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  1. Two Track

    How many of you have....

    I am looking at a 1/2 - 3/4 mile hike in and back out - it will be hot hiking out for sure - pants, long sleeves, gloves, mask, hat, vest, calls, etc.
  2. Two Track

    How many of you have....

    Been busy with new job, doing things for kids for school and preparing one kid for a two week foreign study trip and looked at the date - oops time to check gear and retreat with Sawyers. One time i did leave the house without most of my calls. luckily I keep one or two mouth calls stashed just in case. Once it was a very short trip out - left the parking permit home. Being they are calling for the temps in 80's, thinking shorts?
  3. Two Track

    Bands/singers you tend to turn volume up on radio

    CCR, Def Leppard, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Enter Sandman - Metallica, Guns-n-Roses, Scorpions, Possum Kingdom by the Toadies, In the Still of the Night - White Snake. Magic Carpet Ride & Born to be Wild - SteppenWolf, 7 Nation Army - White Stripes. Joan Jett, early Bon Jovi.
  4. Two Track

    2017 Live from the turkey woods thread

    Ground pine looks very similar to he crow's foot we use to harvest for Christmas greenery (wreaths's, vases with winterberry cuttings) on the now defunct family farm. I know of three park lands that have the stuff growing in it, one in Rockland county in a passive county park, and 2 places in Orange county. My turkey season ended on Saturday just like deer season did - invaders on motorized vehicles. A side-by-side and 6 motor bikes this time. The previous weekend I had a single rider on a motor bike in Sterling Forest where they are banned too. The motor bikes literally rode around me in a circle on the woods road in the state forest I was in. They didn't seem surprised to see me wearing full camo, face mask, vest with a decoy, and carrying my gun. After they pulled away and I could hear again, I made a phone call and DEC met me in the parking lot 20 minutes later. Two of the riders were doing wheelie's while going up hill. At least they were wearing riding gear and helmets. Not sure if they got caught, but that DEC officer high-tailed it to the other side of the forest to check the gate and to try to catch them.
  5. Two Track

    Camping World buys Gander Mountain

    No real great buys as of Saturday night. Only things I saw drop in price was some clothing - got a turkey vest at 30% off, last time it was only 20% off. Tree stands, blinds, calls, decoys, gun cases, coolers, camping gear, generators, boots still 10% off. Nothing i looked at was 40% off. Only 1 register open on a Saturday.
  6. Two Track

    OK.. check in time....

    Saturday I set up where I have heard a few gobblers in the past and I heard a few gobbles, but couldn't get anything to come into view. So Sunday I moved to the other slope that I thought this bird may have been on Saturday and heard nothing - tried clucks and yelps from slate, glass and crystal pot calls, purs and yelps from a box call and clucks from mouth call. Even pull out a gobbler-shaker to do a couple jake gobbles and nothing. Get back to the car at 12:15 and hear clucks behind me - the turkey was sitting 35 yards from my car by the gate. To top it off I had some kid go riding through on a mini-bike at 11:20 - state forest land that bands all motor traffic. Called that one in. he's been tearing up the fire road in every damp spot turning it into a big mud hole and tearing up some of the woods by riding through it. Not sure if the ranger did ever find him. Last I saw and heard the kid, he was headed towards the Appalachian Trail. If I am lucky, I get two more days to hunt out of a three day weekend and two tags to still fill. Good luck out there, stay safe.
  7. Two Track

    OK.. check in time....

    Due to heavy rain and canceled vacation time so far - only had two days afield. Seen nothing and heard one. Now having to cancel all my vacation time - the person I am covering will be out for at least another month. So can't get to cousin's wedding out of state or class reunion out of state. guess that leaves two additional weekend days to hunt and no week days. Did I mention that having to cover for this person also removes Memorial Day from the hunting days list even though business is closed for the holiday? Lucky me. Hope everyone else is having a better and less stressful season.
  8. Two Track

    Camping World buys Gander Mountain

    On Monday night they had lots of various Yeti coolers in stock - 10% off. Ammo shelves were very thin on stock. Was 10% off of the Hunting Stands and Blinds - their end-of-season sales were more than that. I may swing by there Saturday to see what dropped price wise after Turkey hunting. A turkey vest may make a bit easier than rummaging though several pockets (pants and jacket) to find that my slate strikers are still in the waist pack behind me, the pouch with my box call never made it onto my belt, or the face mask is still in the car. Once didn't have my license on me as I switched from a heavy warm coat to a lighter one as the season warmed up. Wife says do you really need one - well, I think I do.
  9. Two Track

    Camping World buys Gander Mountain

    Finally got to Gander Mon. night. Wow 10% off hunting and shooting accessories (ammo, cleaner, cleaning pads, cases, calls, game cams, decoys, etc) Same deal on tents and cooking and most camping gear. I saw nothing 30% off - but I didn't get over to the boating and fishing area. No ammo left on the shelves for what shoot. Guns in-stock was way down - 30% of their firearms left and being bought out with just 10% discount is surprising. No single-shots or 22's left. A couple double barrels left at $2,400. So basically I saved on taxes for basic gun case. Doesn't seem much like liquidation discounts - I had better deals at radio shack; electronic parts (90% off) and UPS replacement batteries (60% off). Will have to stop by later/next week to see if the discounts increase on the other items i was looking at. I saw the same signs that they are looking for help to run the store that they are closing in Middletown. Guess the smart staff were like rats - fled the sinking ship.
  10. Two Track

    Camping World buys Gander Mountain

    Great, another place less to pick up Savage .300 and 16 gauge ammo and licenses. Only finding 16 gauge slugs most places and no Savage .300 ammo. Getting low on 6's. Wally world by me sells fishing licenses (sometimes), the rest of the time if ask for hunting license, the person who is trained is not there or they claim the machine is broken and I had to make a trip to Gander Mountain on more than one occassion to get a license. My hours and schedule don't get me to the town clerks office or Davis Sporting Goods. Dick's doesn't have much selection of camping or hunting gear/clothing that Gander has. May have to plan occasional trips to Campmor in NJ for some stuff going forward. I need to replace a gun case, so I better hit Gander Mountain soon. Hard to carry with no carry-handles or shoulder-strap.
  11. Two Track

    lost a good man wednesday.need time in woods

    Sorry for your loss. I know it hurts and I hope you had many years of time spent together afield. Remember what he taught you to pass along and remember all those good times together. I had 5 years hunting rabbits, going frogging, and crabbing with my grandfather. The last season he was around his health was to bad to go out. He never got to see my first deer or buck, let alone any grand-kids go off to college at the family Alma Mater, get married or any great-grandkids being born. He died Labor Day weekend when I was a junior in high school. Still miss him 30+ years later - during season, July 4th weekend and Thanksgiving when we spent the most time together. I have his daily-carry pocket knife, barn-coat style hunting jacket, hunting suspenders, and his deer rifle. They go afield with me at some point every season. My son has his folding buck knife that I used to learn how to sharpen a knife back in Cubscouts. They may not be valuable, but the are to me. I am sure it will be the same for you. Eventually it will hurt less. When you are out afield, you may still feel his hand on your back or his presence guiding your hunt. Let that comfort you and console you.
  12. Two Track

    What is the point of youth turkey season?

    Youth deer hunt started after my son aged out of that - Now he is away at college. Missed opportunities with that. So lost that partner for now. I would take my daughter out now for Turkey, but all she wants is Pheasant. She will be old enough for deer next season if i can get her interested in that. She can't use bow for deer, just not the strength for 35lb +. She is not a fan of bugs, so Spring Turkey season is not a good time for her. Youth Spring Turkey may have worked for her - but this year had a conflict, her girl scout troop had family camping. So of course there I was out-numbered camping with the girls. Youth weekend hunt to me seems a safer time to start them out: less hunters afield to be concerned about easier to keep re-enforcing safety without having to watch for the orange-army mob on a regular opening day less competition to get youth basic skill sets only have to watch/mind the youth's gun There is no temptation to take the first shot an allow the youth to do all the shooting, and its a good time to re-enforce everything for the start of a new season for those 2nd and 3rd years youth hunters.
  13. Two Track


    I have 3 public tracks that I visit. That one overlooking the lake when drive out of the parking area is one I have hit the most for turkey - less traffic there and one of the closest to the house. Just flabbergasted last year when the one bird flew straight at me at 12:15 when I was back in the car. When did they start wearing Timex's? There are a couple spots in Stewart I go to if I can get in there. Work has just gotten hectic.Vacation time is use it or lose it. I saved those days for turkey season now I have to find time to use by June 30th. Of course if they are still out due to surgery (PT/re-hab, more recovery time, etc.) I get to lose the vacation days. Hunting and camping are my biggest stress relievers. Enjoy it out there. We may cross paths at Stewart IF I do get out to turkey hunt.
  14. Two Track


    Good luck and be safe out there. Leave a bird or two for me to get on a weekend (hopefully). I am the lucky one to be the only other person in the office with specific training that can cover for someone who is out for hand-surgery. Had to cancel 4 scheduled days off to turkey hunt so far and may have to cancel the other 3 days pending their date return to work. With some other weekend obligations, Even yesterday I had to help my boss on an issue he had for over a week and he said nothing about until he was about to travel for work related business. Really, wait until Sunday on what was supposed to be on a 4 day-weekend for me to ask for help. I may be looking at tag soup without even putting on a pair of boots. Post some good stories and pics of your season so I can live vicariously through all of you turkey hunters out there if things keep going south on me here.
  15. Two Track

    Ever been in the woods...

    I think i know the sound you are talking about. Heard that out turkey hunting in the spring. Made a few clucks and purs and heard nothing but an occasional leaf rustling sound, moved closer to the sound, moving down hill along a rock wall and then heard that sound. Never heard that before and froze behind a large tree. My thought was maybe a bear. Peered around saw nothing. After a minute I backed up to the spot I was sitting at 20 yards away and all was quite. 30 minutes later heard a sound that I thought was just a squirrel moving behind me and it was a bear, uphill looking my direction. I scared it off and it came back. Scared it off again with my voice and I was one paranoid guy walking fast out of the woods. It went the general direction I had to go to get out to the parking area. I jumped at every bird and squirrel movement all the way back to the car.