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  1. spent $8 at lowes to restock the peppers I lost. We have a new puppy so I'm trying not to put out any poison, but dropped some down one of the holes. Really annoyed to lose veggies that take so long to get going. Wife snapped a bean plant on accident too. This has not been the belo family garden's year at all.
  2. I have at least 2 dandies so far. fun watching these guys grow, just hope they avoid the damage that often happens while in velvet.
  3. yeah no fruit trees love wet soil, even have had apples struggle some with it. Wet often means shade too which makes it more difficult.
  4. do you use cameras for fall turkey? I ran cams for the first time this year for spring turkey and they're borderline useless for birds
  5. that's a cell camera and unlikely a bait camera. It's also highly unlikely it's for turkey, so I don't see how it would affect you and turkey. Hunt it how you always would. Public land is first come first serve and if you're sitting by a tree nearby and see a light bobbing through the woods, just flash yours at him. This is what I did on public land when I hunted it. That's the downfall of "free" land. It's not just yours and it's not just his. Just don't be a dick and tamper with it and I'm surprised it doesn't look locked.
  6. not necessarily. Some are self polinating and if there is an orchard nearby or neighbors have some you're good there too. They're not cheap but they're selling grafted apple trees now that have 3 or 4 varieties on 1 tree. They don't grow super big and take a while to get going. I had to fence mine off from the deer, but with the multiple varieties they self pollinate and it's good for a whole bunch of apples a year. Now I don't really care about it as I manage 20 acres of apples, plums and peaches and have more than I know what to do with. But it's nice to grab an apple off the tree in the back for a snack.
  7. don't respond to him. absolute moron. You can plant a fruit tree whenever, although ideally early in the spring. The only real seasonal related items that affect fruit tree is when to spray for what and when to prune and even pruning isn't a hard and fast rule, just a "best time to do it" kind of thing.
  8. i have a fenced garden but have struggled with moles or chipmunks or something nibbling at my cucumbers and stuff over the years. Well this year I go out to find my 6 pepper plants just severed. Like someone took prunners and just cut them at the stem. I'm f'n annoyed and pissed now. It doesn't even make sense. There's a hole in the corner where something burrowed up into the raised bed. I now have some mouse and rat traps out there but idk if this creature likes peanut butter.
  9. Way too early to guess Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Oldest team put a hurt on the 1 seed and head to the championship game Wednesday. Please pray for storms because dads out of town for work and super bummed he’s going to miss it. Also he had a triple and doesn’t care that it took 2 error to get him to 3rd and won’t hear differently haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. hunting a mature 3+ year old big buck will be different than a nice 2.5. Big bucks move smarter. I have found that the big guys rarely take the main runs, I've observed most of them going through stuff you wouldn't think any animal would. So if you're targeting just that big guy, your setup needs to be near and off of the main runs or at pinch points. Thing about this setup is you're more likely to have more days not seeing anything at all. Of course any big buck can be caught with his pants down during the rut. But generally very early on you can get them near food and later on you can catch them near doe bedding areas that need to be approached very carefully and selectively as they spook easy. You can hunt deeper stands early and closer stands late, if you're good with scent control. Overall do not burn out any stand regardless of time of year. Again I think early on you play food source and later on you play bedding areas, travel zones and runs. Also consider what pressure may change behavior later in the year. Something I've started doing recently is to a hunt a few times the first week of october as you can catch deer that are totally causal and then really leave the woods alone until halloween. Can you kill deer then? of course, I have a nice 8 on the 22nd and another nice buck that same week. But it's usually warm and the october lull will be there. Save your vacation and calm your excitement by letting the woods recover a little from the early pressure as you get ready for the rut.
  12. Was an interesting article i read the other day that points to something we're seeing all over the place and that is federal vs state. Actual statistics are showing that pro-gun states are actually loosing some regulations (many states removing the cc permit) and anti-gun states like NY that are doubling down. One thing we do have at our advantage is the supreme court and also likely change in leadership come November if the economy keeps going the way it is. My concern is the extremes of either side are getting more extreme. There was a time not that long ago that there was sensible legislation and now it's one side that wants confiscations of all guns and the other wants to be able to buy a full-auto at the gas station. I owned a lot of firearms prior to my boating accident. I've donated quite a bit of money to gun rights groups, but I've always supported sensible legislation like background checks, closing the gunshow loophole and red flag laws. The slope is slippery and NY just proved that with more shit being added on to the already very extreme safe act. No gun owner will give an inch until they can be assured that they wont keep coming and they always keep coming, so we always wont give and nothing happens. sigh...
  13. Picked up my new hardware today. Can’t say enough about the guys at allstar tactical. Great system to make your AR compliant. Shitty thing is that I went out on the boat right after and lost the freaking thing on a hard wave. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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