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  1. I just buy every 10+ years haha
  2. and here I am concerned about the fall grass seeding I put down haha. I don't see a frost warning in 8F, but I know it's going to be cold as hell in the daks for my bear hunt this weekend.
  3. join BHA! I don't even hunt public land anymore, but I did and we can't undervalue it. Once it's gone, it rarely comes back!
  4. it's incredible the number of injuries I've seen over the years that are the result of somebody's instincts to grab something falling. In investigations 99% of the time they don't even know why they tried to catch or grab it. Often it's a strain, but sometimes it's a tear. I hope it's the former for you. As far as comp goes, you'll be covered for all lost time and medical expenses so make sure you file immediately. I'm not sure you have a case for anything above and beyond unless you can show negligence on the part of the company for not maintaining or repairing the cart. If they deny your claim, lawyer up.
  5. as someone who makes a living in the workplace safety field, i'm curious what happened. Might be able to give you some pointers on comp. Hope it's not too bad and you heal up quick!
  6. cant wait to watch them. have to finish the last 2 episodes of yellowstone first. didn't know stars in the sky made it, i've been wanting to watch that but didn't want to pay haha
  7. the angle issue is a good positive for the biscuit. Also it's one less mechanical thing to fail. a con sometimes mentioned that never happened to me while I shot a biscuit is that the whiskers can have water condense on them and freeze.
  8. back when we argued over hunting (mostly) and not other things. sigh
  9. I'll be out this Saturday up in the north. This is my 4th year giving it a half-assed attempt. Haven't had great sign and i think all the bears live and reside in the safe zones of the old forge camp grounds haha. That said, it'll be the first year where it's not unseasonably warm in the 70's.
  10. dammit i wanted this to be true SOOOO bad
  11. are you shooting both from height (in a stand)?
  12. Why do you suspect you have penetration issues? Is it a shot placement issue perhaps? The handgun theory of "it's better to put 2 .380's on target than miss with a .45" should hold true with archery too. You really don't need to shoot more than 60 pounds unless you're hunting out west at greater distances.
  13. I shot a switchback for 13 years and never lost a deer. It's an amazing bow for it's time and still holds up well today. Good luck!
  14. I always felt the best part of forums, aside from learning is the civil debate. I've moved on plenty of issues by having those discussions here. I guess some just love an echo chamber?