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  1. Belo

    Tractor Supply Bait for Deer

    not impossible no, just less likely as crops are spread out and living. Not dumped into a concentrated pile that rots which also promotes bacteria.
  2. I carry my kimber 1911 .45 while bear hunting, otherwise I do not carry one in the deer woods. Never saw the point. Be advised that it's also illegal during archery season, your constitutional rights be dammed.
  3. Belo

    Tractor Supply Bait for Deer

    this is exactly the case. crops that are actively growing are browsed on and picked from, where a pile just sits for multiple deer to exchange their dna in. I do believe this is helping keep NY from having the CWD issues some other states have. I think if baiting were legal I wouldn't do it anyhow, maybe a lick for a trail cam and that's it.
  4. Nice work Culver. I was just talking to my wife about this last night. Our neighbors daughter is into helping her dad make jerky and their mother can't figure out why. I told her there's a good movement right now that is getting younger kids into the woods as they desire to learn more about and take control over what goes into their bodies. And that there's a certain amount of pride and enjoyment in the whole process. That and a big mess and a sore back after you're done cutting up a whole deer if you don't get any help lol.
  5. Belo

    Bow target from dicks

    just bought this from amazon a few weeks ago and i like it for the price. has a cool reversible insert that aligns the organs for quartering away shots if you want it, or straight on. there's a $20 rebate too. and dicks doesn't get your money
  6. Belo

    Lineman’s belt requires the vest though
  7. Belo

    Early Bear 2018

    Went up Friday to the daks. It was not bear weather lol. I sat 2 mornings and one evening. Did have a nice buck come within bow range though. All in all, it was good to get out in the woods and my expectations were low, but bear hunting without bait in NY is tough. Especially in the vast north country.
  8. Belo

    Live Every Day Like it's Your Last

    Glad to hear you're recovering. Understand you're not out of the woods yet Eddie, and I wish and pray for a speedy recovery for you and your family. While it's very insignificant, I also hope you recover quick enough to get in some good woods therapy this fall. I'm sure your loved ones are already nervous about you being alone in the woods, but that's what cell phones and gps is for. Invest in those to help keep their mind at ease.
  9. this, or a version of it are a must have for climber users i personally have the hss version
  10. tragically underrated because they don't advertise like HSS does, but it's light, comfortable and doesn't pinch. I've had both and this wins hands down.
  11. Belo

    Dicks sporting goods/field and stream

    I have 3 boys all into sports. all will need plenty of sneakers and gear growing up and we've already shopped elsewhere for these things when we normally hit up the webster dicks. We're all campers, fisherman and hunters. I'd estimate I really only used dicks for good sales and last minute things. Maybe $100 a year on hunting gear, but what they will lose from me on sneakers and sports gear will be thousands. hope it was worth it. looks like the soccer moms posting their praise on facebook that you expected to flock to your stores didn't actually follow through. shocking.
  12. Belo

    Quartering Deer- NYS Regulations

    i agree. But not the easiest to handle in the field and for me it's a forgivable offense if left behind. Personally, I'd spend the extra 10-15 minutes to get it out. It's a lot easier hanging in the garage with the hide's gravity pulling down to assist as you work your way around cutting. Then with a quick crunch from the loppers you have your roast. Never tried it in the field, so maybe it's easier than I'm making it out to be.
  13. Belo

    Quartering Deer- NYS Regulations

    despite my rattling pack and doe pee, I'm clearly hunting coyotes officer my buddy is up over the hill and I'm going to push to him and I have this 30-06 in case I see a yote on my push I know it's night time and deer season is open and I can't use this spotlight officer... but I'm yote hunting. You're not buying any of those? Oh well, where's my $100 ticket.
  14. Belo

    Quartering Deer- NYS Regulations

    "assisting other hunters" is totally up for interpretation too don't you think? not here to get into any of that sh!t again. Just find it interesting is all.
  15. Belo

    Quartering Deer- NYS Regulations

    what's kind of interesting about that last paragraph in the tagging section "carrying a ceterfire rifle maybe be considered evidence of attempting to shoot deer" highlights some of the most knock down drag out fights we've had on this forum with regards to having other open seasons during deer season and possessing those weapons. It really shows that the DEC isn't going to take a firm stance, but sure as shit is going to hassle you. To the OP's original question. by quartering you're not really missing any meat that most of us use. I'd tell you that there's a good chunk of meat in the neck, but it's not super easy to get to in the field and I doubt anyone would give you grief for not taking it with you. A lot of guys dont even bother with it at home. Also some will take the ribs, but most don't. Good luck.