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  1. Belo

    Why No dove season in NY ?

    i vote for one of our resident democrats to become next moderator. just to make things interesting
  2. Belo

    Why No dove season in NY ?

    hey man, i'm just proud you got through that one without a misspelling. You're right though, because I used the state of Georgia as an example, that for sure means I didn't know of the country. I succeed to your vast superior worldly knowledge. I am not worthy.
  3. Belo

    Why No dove season in NY ?

    man i just skimmed that thread. I had only one boy at the time and now I have 3 lol. That's pretty funny. Also the snowflake culture was pretty ripe in that thread.
  4. Belo

    Why No dove season in NY ?

    sometimes I wonder if these guys just moved on in life, got sick of the board or something happened. shawn and I would butt heads, but he was a good dude. Ants was pretty active and a good contributor. Not afraid to speak his peace iirc
  5. Belo

    Why No dove season in NY ?

    what does a pic of a euro mount have to do with FSW being a vet on this forum and having posted pictures before? I swear with your logic, spelling and typing I'm starting to wonder if you're not Mike Rossi, but actually growalot.
  6. Belo

    Why No dove season in NY ?

    man there's some names i haven't seen in a while. Shawnhu and ants. both used to be pretty active.
  7. Belo

    Why No dove season in NY ?

    FSW has been here a long time rook. And has posted a few pics over the years. Another L for you.
  8. so are all us well-intentioned new yorkers criminals now?
  9. no. this is just wrong. I've taken a bunch of college statistics classes and clearly you have not.
  10. what in the sam hell are you talking about? I can't with you man. I just can't.
  11. You're talking about 2 totally different things. Fixing an election is the act of changing votes and data and straight up fraud. "brainwashing" isn't illegal and I'm not sure why you think this state should be 50-50. It's a liberal state and has been for some time now. As already mentioned, many who don't agree with the politics have left. Liberals breed children and try and teach them their values. Many red states have similar histories with the opposite party. What is more interesting is the recent trend in TX and CO as people leave the states they don't like and bring their politics with them. This isn't confusing at all, you continue to amaze me.
  12. Belo

    Moose Draw

    to each their own. For me it's the thrill of the chase. tagging out in 15 minutes isn't really "hunting" for me. No issues with how you guys feel though.
  13. Belo

    Moose Draw

    i'm not even sure that sounds fun. Is that normal?
  14. and btw, that kind of thinking is exactly what the lady from georgia and the guy from florida said when they lost...
  15. you live in a bubble in the catskills man. Those numbers are real. Get outside of your bubble and talk to more people "not like you". This forum is a great example of group think and any outsider might think all New Yorkers share our views when in fact we're in a very small minority.