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  1. Belo

    School me on propane grills

    Congrats Paula! Any land to hunt?
  2. papsmear, this is the comedy section for memes. not your agenda section. Please start another dozen threads so we can chuckle at water rat's quality selection.
  3. Belo

    School me on propane grills

    it was great and the sandwich today maybe even better. Now I really can't wait to get one to flop next week! call it motivation haha, but yeah you definitely don't want to have to move this bad boy. So waiting on your living situation is for the best.
  4. Belo

    School me on propane grills

    Easter smoked turkey was a success. I love this thing.
  5. Belo

    Frost Heave

    all I can do with that picture is note that you probably have a few good stands in that hedgerow
  6. man i would have checked after miss number 1!
  7. Belo

    I hate this time of year....

    I don't hate spring, but Mar-Apr is tough. Nothing growing yet, everything is muddy and the yard a mess. But most of all it's the dips in temps that seem to give me an instant cold and just plane annoys me. ps i have no idea how people can hate summer...
  8. Belo

    advice for a NY bear hunt

    do some searching on homemade honeypots. blurs the line a little on regulations because it's not really edible, so not bait but also above liquid amounts used for scent.
  9. Belo

    School me on propane grills

    it's setback farther than it looks in the pic, but yeah there's some "melting" already from a grease fire on the previous grill.
  10. Belo

    Full crossbow inclusion

    eh, i like the part that confirms what archers have long been worried about. idiot gun hunter joins peaceful archery woods. And before someone says it, for those of us that hunt pressured small chunks of wood or public land, yes they do affect our hunting. not to mention nobody wants to see wounded deer because of said idiot.
  11. you know I agree, but many of my "adult" friendships have formed around this passion of mine, so I can see how in the right situation it might work out for somebody. Although I bet a good percentage of woman at the their hunters ed courses are getting a tag for their husband
  12. good point. Would love to have seen a kid on the cover of the report, although in full disclosure I'm sure they have been in the past.
  13. Belo

    Full crossbow inclusion

    why would archery numbers be up if the rut was late? crossbow is at the end of the season. wouldn't you rather shoot a tom? more meat right?
  14. Belo

    Full crossbow inclusion

    hey Wolc, I know you love statistics. Why are crossbow harvests down 8% from 2017?
  15. you know that ladies night is to get woman into bars so that men will want to go to the bars and spend their money right?