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  1. Dinsdale

    Tractor supply chicken...

    Do the Ele. And I'll make you a cool trade we can talk about. Good stuff.
  2. Dinsdale

    Hunter Ed course and hunter #s

    Trappings tough, took me 2 years trying to get a course and a 2 hr drive to get in one. I'm surprised you don't see many out your way as I actually signed up for another and planned on staying with family in Buffalo area to take it; but ended up somewhat closer to home.
  3. Dinsdale

    Notre dame on fire !!

    Only project that I'm familiar with that is currently going on that comparable is the construction of cathedral Sagrada Familia in Barcelona Spain. Started in 1880's and expected completion in 2050 or so. Parts are open and completed and some is just being started; its an active work site that you can walk through and observe from many vantage points even up in the spire towers. Spent 2 days there and could have been entertained for a week. Very cool experience if you're into building/trades/architecture. I know they put a massive effort into Chartres Cathedral outside Paris for security......what a loss this is.
  4. Dinsdale

    New eagle WIP

    I still do Dibiten torch down here and there; I actually like it better then the thinner EPDM glue down systems for residential (don't care for the soft EPDM underlayment). Just have to use your head when torch is involved; Ed was never a good supervisor or good tradesman, just friends with the company owner. LOL
  5. Dinsdale

    New eagle WIP

    My supervisor on a job early in my career burned a clients home right to the ground torching down a roof and getting the fire kindled inside a wall. Left for the day and overnight it really got going. Spent the next 8 months rebuilding it. Nice job on bird.
  6. Dinsdale

    Can dog surgery be very expensive?

    I like my dog, shes a great companion. But its not a person and a couple hundred bucks is the limit. She was hobbling along on 3 legs and vet wanted 5 grand for scans and leg surgery. Guess what? 4 months later she was just fine and took about 2 months to get muscle tone back in shape. Most likely a broke bone in the toe from running on broken rocky ground. Vets are in business to play to the sympathy of owners and play up the "their your child" guilt.
  7. Dinsdale

    Pa changes opening day..

    I'd say the writing was already on the wall for the decline of local hunt traditions at the time frame Saturday opener was put in place.Between 1984's high and 2000 there was a 30% decline of license sales in the Catskill region alone. 1984 there were roughly 800,000 licences down to around 560,000 when Sat. opener came into existence 30 years later. (statewide) (There plenty of sources on sales and trends on the net) That number has just about stayed the same now for last 10 years around 560-570,000 or so.
  8. Dinsdale

    Solar Panels

    Interesting, I've never seen a fence around any around here (Hudson Valley) including some big residential applications. I watch the resident herd of does and fawns bed under my neighbors panels from my window. They are very comfortable there with lots of browse now growing where they cleared hillside when they installed.
  9. Dinsdale

    They are banning plastic bags now

    I care a hell of a lot more that we are going to pay internet sales tax now on everything. There goes that bargain shopping.
  10. Dinsdale

    Anyone ever hunt Argentina?

    for the smaller operations the quality and quantity of firearms will be pretty good. Their access and choices for typical bolt action rifles/ammo/optics is similar to ours. The big outfits that are filling multiple camps and booking multiple hunters might start getting a bit interesting. Generally speaking i will say the quality of camp guns has dramatically increased since I started about 15 years ago going on trips out of US. More folks want to tour a bit before and after hunts with out toting a rifle around, and less want hassles of airlines and permits when arriving. And they want good quality rifles and optics when paying the fare. I like my own after doing a rental one time; but may come a day one may have to do with a camp gun.
  11. Dinsdale

    Anyone ever hunt Argentina?

    Interesting development in New Zealand hunting circles last few days.... New Zealand Police have suspended incoming non resident gun permits after the mosque shooting. Right now is the start of their fall deer season and the upcoming Stag roar, and when the mountain game like Tahr and Chamois have full developed winter coats and come down in elevation for the winter; so its the peak of incoming hunters. Gonna have some pretty pissed off folks in the industry. It was pretty easy when I went, $20 and 20 minutes all done......looks like those days are long gone.
  12. Dinsdale

    Anyone ever hunt Argentina?

    Theres several components to this.... First if there is legal quota most game animals being marketed to international hunters by reputable outfits is exportable and will tell you when they are not for your country. BUT some animal species cannot be imported due to our USF&G dept. (red stag is not one of them)Cheetah for example can be legally hunted, but not imported to US or Australia, but can be imported in Europe and Canada. Second there are some countries that allow animals parts to be immediately packed and taken home with basic in country paperwork on the spot for export in luggage.. BUT they have to be appropriately dried and salted for import and checked on import to the US by both customs and USF&W. All paperwork has to be in order. For example it quick to get export paperwork in New Zealand, you just need a few extra days after taking an animal to dry the cape and clean up the skull. (Can even bring back meat from New Zealand on a stag hunt) Third many countries (most in reality) require a quarantine period for document checks for legality of hunt when outfit must submit paperwork and a set procedure for disinfectant to be applied for export. Most African countries bureaucracies move at their own pace and 90 days legal time frames often stretch out longer depending how much grease is applied to the rails, time of year, promptness of submitting paperwork (and you are often hunting land not owned by outfit and both outfit and legal land controlling party need to submit paperwork). A year is not uncommon from hunt to arrival in US of raw trophies. Argentina has a reputation of being expensive to have trophies shipped home. There are few players in the game and they put the screws to hunters. $800-$1200 for a set of stag antlers and cape would be about average from who I have talked to. You cannot immediate export; they have to go through dip and pack at approved facility. Gun import in Argentina is also ominous and outfits are making a tidy profit on renting guns, so they seem to have little interest in changing the system. But there are outfits now including rentals with pricing. Shipping trophies is a sticky subject due to cost, I've become selective on what is shipped (its based on weight and volume), dip and pack (D&P) costs and import costs. Good portion are now leaving everything behind for hunts and rolling the taxidermy costs into more hunts.
  13. Dinsdale

    Anyone ever hunt Argentina?

    I hunted Uruguay, right next door. Flew into Buenos Aires, ARG though; birds were better at that date in URG(slight difference in crop dates with location). Anyway; Booking any hunt domestic or international is all the same regardless of state or country; its all about finding the experience you want and how you think of it in your head and then finding the outfit who can give you that experience or as close as possible for the species. Planning is a fun part of the hunt, good luck.
  14. Dinsdale

    School me on propane grills

    I got a tractor rim and buy a grate for 10 bucks most years. Rim right now is from 1948 Ford 8N. Real fire=real taste. Propane, shit might as well just fry it in a pan and put a Bernzomatic torch on it to pretend it was a flame.
  15. Dinsdale

    Porky Or Beaver??

    Yes. Border of CT in Dover area and up near Bash Bish seen prints and quills.