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  1. serious question. Is landscaping essential and allowed? I don't see how you'd have any issue with regards to spreading anything, but that doesn't mean the state agrees.
  2. x2, if i was closer i'd bring my edger over!
  3. my lettuce and spinach took off quite nicely in the starter trays and will go in the ground next week. Peppers are taking their sweet time as usual. Started corn, eggplant, beans, winter squash and cucumbers in their trays last night! Will probably add a tomato plant this year, eventhough i'm not a fan, the wife likes them.
  4. disagree, if you're a Trump guy you should know he has much better odds against Bernie than Joe. Doesn't mean he's going to lose now, but this is a tougher fight for sure. The election will hinge on where we're at in November with regards to Covid and nothing else. Those that hate how he's handling it, weren't voting for him anyhow. But if we're in the shitter, those fence sitters and swing votes will go the other way regardless of whose fault it is.
  5. just to add to this, it's still entirely possible you have had it and just didn't display any symptoms. This is, without a doubt the hardest part of this virus. People carrying and spreading unknowingly.
  6. First mow yesterday. Was higher already than I thought, but I fertilizer early along with a crab grass preventer which usually gets me greener and growing faster than the neighbors. Have some grass patching to do near the road. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. perfectly summarizes how I feel too. Thanks Rob. I second this.
  8. thank you. I'm no prude. the f word doesn't bother me, but the vitriol and other slurs this guy was intentionally slinging for a day or so have no place here.
  9. what you mean to say is that you'll never kill a bird with a 5 year old haha. I wear a 3/4 that you can kind of see pulled down around my neck.
  10. what about the other F word he used?
  11. this. the nail that finally got papist was a slur around autism. It's 2020, i'm sure we have some gay members, there's no need for that. Not here and not anywhere, and if you're one who likes that kind of stuff let me know so I can block you. And I've never blocked a soul. That's where I'm at. And if the mods or the owner allow it, maybe this is what it finally takes for me to wave goodbye to this place. There is NO place for hate speech with me and I wont be associated with it.
  12. Here's the photo that won the youth photo contest. We're only a couple weeks away from 5/1. Stay safe everyone
  13. outta likes. very much on board with suspensions for REPEAT swearing and slurs that promote a stereotype many of us outdoorsman have been fighting against for years. Lets forget the rules, kids etc. and just think about the anti's who can easily access this site. All it takes is one and we're all under the spotlight. Is that what we want?
  14. My guess is the dude had something really bad happen to him recently or is need of medication of some kind. And I don't mean that as an insult, what went from me having a fun little back and forth now genuinely worries me about you. Are you out? Or are you coming back? If you hate this place so much why are you posting constantly? If you want to talk hunting and fishing, but some members opinions bother you in this thread why are you coming back to it? I could understand if they were bleeding over to other threads or there were multiple topics diluting what you see (lord knows I've been there), but this is just one thread you could ignore and move on...
  15. yep. he's lost it. F bombs, homophobic slurs. Please mods, escort Pauly out the back door.