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  1. Fair point I guess. However, I've built computers. Half my house is smart wired, so I know my tech. To think a reputable company like Browning has a product out there with known issues, that has a fix but isn't available unless you ask for it is certainly not something I should feel bad about and is absolutely something they should take full blame for.
  2. and it sort of defeats the purpose of buying a cell cam for the extra money. But I do get what he was asking. That would be a nice feature if you have your cams on runs or scrapes near the stand that you don't want to stink up to get to the sd card. Plus being able to view them from the phone via a card reader (more crap in the bag) would be cool.
  3. yeah if you came to the site via google you definitely wouldn't get a vibrant hoping community vibe.
  4. I know I get it, I do. but certainly it is doable. Especially when you pack 16 brand new lithiums into one of those bad boys. I guess I'm more frustrated that I did my due diligence to check for updates before placing these out in the wilderness in areas I wanted to be low impact, only to have to return to troubleshoot a few of them, and then again to update the software. The lady from Prometheus was nice enough, but when I asked her why she has a firmware update, but the website doesn't she didn't have an answer. In general I've had good luck with all my brownings, but their instructions, troubleshooting website and service here leave a lot to be desired.
  5. ah yes, and t-shits that people want but can't get haha
  6. I'm upset that I'm no longer listed as an elitist dickhead archer from dicksville. that's the only change that has my panties all twisted.
  7. So we have like 1.5 mods, dwindling membership, a site headline about the 2019 season starting soon... but hey it's all good, we have badges now that nobody asked for.
  8. so admittedly i didn't read that link, but I'd love to see how they handle a major grid failure without turning on some gas generators... or better yet farming equipment so we can, ya know, eat! lol
  9. I am running 5 browning ridgeline defenders. A lot of frustration and headaches getting them setup, and then more headaches getting them to work, only to find out there is a firmware update that ISN'T on their website that fixed my issues. So after some unnecessary headaches I'm happy. The camera's are $200 a piece which isn't bad, but I feel they nickle and dime you on the plans. PS I find it odd that I have to do firmware updates the old fashion way with an SD card when everything else connected in this world can do it over the air. I understand this tech is new and growing fast, but they don't need to reinvent the wheel here and yet they seem to be trying to.
  10. none of my cell cams are super active right now. They popped last week when the temp dipped, but deer just aren't moving right now in 8F. Even doe.
  11. Thank you for sharing. Hanging and climbing in and out of stands is one far more dangerous than anything we hunters do. May I ask what exactly happened? That cold help educate too.
  12. the latest I've heard is that he did harvest the deer on his property, but it was an escaped pen deer. But the kicker is that he contacted the farm and they did verify if it was one of theirs. So it's not like he killed a fenced in deer and lied about it, but he certainly wasn't forthcoming about what he knew. In my opinion, this still isn't a fair chase record as the deer wasn't raised and grown in the wild, despite where he killed it.
  13. It's because of shit like this that even an honest good deer will always raise eyebrows. That said, I hunt for myself so I couldn't care less... understanding that a lot money comes with some of these big bucks.
  14. as phade noted, it must be visible on all sides, which means that a hat brim wouldn't fly either unless you're rocking a cowboy hat.
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