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  1. You guys a fucked up and not anything like caretakers of the lands should be I have had enough
  2. Hard to tell just from a picture but looks like could have a purple tint to top so possibly bitter bolete did you take a little bite that’s the only way to tell if it isn’t and doesn’t turn blue when bruised or cut then should be good to eat
  3. Don’t know but see those butterflies often did see a few monarch larvae today mowing our farm we leave a lot of milkweed for them
  4. Sorry just get upset about senseless killing of them
  5. Even if you don’t like them please restrain from the ignorant kill them comments thank you
  6. Just butter in a pan lightly sauté yum yum blacks are great with a steak awesome score
  7. The early frog togs were great very breathable but newer ones don’t last not same quality but if you want a light weight breathable rain gear that doesn’t take a lot of room in a pack it’s still decent
  8. My god man if you can’t id a garter you loose man points lolol
  9. I have seen a couple doe fights it’s pretty funny
  10. Did a little road cruising after work today and found oysters black chanterelle golden chanterelle and a beautiful flush of jackolantern not to be eaten of course
  11. The boletes are one of the easiest shoot me a text I will give you simple id I eat them often 8457058157 ken
  12. Supposed to come with license purchase someone now won’t get one just saying
  13. Not my favorite but definitely don’t pass them up and best to only use outer inch or so
  14. A guy I know paid 400 years ago for the most incredible rack I ever saw to be mounted never saw the rack or money again I hope you get yours back
  15. Tons of boletes as well as many I don’t know Do you sauté them before freezing it’s what we do
  16. Do you sauté them before freezing it’s what we do
  17. Wow the most I have had done was 8 in one season I would not want your bill lolol
  18. Found these chanterelles today biggest one I ever saw they are a little mature but i can definitely save some of them
  19. Just picked up my second buck from last season
  20. Back when I hunted conn i saw them as late as late as mid September just starting to shed velvet
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