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  1. Fresh venison heart for lunch, sliced and soaked in cold salt water in the fridge overnight to pull the blood out. Making half smoked hickory honey and half garlic butter parsley both pan fried.
  2. Not necessarily nuisance, just a few off the farm. We always have a lot of deer and try to take at least a couple every year.
  3. Took the wife out for her first sit of the season tonight while the kids were at the grandparents. An hour later she had her first and second deer tags ever punched! Made great shots on both.
  4. Just saw the first doe movement of the morning. Running like she was being chased so we'll see.
  5. No movement yet. Steady rain snow mix until around 8 but it's tapering off now. Fingers crossed
  6. I've never had much luck with it either but I think there's also a science to it and not just blindly grunting or smashing antlers together
  7. What do you guys think, rattling antlers for an afternoon sit or no?
  8. I wore my chest waders into the stand this morning cause I knew the swamp would be too deep for my boots
  9. I'm just hoping my stomach growling doesn't scare them away LOL also it's pouring rain so that puts a little damper on it
  10. That gives me the motivation I need to stick it out through my growling stomach lol
  11. Got out late around 730 and the rain is supposed to be steady all day but at least I have time to sit until this afternoon. Hoping since it poured all night they'll be on their feet a bit more
  12. Same here, lots of spikes and 4pts in my area
  13. I use a card reader that plugs into my phone
  14. Sitting in the ground blind out of the rain in a little corner spot tonight. First time getting my kiddo out in the woods with me again this season. Pulled my camera on the way in and I'm pretty excited about this spot.
  15. Good luck to everyone headed to the woods in the North Zone this morning! Deer season 2021 is finally here!!
  16. I feel somewhat less prepared than previous years but I've been shooting out to 40yrds and feel confident that anything that comes past my stand is in danger. I threw my test broadheads on for some practice yesterday and they are flying well. I'd like to add at least one more stand prior to the season but im not sure if it'll happen
  17. As long as the wind cooperates i'm planning on spending opening morning on a small oak ridge next to some bedding, Hopefully i'll catch something on their way back to bed.
  18. 12 years this season. I still remember my first youth turkey hunt that started the addiction.
  19. Just had this one sent to me by my next door neighbor this morning. I'm excited! I'd love a chance for some bear sausage
  20. Never have done much canning but it's something that does interest me. We went shopping today and while sam's club seemed normal Walmart seemed like they were out of a lot of normal stuff like vegetables and some dairy products. Definitely makes me interested in keeping more stuff on hand around the house.
  21. And I thought I was the only one who has considered using the kids swing set frame as a deer stand
  22. Yes the HuntFishNY app has my license and tags and allows me to report my harvests through the app.
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