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  1. I used to be too when I was younger. Then as my passion for bow grew, gun season became more "deer camp" fun. Usually, I also have a nice buck so it's like extra innings. I enjoy gun for what it is, just as much as I enjoy archery for what it is and I don't think anyone's passion is right or wrong. We all hunt for different reasons. As chef mentioned there's some fatigue. I'm at 20+ sits with a bunch of other crap going on in my life and that early morning alarm clock and bone chilling cold become less appetizing. No matter why and what season you like, it's always important that you don't make it a chore... I guess that was my main point.
  2. same. it can happen in archery too, but I think at some point you're also deciding to take a pretty small deer (sub 110 lbs) and I think many are less likely to do that during archery and more likely during gun. But the added distance with gun is what makes it hard of course.
  3. moog there's no doubt in my mind i'll hunt the stand i planned to hunt this am and see nothing. pull the cams and see a nice shooter was there this am. haha
  4. just once for me, but I doubt there's many on this board who have hunted for any length of time that haven't done it. It happens.
  5. had some stuff happen with the wife's surgery being postponed, purely administrative but annoying none the less. Anyhow, gave me a chance to go out this AM and my heart just isn't in it. Coupled with maybe 1 glass of wine too many and a restless sleep. I'm sure I'm not the only bow hunter that feels this way. I lose my drive during gun. I will admit that it's not normally this early. But I'm careful to balance the line between "driven and determined" and "ruining what should be fun" by making it a chore. So that's my pontification for the day. Going to head out for the afternoon.
  6. my dad did the same last year. Nothing wrong with taking an animal you're going to eat, but it's understandable to be upset at shooting something you didn't intend too or even if you don't mind, to your point misidentifying it.
  7. another thing to remember is that you don't generally just get pulled over without doing something wrong. Sure it's possible he was speeding or had a taillight out, but the fact that they caught a guy transporting potentially illegal deer makes me think someone tipped them off... unless the guy was just a total idiot and had his truckbed exposed.
  8. only once in 15+ years of hunting and it was one of the biggest bucks I've seen ready to fight with another buck that most guys would mount. If you hear a snort weeze it's game time with some brutes. I'll add that I added a snort wheeze to my pouch and used it a few years ago after a bedded down buck wouldn't move no matter how much I grunted and bleated. Hit the wheeze and he stood right up and took one in the boiler maker. I think they're a great last resort hail mary. In fact, last night walking to my truck through an orchard I hit up 3 sets of eyes glowing in my headlamp. I grunted and grunted and they even started to slowly walk towards me. Not wanting to spook them, at about 25 yards I hit the wheeze and they bolted like someone hit them with a hot poker.
  9. love it! congrats to him. In our camp someone always shoots a nice buck on opening day and there's always a smaller one too. Always good fun ribbing and the guy getting ribbed is usually too happy and drunk to care!
  10. the written note for transport isn't something I've heard of commonly mentioned. Too lazy to look it up, but even with 7 different tags and signatures, i'm sure the DEC would be anxious to validate.
  11. it's also possible he was an outfitter, or part of a deer camp and he lived closest to the butcher. Heck could even be some high fence turkey shoot and the other guys flew home and left him the meat. We always expect the worst, but it's not always the case... alas sometimes it is.