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  1. You may notice a difference if you try a double action and try a few if you can. I don't care for single actions in Ruger or Freedom guns, and have tried to like both.(I have a Redhawk 44mag, not the super edition)
  2. I go to a local photo place to scan stuff; even used their touch up service to fix a few damaged pics.
  3. Interesting backstory on a ship in that harbor. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/aug/05/floating-bomb-disclosed-documents-reveal-path
  4. Big ports are full of warehouses and ships containing all kinds of chemical products. Reports of 2700 tons of ammonium nitrate. In a hold of a ship? Thats nothing; medium ships carry 60,000 tons of materials.
  5. Have a smokin' deal for cape buffalo in Zimbabwe if they open up this year before the rains come. Won't be able to transit thru J' Berg/ Tambo; but can get there with Emirates I hope. Fingers crossed. Good luck OP on sale, tough to get full money on short term cancellations; I've bought a few.
  6. You can buy a spin on base from a local NAPA for around $30 and just add a spin on filter for about $17. Lines will either fit the 1/2" pipe threads or get a couple brass adapters to match the system.
  7. Finish the deal. A cotton bunny errrr union suit doesn't do anything to compliment this purchase. Invest in good wicking under garments to layer from warm to cold. I happen to like all synthetics, but have some merino wool for real cold conditions. Outer wear only half the equation.
  8. Out of the rifle scope business; staying in sport optics; binoculars/spotting scopes. Too much drama having an associated firearm line.
  9. Oh I dont know, I've fished Pepacton as recent as this past weekend and have never seen a rattler there. Its my favorite day trip place to wet a line in the DEP system. Yet here in Dutchess I know 2 places where I see them fairly often in spring sunning themselves. Pretty good sized ones too. Massive black snakes around Ashokan that are impressive.
  10. Never trading the Spree, you'd get the Blaser first.
  11. You need to go on Tacoma World and have them tell you what new rims you need to really make that truck look better. Then I know this guy with a 2018 looking for a deal on some take off aluminum rims that would pick them up.
  12. I bought a Honda scooter once off the internet......talk about a sketchy dude.
  13. PS.....In the flyer hes holding a red tailed catfish most likely from upper Amazon basin...... Jaguar pelt in small bottom row far left image.
  14. For those interested in such things; Google up Osa Johnson (and husband Martin) Film makers of the 20's and 30's and took much of the first footage of South Pacific islanders (head hunters) and much footage in Africa. He filmed and her? She was an outstanding shot<<<<<yep think that, her standing ground to charging lion or rhino and the husband captured the images. (shes tiny, all of 5-2) In their day one of the most recognizable celebrity couples. Suggest the book "I Married Adventure"; after Martin died in plane crash she wrote several volumes of their adventures around the world. More info here on Texas A&M and Wally Taber; https://www.espn.com/outdoors/hunting/columns/story?columnist=swan_james&page=g-col-swan-heroes