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  1. i made so much money the first time around that I'm content missing out. I could have then lost it all, so it's all good. I will say though, I switched to some of the more "safer" stocks like DIS and APPL, only to lose money. So maybe just gambling with dumb options is safer than trying to make sense.
  2. My normally idiot proof cucumbers have been giving me a hell of a time. Everything else doing well though. Have some holes in the zucchini and squash leaves so did my annual does of seven last night. I don’t like using it, but it hasn’t let me down yet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I’m on a business trip this week. The weather is nice, on Saturday the youngest starts t-ball, which I will coach. 3 kids in sports, a nice pool in my backyard and vacations to the Dak planned. Probably time to tune out until the fall. Enjoy your summer guys. Maybe when I come back in the fall Trump will be president again? [emoji2369] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. It's not an evolution, I was surprised that I had to distinguish minor non-results bearing fraud, from wide-spread real tangible "the election was stolen" fraud. there is literally nothing you can say that will change their mind. You could do more and more audits and they'd just claim that the audits themselves were rigged. It's the same argument the left used when trying to impeach trump twice. Despite the findings otherwise, they refused to except them because "insert reason here".
  5. a train to iowa... sounds like a line in an old country song
  6. Or just straight up shooting because it’s the end of the season lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. The last hurrah. Settled in a little after 5 and no gobbles. My goal is 730 haha, wish me luck Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. There is always some level of fraud. In fact they proved some republicans committed fraud this election too. To believe the election was stolen or rigged is a different statement that attacks our democracy to its core and frankly is a sore loser mentality. How Trump handled this loss removed any sense of respect I had remaining for him. That's not how I was raised, or how I raise my 3 boys. Again, if we want to talk about big tech influence, MSM influence in voting I'm all ears. But I will not debate with anyone that there were enough votes miscounted or cast illegally that would have cha
  9. wow... just wow. Happy memorial day all, stay safe!
  10. that's your gauge during a pandemic, given the very different opinions of covid... rally numbers?
  11. don't we all? don't want movement and don't want to wet the drawers, so if it's just hanging out you're gtg!
  12. Man I'm having some AMC fomo. I told myself I was done with meme stocks, actually bought RBLX and AMC puts last week because they've been really cyclical, so there's a few hundred i'm not getting back lol.
  13. My old man turned 15 this spring
  14. i like the 3/4 that I use. I spray it with permithean as well and just pull it up when I think action is near and down when walking around. Except last year when I wore it driving alone in my car because of covid.
  15. Got my triple pack of phelps diaphragm calls this week and I really didn't realize how used up or bad my old primos calls were. These are much more raspy and my pur is half way decent now. I can't seem to get my pur to be soft and there's a hint of a cut/yelp in it that I can't consistently eliminate, but I'm getting better and I think the old call was half my issue. Excited to get out this weekend. Not sure saturday or sunday yet
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