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  1. no luck for me so far. Would have been hilarious if i won the crossbow though. A .243, .270 and 20 are all on my list of guns I'd like in prep for the growing army of boys I have.
  2. I'm ok with either really. They both have their pros and cons. My main point in bringing it up was simply that in 2020, both archers and crossbowman lose a weekend to the orange army
  3. oh big bucks can and will be killed in early October. Generally speaking though I would prefer that last weekend of archery to the 2 weeks of October. I've killed some decent bucks early and I generally will sit 2 to 3 times because I want to be in the woods of course. I do not like having to rush to get them hung and cooled though. A good cold November hang puts a smile on my face I think a lot of it is also an uneducated deer. It would be interesting to know or see a study on those guys who kill in the first week or 2 if they had the same results starting on 10/16. Know what I mean?
  4. Belo

    Jeremy Newman

    I tuned in the other day and heard Steve Haussmann back. What the heck is going on?
  5. that's not true at all. And the fact that you, a non deer hunter or archer feel informed enough to speak on it is laughable. The 2 extra weeks were concessions for the youth season AND, and I will emphasize AND, because we lost the last weekend of the season. Remember, the gun opener was always on a Monday. As many of the vets on this board will confirm, the last weekend before that Monday is always in and around the rut and one of the best weekends to fill an unpunched tag. I can promise you, not many here spend a lot of times in the woods sweating, stinking up good stands and swatting mosquitoes the first 2 weeks of October. There is little movement for those that don't have them patterned them over a plot.
  6. I told y'all I'd see you in the fall as this place can get pretty toxic sometimes, but someone tipped me off to this so I figure I'll defend myself. As stated a billion times by me, I'm not a fan of crossbows for those who are not disabled or elderly. Mostly because I believe archery is meant to be a challenge and isn't supposed to be easy. Bill is a case study on this. Doesn't and wont hunt unless you make it easy enough for him. Do crossbows affect where I hunt? No. But man if I was hunting public land it'd bum me out to see that added pressure from guys who may not take the same precautions with scent and reducing their impact. Or maybe public land hunters can use that in their favor? idk. At the end of the day, and if it was my vote I'd leave the current season just the way it is. I wouldn't even repeal it. But I wouldn't ever vote full inclusion. Instead I'd push for an age and disability program, even if the later was easy to abuse. If you're not disabled and have the time and energy to make an appointment, pay your copay and convince a doctor that you need his signature... well Joe Biden has a campaign for you!
  7. nevermind. i wont stoop to your level. i'll delete that comment as you still don't seem to get it. I'll sign out now. see yall in the fall.
  8. yep that's it Bill. Again, even after I explained it was a joke and I meant nothing by it, you insinuate I insulted her because I'm jealous, when in fact I was commending her for tagging out... Because I like Cynthia and I appreciate you taking the time to mentor a new hunter I'll just leave it at that. Maybe you can too. again, i'm sorry that you took it how you did and i'm surprised you did as you and I never had any bad blood and there would be no reason for me to attack you, certainly not while sitting in the blind with my 5 year old and being perfectly happy and at peace.
  9. except that i've only met a small handful of you in real life. You have no idea who I really am, while many of you have met each other and understand true intent. It's for certain that I will call bs when I see it, and I'm not afraid to have a disagreement with someone. That is me on the internet and me in real life. More often than not I've offered help to many people on this forum and not all of it is public, as I know the same is true for many others. You might be surprised to know about a lot of the philanthropy I do, but I don't advertise it, as that's not why I do it. But truth is, there is still the group of old white men on here that are burned that I had a lot of issues with a former female member, so when God forbid I make a joke that wasn't interpreted properly to another, it's just assumed I'm being mean and aggressive? Even though there's no history or reason for me to do so? Oh and I'm making this attack on a female member I have no bad blood with while I'm sitting in the field with 5 year old because I'm really that big of an a$$hole and sad with my horrible, horrible life. But you're right, past performance comes out and here is pygmy to the rescue. I've said my peace, start a new thread if anyone wants to hash it out any further.
  10. how'd that turn out? not sure I could sacrifice a backstrap for the smoker, but maybe if i took 3 or 4 deer haha
  11. Did wings for the first time and pretty impressed, although they didn’t really seem to absorb the smoke like other meats, even with the stringer hickory. 1/2 the batch I crispied up on the grill after and I think it was good both ways, but kids liked the crispy ones. In hurry I didn’t get the best post smoked shot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. my past performance of being overly supportive and congratulatory of the 2 of them hunting together? Even you took it the same way I did and offered to send her a box call. But somehow I'm the bad guy for making a joke out of her beginners success? got it.
  13. interesting, that's like fall hunting right there. The most I ever see together in the spring is 4, maybe 5 tops!
  14. and per usual the ole perverted white knight chiming in on something that has nothing to do with him and he knows nothing about. fuck off