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  1. Best season there is..... 28 ga O/U or single shot using #6's; or one of the CZ 22's CCI standard velocity.
  2. I've done in excess of 300 residential interior stair builds and I put a front page of the local newspaper in everyone, usually behind the first riser or in the bottom newel post. Just for fun.
  3. Dremel with a cutoff blade and a Forstner bit......a little 5 minute epoxy.
  4. Terrific pics! Work got in the way of heading up there this year, used to make it a yearly trip.
  5. Been in the same situation.... Good to hear you are after it again. Good luck this season.
  6. Ha! I offered up a tag too! Hope we get invited for the BBQ! Like the mount, I think he looks terrific.
  7. There's a couple of trails in the Catskills that cross private land (Double Top comes to mind) and you are supposed to call before you hike....but it has nothing to do with hunting. I've had zero luck in asking permission from complete strangers and very limited even if I had an introduction. Plenty of offers if I have a pile of cash.....LOL
  8. Free bump... Bought a raffle ticket in Boonville today at show, maybe win me a bear hunt as a prize, and had a nice chat.
  9. Curious to what lens you are using......
  10. ULA or NULA is a make of rifle. This gunsmith named Melvin Forbes is a legend in producing accurate light rifles. His first company was ULA....Ultra Light Arms. He sold it to Colt, but they discontinued the project. So he reinvented the company back out on his own as New Ultra Light Arms (NULA) LH....Larry's bolts are on the wrong side of his guns.....Left Handed IIRC.... If I recall correctly
  11. Sorry for your loss.
  12. There's some darn good buys in binoculars out there. I've toted some 8x42 Nikon Monarchs around the world and they never let me down in the 250 dollar range. Do I have "better"? Sure; but I like glassing hunts the best and in crappy conditions uber glass is amazing. Still a decent set will be useful beyond hunting season, and the Nikons still ride around in the glove box.
  13. And they bind in the crotch..... Someone told me.
  14. Its not a bad idea. Started with a 20ga Rem 870 and with nothing but a bird barrel killed the first 20 something deer with it....with a ridiculous amount of rounds through it now. Clays,birds,rabbit,squirrels,turkeys; a shotgun does lend itself to opening more places to gain experience and confidence in shooting. Buy both.
  15. Lots out there so someone likes them.... As a new rifle owner the OP, I feel, would be best served by a conventional bolt action with a proper mounted mid range scope in an easy to find ammo as most other agree. Scout scopes, ultra light guns, see thrus where one must move the head to find a good sight picture; complicates things IMO; hes got enough on his plate as just starting out with gun safety+ actually shooting, hunting safety course, developing some field skills......