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  1. and a lot of people will tell you they've had really good and really bad bear. Bears eat a lot of nuts and berries, but they can also live at a dump...
  2. that sure is sexy. Curious why you'd rather be standing as apposed to sitting?
  3. another nice thing about the shoulder gloves is that they're bright orange and if your deer dies in unfamiliar territory and you leave to get the quad or cart, they're great for quickly finding that dead deer again
  4. this right here. you are what you eat and there's a reason we dont eat other meat eaters.
  5. i watched some youtube videos... do you know what you're getting into lol?
  6. Is he open for business? For $50 if it also includes skinning I'd be interested.
  7. Judgment Free Zone If you leave them in the woods, I don't have anything against you. I've never really pursued anything I can't eat, use or display. Even the last few years I've been out for squirrels they go into the fryer. I've thought a european might be kind of neat... a diy rug or wall hanger looks like way too much effort and the cost seems kind of high to have it done... assuming it's a good coat. And no, I'm not gonna eat it. Am I missing anything?
  8. shit happens is a better way of taking it then me. I've had failures deer hunting and thankfully never on a monster, but man the time and effort to descent, get into the field, the money spent to shrug off a failed opportunity? You're a better man than me.
  9. and they say people with different viewpoints can't have a civil discussion haha. I'll add that despite my right leaning views, I am a huge proponent of fixing our healthcare system. Maybe not medicare for all, but something close. Gun rights advocates are typically right leaning and also opposed to fixing our health care system. It's one of, if not the most hypocritical stance they take in my opinion and infuriates me. You rally against blaming the gun, but then refuse to put in effort to treat what we all agree is the root cause, mental health. Meanwhile the left wants no guns and health care. Why is it so hard to see the middle ground?
  10. your post implies you reach up through the butt to the wind pipe. I got a good laugh.
  11. similar to the states legalizing marijuana. Ultimately if the state or feds want to make a big enough deal about it, they can withhold funding, which is playing out right now with NY and the feds.
  12. I'll add that when we get the deer hung up, we always take time in the garage with a headlamp and a few beers to trim up any extra crud left behind and access areas that were harder in the field. Pull out the tenderloins and drink a few more beers. When we used to bring our deer to a processor he always said our were some of the cleanest and you wouldn't believe what some guys left behind, the worst and most common the gal bladder... sometimes punctured!
  13. they are clumsy I agree. I'm not sure I've ever made it through a deer without still getting some blood on my hands somehow, but they do make cleanup a lot easier and are super cheap and easy enough to carry. I'm ok with my manliness lol. The added bonus for me is that they make a good bag to store liver and heart for transport on the way out.
  14. By liberal, I mean that liberals are generally geared towards more oversight, the nanny state and bigger government. I'm more libertarian and with the exception of smart common sense laws and general law and order I prefer the gov't stay the F out of my business. I respect your opinion on saving a kids life, but I would respectfully disagree. I drank beer and smoked a lot of weed as a kid, I did some dumb things but I was also raised pretty well and never thought about taking it further than that or doing something all kids know is very dangerous. I'm not inconvenienced to the point where I would make a stink about it, but generally speaking if a kid is at the point where he or she will huff a toxic gas to escape reality for a few seconds, there are much bigger issues at play with their mental health. We're not addressing the root cause by making it hard for them to gain access to aerosols. The root cause is their mental health and we should focus our efforts on that.
  15. Can’t make this up ‘Outlet challenge’ prompts safety warnings from fire investigators Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk