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  1. Dinsdale

    Christmas Gift For Wife Or GF?

    I got this.... I have that 458 win mag (and can include ammo & dies) and plan a his and hers safari. Go big.
  2. Dinsdale

    Knife Sharpening ?

    Lots of these on the market.....same idea as Havalon folding knives......they all take a #60 autopsy blade for a general blade. You can get #60 xt blades also, a bit more spine and will fit a standard handle most of the time. #10 or 20 handle/blade good for caping (actual real caping, not skinning and chopping off head) I buy from medical supply houses and use them for veneer work.
  3. Dinsdale

    Hunting in Sterling Forest

    Link to map from NY/NJ Trails Conference (waterproof and well done as are all their maps) https://www.nynjtc.org/maps/sterling-forest-trails-map
  4. Dinsdale

    Better start playing the lottery

    If its anything like the ammo back round check portion of the SAFE act, it won't be enforceable. Theres no possible way for it to be implemented. But it'll have effect the same in that there will be a large segment that won't ship to NY for fear of falling under charges by the state AG. Thats a win for the antis......a no cost program that hurts gun owners. Its their wet dream.
  5. Dinsdale

    The Closet

    I've taken classes at the Culinary Institute of America; been doing laundry and cooking since high school. I won't touch the motorcycle.....but you have to stay off my Honda Spree scooter. Have a fairly interesting gun selection. Deal breaker.....don't have any hunting land.
  6. Dinsdale

    Yelling Goat rendezvous take 3

    Amtrak is bout the same time for $130 RT.....there is even a station at Walden Ave. thats close to the Goat.
  7. Dinsdale

    Yelling Goat rendezvous take 3

    Thanks OK.......I'l just hug my pillow, it'll absorb my tears. And dad's good. Thanks.
  8. Dinsdale

    Yelling Goat rendezvous take 3

    I'm hurt.
  9. DEC officers share among themselves the busts on their own to see whats going on around the state (I have seen latest, and they have had a good season of their own catching bad guys, not all will make the papers) And they know the better judges and who will come down harder and try to steer the cases to them as much as they can ;but they are stuck with the system.
  10. Dinsdale

    New Addition

    There are some ways to help this on line with skill tests. I shoot both open and can switch left and right eye dominance, though naturally right. Since eye protection is required for all ranges, many shooters wear glasses with blank tape over one side. You focus better with both open, even if using just one. Also practicing with a similar air gun to rifle is a great idea; I'm not a natural good shot but can hold my own with this style practice.
  11. Dinsdale

    Ten Point Poached Close To Our Property

    Good to have someone caught. Remember its the local Judges that let these poachers off with often reduced soft fines below what they could do; not DEC. Shame damn poacher will be back at it tomorrow.
  12. Dinsdale

    Near miss truck transmission problem.

    My new Toyota is a manual....so no need to shop old. And my 2014 Focus is a manual, sat on a lot forever as no one can drive them; cut a substantial discount when I bough it. I don't text, so driving is easy as I can stir a gear box instead of a phone. LOL
  13. Dinsdale

    Cuomo cancelled my insurance for gun theft

    Every major carrier has a cap on value; even if your agent doesn't know, its in the small print. Also note some will not cover "accessories" like the mounted scope and rings. It may work for those having a limited value collection. I use a separate policy that covers everything, I supply serial numbers and it will cover firearms, optics(including scopes, binos,range finder, etc) and the mounts, slings, cases, etc ; full replacement value. It also covers anywhere including vehicles, and travel both domestic and foreign, airlines, etc. Look to see what and where if buying insurance and buy according to your needs; one size does not fit all.
  14. Dinsdale

    Go Fund Me Started.............

    If I donate the 2 bucks, do I have to read that idiots posts?
  15. This thread is quite comical.... Hunters $ 43 Million contribution is .012% of DEC's $3.4 BILLION budget. This program is rounding error for a accountant dealing with a budget. The closing threats get play as a political tool so they can manipulate a bunch of folks and they know as a group hunters are a bunch of dumb clucks who can't stick together anyway.