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  1. Belo

    Looking for a new Pickup

    some more truck porn to get you in the mood jerkman
  2. Belo

    THE MAN OF MANY NAMES-- BY BILL S-8/22/2019.

    it is indeed out of order. he was old man river and then jerkmann. geez this is like watching return of the jedi before empire strikes back.
  3. Belo

    Looking for a new Pickup

    this i agree with. early fall is great for truck deals and you have the peace of mind having good rubber and a new truck going into winter
  4. Belo

    Looking for a new Pickup

    don't congratulate, participate!
  5. Belo

    Looking for a new Pickup

    yeah sorry i didn't see your post up there. thought i missed something. he or she always has my full support. Think i've been pretty clear over the years regarding my views on bigotry. It's funny, all the crap papsmear posted over the years his final nail in the coffin was using a medical condition some children suffer from as a derogatory insult to another. I'm glad the mods don't let that shit go here. It's ok to jab, joke and have fun and I think it's important to have thick skin. But one thing I learned in college with a pretty diverse group of friends, is that you never know how someone else will take it. Now that said, most reasonable people understand intent is more important than the word, but we're mostly strangers here and hate speech has no place. -off my soap box
  6. Belo

    Looking for a new Pickup

    what'd i miss?
  7. Belo

    Looking for a new Pickup

    i'm not saying the term is confusing or not uderstood nor recognized. For all the reasons you pointed out, it's still common. But I do believe it's less common and most if not all advertising uses terms like "leading full size pickup" not "leading 1/2 ton pickup"
  8. Belo

    How many strikes ?

    well silence and apologies are a pretty good start. glad you didn't punchicize his face.
  9. Belo

    Looking for a new Pickup

    i'm with you. i've never used the term 1/2 ton either. Frankly, the only guys that do are some pretty old school rednecks I know. For me it's full or midsize. We don't even really use the term light duty or whatever we used to call the older s-10's and rangers before they grew too.
  10. Belo

    How many strikes ?

    yes he said those things, to which you very clearly and without any room for misinterpretation make it clear that it's not acceptable and what the consequences are. You don't just go straight to face punching. I don't know about all of you, but i have a family and nice things that would all go away with an assault charge. yes that's the world we live in.
  11. Belo

    How many strikes ?

    you and i have no information on this relationship. I have friends who do and say dumb shit sometimes. Heck, I have family that does and says stupid shit. My first instinct isn't to haul off on them. We have a serious convo, then if it escalates to a threat against me, my family or my property we handle it. You can be a tough guy and a decent human being.
  12. Belo

    Looking for a new Pickup

    If you don't know the difference between a colorado and silverado or tacoma and tundra you shouldn't be driving or talking about trucks. It's not like there is some secret powers under their hood and with their suspensions that put them in the same performance class. One is big, the other is smaller. Don't over complicate it.
  13. Belo

    How many strikes ?

    did you seriously change your name AGAIN?
  14. Belo

    How many strikes ?

    jesus so the guy's a d-bag and you're willing to take an assault charge? some of yall are super tough behind that keyboard
  15. was hoping there was a vote for no change. surprised he didn't put his face on it. but will admit i hate the yellow.