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  1. yeah it's too late for this year anyhow. I've never shot over 30 and my second pin is at 35. That's the longest I'd shoot. I do like the idea of blowing through a shoulder on a slightly quartering towards shot though. I'll take that over distance.
  2. I think there's always the exception. does with antlers, weird defects, injuries etc. But yes generally a 1.5 is not a button.
  3. yeah the amount of rain lately needs to chill out lol. Not just for the woods, but sitting in the stands at my kids games or practice in the cold rain sucks haha.
  4. I'm going to just keep with my rage and fmj setup this year. But I think my next year project will be a heavier, high foc setup. I like the iron will single bevels.
  5. I understand, just pointing out that there is already a tax that is generally "democrat friendly"
  6. I don't think you and I are disagree or did I say anything correct, you just added a little more color to it. But yes, in order to use PR money, the state has to match it. If it doesn't, then they lose the funds and yes those funds can go to public parks like baseball fields as well. I'm not saying it's a perfect system, but many hunters and for sure the public don't even realize the millions that go into conservation projects solely from the sale of guns and ammo. Hunters don't even really put that much in if we're honest, it's the target shooters that do. https://wildlifeforall.us/resources/pittman-robertson-wildlife-restoration-act-explained/ (one of the better links I could find) surprised an official site wasn't on the main google search page.
  7. Little do many know that there is already an excise tax on guns, ammo and hunting equipment. The pitman robertson act funds millions in conservation every year. BTW, there is no backpack tax for the hikers and bikers that use these same public resources. btw, guess who asked for the tax? GUN OWNERS. they literally lobbied for the tax to protect our hunting privilege's after market hunting nearly wiped it all out.
  8. I did a population suburban control hunt once down south. I enjoyed it, but I wouldn't call it hunting. It's good clean meat and a needed service, but it was kind of odd and again not what I really considered to be hunting. I would akin it to shooting a squirrel off your backyard bird feeder vs hiking into the woods and shooting one out a pine. Same squirrel meat, but different experience. iirc there was a show on tv 5 or so years ago that covered some guys that did just this and I think it was CT too.
  9. I pulled some non-cell cams saturday that sit on my plots and was just overwhelmed with the amount of deer grazing. Just being hammered at night by doe and bucks alike. I am getting some solid buck activity here and there right before dusk and right after dawn so that will be my first week of october hunt plan before I leave the area alone till halloween. my fall plot is super patchy but growing very well. I'm confident with better spring and summer mowing I wont have the thatch next year and it wont be so patchy.
  10. don't underestimate #2. People love power. I see it in the youth sports volunteering that I do. Now admittedly I have several layers of direct reports in my real world job so I don't crave any extra power or authority in my philanthropy, but there are several (and I hate to point this out, but it's important) women on our board that are stay at home mom's or work lower level jobs and they absolutely feast on "being in charge". Like argue over shit that doesn't matter and enjoy the power trip. We all do the job for free except a free t-shirt or 2. I do it because football and baseball meant a lot to me growing up and I have 3 sons. Others I think have the power trip bug and nothing more.
  11. I sorted on your most popular content my dude. Sure you slip in some random hunting stuff, I saw it. I honestly think you do it to take away the argument that all you do is post political stuff. So I sorted your feed based on threads with the most traffic and look what we got. What are going on here at 1am on a saturday btw?
  12. so in the real world, are you saying that you shouldn't be able to shoot coyotes and bear out of season without a tag because it's not endangering your livestock? Or do you just like to have your cake and eat it to?
  13. would love if she makes it out. not going to hunt though? any reason?
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