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  1. I have enough points to do Iowa with my bow this year, but I'm probably going to wait and see if I get lucky and draw any elk tags first. I did end up taking a nice antelope in WY this past fall. Beautiful country.
  2. I worked out all summer prior to my NM elk hunt a few years ago. It definitely helped out. But even if you are in top shape, nothing you do will adequately prepare you for high altitude except getting to that altitude a few days early. I don't even think two days early is good enough. I was still sucking wind on the higher climbs and that was only at about 8000 ft. but pretty steep terrain. I've got points going is several states so hopefully a few more hunts in the near future while I'm still in decent shape.
  3. I have a pair of Kutana stretch that I love. Light but tough. I also have a a pair of Talus Hybrid that are great for wet spring turkey mornings that are awesome too.
  4. Thanks. Just wanted to let her work a little until I free up some time for a little late season grouse hunting.
  5. Is it worth my time taking the dog out to any of those DEC pheasant release sites? I'm sure they stopped stocking a while ago but was wondering if any birds might have made it through or if they've all been wiped out.
  6. Hopefully I'll get the dogs out this weekend, snow permitting, now that deer season is over. I'm not too worried that they haven't run a track in a few months. Its like riding a bike for them although like anything else, practice makes perfect. They'll be fine and in a few weeks will have all the wrinkles ironed out. Nothing like listening to beagles run a rabbit.
  7. Are you downloading the parcel map before you head out? Then just using the map in offline mode? I wonder if that might help with accuracy.
  8. Maybe it was partly done so that for someone who really likes hunting fall turkeys, they can basically still hunt them all fall. They would just need to move around the state a bit and explore new places. My dad actually would prefer having it the last two weeks before gun season since he prefers to camp and hunt state land with his buddies. They would go a week or so early, hunt fall turkeys and scout before the gun opener. That obviously came to an end for them as they primarily hunt the SZ for deer.
  9. For me, the mistake I've made is not taking the shot at the first opportunity (assuming its in range to begin with). I had a gobbler come in this spring, come in over a ridge, just enough to see his head and upper body and not take the shot assuming that he was going to take a few more steps forward. He peeked, didn't see what he was looking and took off the other way. Same turkey, a few days later, gobbled once then circled around me silently and caught me with my gun facing the wrong direction. Needless to say, he didn't want to play anymore for the rest of the season.
  10. Go to Great customer service too.
  11. I drew an antelope tag for Wyoming for this fall. I know a few members have been out west for antelope before but this will be my first antelope hunt. I was wondering if anyone flew out and how they handled the meat and cape/head. Seems like its not a tremendous amount of meat so I'm thinking I can just take it with me. Wish I had the time to drive out.
  12. Not sure if you care but I've read they tend to shoot high.
  13. Anybody else still getting pics of bucks with antlers? This is by far the latest I’ve ever gotten one on cam.
  14. I use them also on all my ladder stands. Definitely tie the bottom down. Makes sliding the knot up much easier using only one hand.
  15. I use a Mystery Ranch bino harness and a Kuiu harness. both are great but the kuiu is a little bit less clunky. That being said, both are used for at least 10 x 42's. When I use my 8 x 32's I just let them hang and tuck them under safety harness when climbing. I doubt you will find a full cover bino harness that will be small/slim enough for the 8 x 32's to suit your needs.
  16. Very nice pictures. I like the one with the buck in the background looking in.
  17. It works. just much better on a deer that hasn't been sitting out in the cold for too long. My dad keep a round stone near his skinning tree and hooks it up to the ATV. Seems to work pretty good.
  18. I used it last year elk hunting and loved it. I actually used it for the colder morning hunts this past spring turkey season as well and will use it early season for bow. I also use their base layer which zips up the side. While hiking in I wouldn't have to worry about layering as much as i could easily thrown on the base layer without having to take off my boots once I sat down to glass or vice versa if I got too warm.
  19. I totally agree with you but that wasn't my point.
  20. If we are talking consistent, every time you go out, highest chance of success, I don't see how you don't take the wind into account. I love the woods as well, but I definitely enjoy it more when I see more critters.
  21. Of course it's a personal opinion, as are most of the posts on here. Do whatever makes you happy. Or not.
  22. I wouldn't worry too much about the smell, if any. Everyone should be playing the wind anyway.
  23. I still get a few. To be honest, I usually don't get around to reading through all of them but they are fairly inexpensive if you do an annual or two year deal. I feel like its a tough, dying business and I'm helping out a bit with a nominal subscription.