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  1. this f'n guy... I'm about to start a file of all the crazy sh!t he believes.
  2. I typically get out a few times and average around 6 or so a season. I don't know what it is this year but the numbers and sightings are way down.
  3. the straight line vs a track is where they separate themselves. the hellcat also has room for groceries and more than 1 passenger... not sure about the vette haha.
  4. It's funny sometimes people think they have us hunters pegged with a stereotype, yet there's guys out there who go from checking a trap line in the morning to cruising in a vette at night. I love it!
  5. just because i become aroused thinking about a new vette doesn't mean you can blame me! that is so awesome and i'm super jealous. If you're ever in and around monroe or wayne county let me know I'd love to meet up and drool over her. I promise just to look and not to touch.
  6. Were you just a hayseed plow boy that didn't have a row to sow? love me some reeba haha
  7. i've used both and have had no issues with either. the digital cut or whatever they call them weathertechs do have more of a factory feel and fit to them though.
  8. yeah i did air intake, tonneau and nerf bars on my 16. All of which I undid prior to lease turn in. but my 19 came with steps and the intake really doesn't need to be upgraded so all I did was a tonneau. Heck the thing even came with good floormats, and bedliner, which is the only thing I did to the wife's car. I miss the days of putting in a new headunit, intake and catback at a minimum. My g8 has all of that plus a tune and several cosmetic updates.
  9. i like customizing too and lose that in leasing, but the newer model cars and trucks really require a lot less customizing than years past.
  10. I also like the murdered out look. I even added the ford overlay because the blue stuck out so bad. I actually like the darker non glossy wheels on the truck though.
  11. yeah i love your hellcat, the charger was on my short list. I really wanted my g8 in white but couldn't find one. I settled for silver but still with the red/black interior. so sexy
  12. in private moments my single friends will always tell me they'd rather be settled down with a good woman. I missed online dating and tinder and think man that would be fun. All my single buddies tell me it's not what you think. everyone thinks the grass is greener
  13. I was a never black or red guy either and black was all they had in 19 so I rolled with it. Like everyone knows, they're hard to keep clean but man do they shine when they are. With our monthly delta sonic pass it's not so bad. I really like white, but a white truck just looks like some companies work truck, so I'm more of a white car guy. Dream car if the prices ever normalize is the new vette in white and carbon... get a stiffy just thinking about it.
  14. yep, the facemask didn't last long last sunday. I barely needed a hat.
  15. I agree with this 100%. I will also say that it's ok if you don't want to have an active social life. It's not good for anyone to be a hermit, but if some alone time, or activities with the kids makes you happy you shouldn't feel the need to go out if you'd rather feel well rested in the morning. My wife and I have a beach vacation planned next month with the whole goal of relaxing. She's more of the "lets go out and do stuff vacation person" but she's also a stay at home mom. Me? I work my ass off and I'm just looking forward to relaxing and recharging. I also think this forum is full of hunters, which I would guess would lean more on the solo and lone wolf side of society. Nothing wrong with that either.
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