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  1. Recommended Mouth Calls

    i've heard that and never done it. maybe i'll start this year. seems like the sanitary thing to do too.
  2. Vegans and masculinity

    didn't read the article. but i take exception with your statement. I have no problem with someone who wants to eat vegan. That's their choice. Of course I don't like it if they're shoving it in my face. But I think as hunters we expect the same curtsy. If you're not a hunter that's fine, but don't be in my face about my right to hunt, and label me as a redneck, hillbilly or having a need to prove my manhood. In turn, I wont be in the face of a vegan for not eating meat.
  3. Recommended Mouth Calls

    yeah i'm not a great caller either. so ease of use is important.
  4. I prefer my box and slate, but have a few older mouth calls that need replacing. Not looking for anything crazy expensive. Any recommendations on some affordable, but effective calls you like? I usually use mouth while run n' gun or if birds are in close.
  5. New X-Bow bills need votes

    don't disagree. Not a member anymore. Just letting everyone know they are a resource if you oppose this legislation. Those that support it know what to do as well.
  6. i have paid for plenty of state and national forests. But by and large most are free to utilize. Imagine a boat ramp fee for a pond in the daks?
  7. New X-Bow bills need votes

    My friends at NYB just sent me an email with a pre-populated message that will reach all the appropriate people. PM me if you want the link.
  8. it would be kind of sad to have to pay to walk a state or national forest trail or to take a canoe out on one of are numerous forever wild waters... i'm not sure I'm down with that.
  9. the only anti-hunting stuff i see is on social media. I can't really remember the last anti-hunting thing I've seen. Even in the gun debate all but the most extreme seem to agree to leave the hunters alone. the more i read from you, i believe your real issue is with dog walkers and really nothing else lol.
  10. Still shines a light on irresponsible gun owners and not the headline screamers that it was LEGAL. Illegal firearm in school shooting doesn't push the agenda. Of course either does wounded students either I guess. Need a body count for that... also shows you how different parkland could have played out if that cop didn't have a vagina.
  11. I dont think you and I can discuss this anymore. You're arguing over the ethics of hunting with another hunter and that's not what we're even talking about. We're talking about loss of revenue to our conservation fund as hunting declines. He discussed a multitude of reasons why hunting is declining. We've had this debate on here hundreds of times. Land access, less family structure, urban sprawl, video games, youth sports etc. And you find no issue with that part of the article. But YOU are blind if you don't think anti-hunter sentiment isn't also part of the decline. Look at the trashing people get now on social media. He then mentions that some movements have pushed some traditional non-hunter demos towards hunting free range animals, but more and more are apt to just buy it at a store than are apt to pick up a bow or gun. I mean, I don't know how you can debate this. Hunter numbers are down and all of us know it. anti-hunter attitude is just a part of it and certainty should be included in the article. If I took anything away from this, it's a call to arms for more people to get interested in hunting and for non-hunters to realize that all these beautiful places they enjoy have been and are currently funded by hunters. And that we need to find ways for non-hunters to help carry the load too. Note that a non-hunter isn't always an anti.

    did you also know our main deal is hunting? You might want to get in on that part of the site!
  13. dude... your reading skills are lacking. None of that was said. He stated that some are morally opposed to hunting. This is fact. He stated that bird watching and hiking participation is on the rise. fact. Then he mentions a proposed solution whas been to tax tents, binos, camping gear etc. but that it was shot down by the retailers. you need to read this with an open mind. take your filter off.
  14. it's amazing what little play this has had on social media and the major news. I flipped around a little last night out of curiosity and the main story even on fox was trump congratulating putin (which is stupid btw), but still...