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  1. papabear my oldest daughters friends were scared of me when we first moved in to our new house after they meet me one said your not scary your just a big old papabear and it stuck for the last 17 years my names Bill but most call me papabear now
  2. on 10/18/16 my daughter had another son Ashton Jame
  3. papabear

    got my tags

    I'l try again next season for my DMP but i still have my buck tag just need one to come into gun range
  4. i can tell you don't deal with a lot of people. they see a phone call from some one who they owe money to they don't answer there phone at lest with a letter they will open it and will ether call right away or wait a while then call and say they never got a letter . But now they know there stuff is done
  5. papabear

    got my tags

    I got my tags for this season but was denied my D.M.P. in 4G . so it looks like i'm going to be hunting for that three pointer or better to fill up the freezer. my buddy got a picture of a bear I think its the one i saw last season but had no shot at him. Hoping to see him again this year. I am going to hunt with my 35 marlin just in-case he decides to stroll by my stand. Now its time to get every thing ready for my duck hunting season
  6. I teach hunter safety class on Long Island in Islip what if you found a class close by and donated it to one of the kids in the class ether for highest grade or what every you thought they should get it for
  7. i know someone who got to hunt bison a few years back said the meat was one of the best he ever had I never did get a piece from him
  8. you can own one but you can not have a projectile that fix's it unless you have a rifle of the same caliber if you want to shoot it it must be on your pistol permit
  9. I bought one it came with two SD cards for free ill use it on my buddy's place where i sit i don't need to worry about setting dates or time just want to see what running around yup there
  10. Click here: Primos Easy Cam Trail Camera - 5MP | DICK'S Sporting Goods ON SALE TODAY ONLY 7/7/2016
  11. four foot fence im all for it 10 foot fence not so much
  12. yesterday i just gave this a lot of thought while casting for some strippers. I realized I have more friends on here then i thought i did to the ones who have noting but negative things to say go screw your self Thanks for help guys i just need to get a few things strate so i'm going to see some doc's this moring and i'll be back later but i want to leave you all with a smile double post
  13. believe me it was not you there are others that seem to enjoy braking balls on here and right now i don't need it I know when some are joking wooly and when others are not I going to take a rest and after awhile ill come back and hope they have changed until them every one shoot strate and keep your lines tight enjoy the out doors as much as i do
  14. I am leaving this group after being on here for a while . There are a few people here who just make being on here very unpleasant. I make a comment and three just seem to jump all over me. I place a picture of my duck and they tear it apart. In all the years tat I am on the computer and all the other sites i go on I never had this kinda of abuse. I know most just wont care i'm gone some will say good reddens. I did enjoy coming on to this site when i first joined but these others made it very unpleasant Thank you for letting me join but you can remove my name from your list. Papabear
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