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  1. I got out a long time ago, but damn I could have bought again in the 40's and made more thousands even if it never hits the 400's. crazyness.
  2. btw, nice end to the day. Makes this beer an enjoyable one and not a depressing one. happy with some tech options calls i made thus far.
  3. yeah last night I thought I was a chicken. I started clucking around the house pecking for food and my wife called me a cock so it must be true.
  4. i've done a few this way too. sold earlier than I should have but was happy with the gains. It's impossible to predict everything, but there is some good dd behind most of it. except gamestop right? I'm told it's going to 1000.
  5. i'm not worried at all about my ETF's. I'm in for the ride with clean energy, weed, 5g, streaming, ARK and gaming. I do have "play" money in stocks and some options. But even play money is real money that hurts to see it dwindle.
  6. that's interesting as a stop loss is generally considered being very conservative haha
  7. I've been burned by doing this and not doing this. I see why wall street likes their drugs. haha.
  8. ThATs RacIst to ReqUIRe ID tho!!!! how's it racist? alLL Black PEOPle Are PooR and DON't haVE onE! Oh and I'm racist? lol
  9. i had a little soreness from the first shot. A little worse than the flu shot but similar. I've heard many that have done well with the second shot and I would say if your immune system is as good as you say, then you shouldn't be worried. The card alone is a good idea. Like it or not, that card is going to be very valuable in the future if you want to do certain things. Especially with the dems in charge.
  10. yeah i don't have a great read on it. On one had I don't disagree with what you're saying. On the other, we've seen an even more accelerated push in tech due to the pandemic and a likelihood that a lot never goes back to the way it was. I'm a great example of a guy who now has a permanent home office.
  11. they barely looked or cared about my "proof", but I understand and agree with your point.
  12. bought some apple calls because i just cant accept that they dont bounce right back
  13. a freaking bloodbath today. I've never had everything all red. I've always had 1 or 2 fliers.
  14. another opportunity to grab apple at a discount too
  15. good opportunity to buy the dip. I'm just not bullish on draftkings. My best friend worked there for a few years and I know some shit. This was a few years ago, so maybe they've turned things around. My entire portfolio other than 2 stocks is red today. this sucks
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