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    Pulled beaver sliders are amazing
  2. Every time I try to send a letter to something like this it won’t go through but it looks great to me especially since I just turned 55
  3. Pretty much sucks we were literally just talking about this only way to stop it is to arrest and press charges without remorse it’s just what has to be done
  4. I have been in over 50 boats and would strongly suggest a duel console I have been in boats with single as a passenger and it wasn’t pleasant
  5. Went out last night only saw deer I don’t use lights just the snow to see tonight checking traps behind my house had fresh bobcat tracks I must have pushed him out hopefully he comes back
  6. I hunted Ashokan land once never again between there being no less than 20 people within sight of me anywhere I went despite only one other car being parked there and dep cops harassing me every time they saw me even if the same guys checked me a half hour ago
  7. The rules on water are very different than land there ate laws that go way back all you have to do is look it up and it’s federal laws enforced by coastguard again look it up
  8. The rules on water are very different than land there ate laws that go way back all you have to do is look it up
  9. I stopped wearing bright colors after being shot at twice when i was young the last 30 years its just camo but I only hunt private land where there should not be anyone else
  10. I am in Hyde Park it’s been mostly ice here
  11. There are actually salvage rights when it comes to an abandoned or beached vessel I would call the coast guard and ask them
  12. that’s funny I will take that as a compliment I wish his show was on my direct tv
  13. Gman if you’re looking for a cat taxidermy guy I dropped mine off at bob seils shop I have seen his cats and others in my area he isn’t cheap but soo much better than anyone else I have seen I have yet to trap one but got this one with crossbow good luck guys I hope you get one
  14. How many times have you pinched a split shot on a fishing line with your teeth or handled lead with bare hands
  15. I called dec on this once and was told as long as there is a season open to use each gun
  16. There is a show on tv on them seem to work as well as anything else
  17. Please please do not give timber locations out there ate poachers who will wipe out dens for illegal trade and not only was it legal to kill at one time but when the bluestone quarries were first opening the dec blew up many huge dens
  18. I have and also in mid March on very warm winters