for a hell of a day.
  10. Read "confessions of a gun lobbiest" if you want some additional interesting insight on nra. Google it and long passages are free online. I met Chris Cox at a private fund raiser clays shoot, thats who should have taken over the top spot. Commands a room, super charasmatic.
  11. Tape the muzzles of my guns with electrical tape when hunting.
  12. Cool pics.... Bucket list stuff right there!
  13. Yes, just about the time we had 2 other rods in and ready to chase down some line, animal surfaced up stream and I straitened out one of the treble hooks and all was well. Good knot test on terminal tackle. Hunt was good as always with a few twists thrown in that had some highs and lows. Back for a week, and already planning and counting down days to next one. Tough winds made for challenging conditions, throw in a pissed off elephant encounter, a group of poachers, up stupid close with elephant and buffalo, and it was everything dangerous game hunting can be. You just never know what the day will hold.
  14. Follow up. Good advice to buy this reel. Thanks all. Used it during the summer and although plans evolved and I dropped the saltwater portion of my trip, it’s performance is top notch. Well worth taking it as outfitters equipment is tired and needs an upgrade. Tigerfish, Lower Zambezi, It was warm especially in ‘the Gorges’ well into the 100’s everyday. This is fed from Kariba dam and water runs cooler with a fair amount of current. Ranged from fingerlings to a 9lb’er (with the boga) Lots of Hippo attracts lots of baitfish the feed on the dung and provides plenty of tigers around to snack on them. Snagged one Hippo with a Yozuri and it almost spooled my braid line, it was not happy.
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