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  1. Really no different than a fiberglass fish replica
  2. Can’t find where to order or how much but definitely cool
  3. This one got a free pass we already took 6 foxes from this spot
  4. When I pull mine from our farm I will have a better review it’s been there a couple of months it was a great camera during the season can’t wait to go get it
  5. I have seen plenty in craigslist running anywhere from under a hundred to several hundred size or points don’t seem to matter in the adds I would post for a reasonable price on marketplace and craigs
  6. Don’t know if this is real i saw it on my Facebook page
  7. I got an apeman camera last summer for 32 on eBay absolutely a great camera
  8. Logged out for a bit back on mow didn’t have any problems this time
  9. Happening now saying in the winner showing balloons hard to get past it I think this forum was hacked and we now have a virus
  10. I kept getting redirected to a security ad I kept exing screen off then coming back on and turning phone of finally it stopped
  11. I tried coming on here yesterday and has issues like a virus was hacking my phone
  12. I guess he didn’t like me pointing out his agenda
  13. If not for my wife I would be gone already but we are moving out of the Hudson valley to western ny
  14. They posted about climate change using the travesty in Australia so a few of us called them out on it and this was there response
  15. Tomato soup and grilled ham and cheese
  16. A lot of pups went down this past year sorry for the loss they all hurt like hell
  17. Got this nice red yote last night right behind our house my wife was kind enough to pose it lol
  18. Just an fyi they ate protected in ny please do not kill them
  19. I was going to do this with my grandkids this year just didn’t get to it maybe next year
  20. Beaver biscuits and gravy as good as it gets