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  1. Dinsdale

    Shotgun Dilemma

    +1 Only thing different at NY area airports is Port Authority police have on site jurisdiction and they do a check and write down serial number and look at some ID before the gun case goes to TSA. Sometimes that can add a little time at check in waiting for them to show up. I would guess longest wait was about 1/2 hour as they had a call in another terminal at JFK and they were short staffed. Any other airport you just check in and TSA does their thing.
  2. Dinsdale

    Shotgun Dilemma

    I've hunted several times with guys who have never even killed anything and felt WAY better then someone who knew it all and was sloppy from a lifetime of bad habits. They listened to instruction and did just what they should have. Even lent one of them my rifle in the field for one guys first ever animal (perfect bang flop on a tough brush shot at 100 yds) Two sides to every coin.
  3. Dinsdale

    Shotgun Dilemma

    Gotcha.... Suggested rental route as it also avoids the travel situation. Its not that big of a deal and flying domestic on most airlines is a not that bad, but still easier without for this situation. Your going to need a sturdy flight case too. Nice to rent there if possible. In New Paltz just up the T-way, Mid Hudson offers a clays instruction/ammo/gun rental/50 clays package; might give them a refresher in field type situation with hunting birds. Personally I'd think I'd buy 2 Remington 870's which can be has for less then $300 in 12 ga and it will be easy to sell them after.
  4. Dinsdale

    Shotgun Dilemma

    Obvious this would be at a reputable outfitted place, almost any outfit worth its salt can supply guns often pro-bono or at reasonable price. Call them see what they can do. I know Orvis endorsed places like Sandanona here in SE NY can offer rentals for use at their facility. I attended a sponsored hunt in N. Dakota and most of the attendees (around 2 dozen) did not have their own shotguns, and just payed for ammo. (best bird dogs I have ever seen worked that hunt)
  5. Dinsdale

    OnionTown, NY (Dutchess County)

    Absolutely all true! Did a big project not too far from there and up by Ten Mile River train station (Harlem line) Most of my stories center around a contractors brother who would occasionally show up to work between stints in Dutchess County Jail....DWI, assault, possession with intent, firearms violation, order of protection...... Mullet and 2 kids with them too.... Foreclosed on a house co-signed by brother I worked for and they couldn't make a payment on a $19K trailer. LOL Closest thing Dutchess has too being like Ulster County.
  6. Dinsdale

    Toyota Tacoma up grades

    I get that....hence me quoting pic with new wheels and commenting my steelies are already rusting like his but only went through one winter. I'm probably going to swap out to alloy take offs when I see a set too. Not much has come up my way within reasonable distance as of yet, still shopping.
  7. Dinsdale

    Toyota Tacoma up grades

    Only thing I'm disappointed in my 2017......steel wheels rusting and they are going to be a pain to clean up. Those look good.
  8. Dinsdale

    Dragging or Packing?

    Thats just crazy talk on here. Unless you drag a whole deer uphill 2 miles through thickets and swaps all day, you just ain't hunting.
  9. Dinsdale

    RPR sunrise, Giant and Cascade

    Katahdin...be prepared for WIND on that route.....I mean crazy think I'll hunker down in these rocks for a spell wind. Have fun! Baxter is a terrific park.
  10. Dinsdale

    Which headlamp?

    FWIW I have a couple.....most in the $25-50 range. Black Diamond Storm; lots of settings, with spot and flood white, red,blue,green.....all can strobe and be dimmed. Does OK on 4 aaa batteries. Best in the woods light I have if you want some distance, can do anything I'd ask of it for the price. Has been soaked and frozen and still runs perfect. Elastic band needs to be tightened every so often if I had to pick a downside. Petzl Tikka; white, red. 3 aaa batteries last forever. Good around camp, super light weight and easy to use. Petzl Tactikka.....a few more functions then Tikka adding blue light and USB charging. I use this at work and is in my toolbox. Has taken a pounding and still works. Good on a plane travelling at night to read with. I like Petzls' USB battery system. Also have a Petzl e+lite.....which is a minimalist basic light for a emergency survival type kit/ back up. I have actually used this quite a bit backpacking as a simple tent light to conserve batteries in primary head lamp. Its tiny tiny tiny and weighs nothing even with spare wafer batteries.
  11. Dinsdale

    School me on tractors

    Ya'll got nothin' on this 2 year old.... https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/police-rescue-2-yearold-who-drove-batterypowered-toy-tractor-to-county-fair-174420782.html
  12. Dinsdale


    I think that would be better for runs or flicks of paint that come off a roller thats loaded too much.
  13. Dinsdale


    PS....I'd patch and stick sand the whole wall anyway to cut the gloss and smooth out any of the boogers (<<<sorry just don't know a better term) that are in the paint before prime. One thing you can pick out a pro is if they clean up the wall between coats. A sanding pole and 220 mesh makes quick work of this. You're just cleaning up the surface not trying to cut through it.....it takes longer to type out then actually do it.
  14. Dinsdale


    The fact I can see reflection of that door in the paint is telling me that a semi or gloss was coated over and they can make for this issue. Unfortunate is that proper prep always takes time and few are willing (even some "pro's" ) to do it. Goose is not a pro but is on the right track IMO. I'd do what is suggested in his post and pull what you can a flexible thin 6" taping knife works good for this, a thick stiff knife will dig up wall and require compound to fill in scratches, sand and remaining coat edges with compound (blue bucket lightweight ok for this) and prime. Benjamin Moore Fresh Start #23......one with green ring around label.....would make a good choice. I use that on almost every project that has issues. https://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/interior-exterior-paints-stains/product-catalog/fspip/fresh-start-premium-interior-primers
  15. Dinsdale


    Interior, exterior.....what ya got?