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  1. Many don’t really care. I always thought folks would jump at a chance to hunt somewhere else for different game. But the fact is it’s just not a priority for most. I’ve been doing a hunting and/or fishing trip for the last 32 years (missed 2019 due to illness,2020 because of Corvid restrictions). For me, its been a awesome time; but now I understand that its not for all
  2. I had a great first job when I was 13. Was groundskeeper for a little league. 4 boys 60’ diamonds, 3 60’ softball and one 90’ baseball diamond.Paid really well for a school kid. It was everyday after school, early on saturday’s and sunday morning to clean up the mess from the all day saturday games. Did it through high school when my gym teacher took the job at the end of my junior year thinking he could coast a day or two a week and make a couple grand for the summer. Then he hired me to help, and when he expected me to do everything, I quit. He was pissed. But to his credit; the following school year he apologized for stealing the job(it was promised to me originally that summer); and admitted it was way more then he thought for workload and complimented me for working that hard when I did it. Now here’s more of the story…..I grew up in a non hunting house and not much exposure anything hunting related. During gym class, we did an archery course for a few weeks using recurves, even hand an indoor range set up. That teacher was a big bow hunter, and I was one of the better shots in the class, so he let me shoot his compound. That experience, and having a co worker take me trap shooting; started me hunting in my mid 20’s. I’ll always remember him talking about hunting with his bow. I have no idea if he’s still alive; he’d be in his late 70’s now I’d guess. But he was from Buffalo area, I think west seneca/orchard park. So if anyone here knows Ron Tater, physical education teacher at Sweet Home High School in early 80’s….tell him Ive hunted all over the world, and he’s partially to blame. LOL
  3. That’s humbling honestly. That pic is on a few miles walk out to truck and scouting where to chop a road in for a recovery. There was this nice river flat, the rest was nasty riverine thickets. I ran ahead of my hunting team to take that pic; they thought I was crazy. I was trailing behind lost in my own thoughts as a few hours earlier I shot what I was after, its still a big deal to me to be successful on a hunt. I had this bright idea for a group shot. Front to back; Local tracker with shooting sticks, govt scout with an AK 47 on his shoulder, communal scout carrying a tail, PH’s tracker/driver they always work together on any concession, PH with his CZ 458 Lott. 105* that day and those guys wear t shirts under full coveralls. One afternoon it got stupid with charging elephant and poachers in a couple hour window right in the middle of a buffalo herd , I’d stand with those guys anywhere. The view from behind….
  4. I haven’t loaded a pic here in forever as I always used an Imgur link and it always worked, now I don’t get a pic. But I can use a jpeg off i pad, But I have better edited pics on Imgur I would prefer to use. On my screen this doesn’t come out clear, its out of focus. But its a clear pic everywhere else. Anyway, I followed suggestions above finding everything in settings; here’s crossing fingers it worked.
  5. Using safari on my i-pad…..used to get notifications for PM’s here. They recently stopped. I’m technology challenged at times. Suggestions?
  6. Yaa; what’s up with that? Sent my parents to Alaska on their 50th, cruise, tour, some time in Seattle. My cheap brother tried to glom on by volunteering to watch the house; he didn’t even know it was their 50th. Kids suck. My dad hated the idea, never stopped talking about it after. Have fun in Ireland! Sounds terrific…..
  7. Hmmm, I want to see the ramifications before we dance in the street…..So what’s to say the state doesn’t pass a law of necessity just like the safe act the all pistol permits require a 100 hrs training? Other possible requirements? Justice Brett Kavanaugh, joined by Chief Justice John Roberts, noted the limits of the decision. States can still require people to get a license to carry a gun, Kavanaugh wrote, and condition that license on “fingerprinting, a background check, a mental health records check, and training in firearms handling and in laws regarding the use of force, among other possible requirements.”
  8. Danbury is farther away,but up to you. Done fair bit of work from Cornwall Bridge to Kent in general when i had a Ct contractors license. But ranged a few times far as Brookfield. Most Sundays I'm in the area meeting a friend. Sent you a pm
  9. I’ll take it, can pick up on Sunday if that works for you.
  10. A Tesla Model Y dual motor is very sporty off the line, and a hoot to drive. Had a chance to drive one a few times now. I’m not about to trade my slower GR86 or Boxster for one, but its a great drive. Fair amount of places to charge around here in store lots, but cost and long term with a battery is still a non starter for me.
  11. 2013, not exactly new…..
  12. Its about 30 seconds. I bought a Milwaukee pole saw/leaf blower combo and was so impressed I bought the 16” chain saw to go with. That thing kicks ass. And for frame of reference I cut between 5 and 6 full cords for myself a year, maybe another 2 for others. I still use my 24” bar Stihl 390 for bigger stuff but the electric is damn good, and I can throw it inside the truck without the stink of gas. I’ll never use my Stihl 2 stroke leaf blower again, its a dinosaur.
  13. these dang kids today with their automobiles and dancing the lindy. why you can see a girls knees now and ladies can vote! back in my day a horse was just fine and it’d plow the back forty; could get me a sassparilla at the country store for a penny.
  14. All speeches are on Whitehouse.gov. Its pretty simple to look up something. On vets, this was today if its what your looking for? “Remarks by President Biden at Signing of Nine Bipartisan Bills that Honor and Improve Care for Veterans” https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2022/06/07/remarks-by-president-biden-at-signing-of-nine-bipartisan-bills-that-honor-and-improve-care-for-veterans/
  15. I wouldn’t have guessed many F1 fans here. I have followed forever, was in high school and went to the last F1 race at watkins glen (track management stiffed the drivers of prize money!) Have gone to Canadian GP in Montreal most years. Its a circus and qualifying day is a cool thing to see. Got to meet Niki Lauda in an airport, he was long retired at that point. Rain and a drying track always has thrown teams into disarray and made for unpredictable outcomes like today.
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